Photo of Dixon Place in New York, NY, US
Photo of Dixon Place in New York, NY, US
Photo of Dixon Place in New York, NY, US
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Dixon Place

Performing Arts Venue

Dixon Place24
laboratory • audience • actors • performance

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  • Photo of Sean Leimbach
    3 years ago
    👍 Mime show
  • Photo of Christen Clifford
    One of my favorite places in all of New York. Started in Ellie Covan's living room /loft 20 Years ago, it is te best spot for experimental art, dance, theatre, and literature.
  • Photo of AdrienneFishe
    a year ago
    I was throughly entertained and inspired with 2 one woman shows at this performance venue in Soho. Very cool spot!
  • Photo of family914
    a year ago
    We went to see a play and loved being in such a cozy but comfortable setting. The actors really connected with the audience. Really enjoyed going to this creative hub. Small bar up front (very cheap) that lets you take drinks with you to your seats. No food :( except a few snacks. Enjoyed spiked lemonades :).
  • Photo of Trudy H
    2 years ago
    Enjoyed a sold out performance at this charming theatre. Enjoyed meeting with friends before and after the show in the lounge. Great venue.
  • Photo of QueenoftheHighways
    This one man show was written and performed by James Lecesne. This veteran actor plays several characters surrounding the disappearance of a gay, male teenager who lived in a small New Jersey beach town. I have to admit that Mr. Lecesne was able to portray stereotypical characterizations very well such as a working class New Jersey detective, a high maintenance diva, insecure teen, little old lady, etc. The show was entertaining with a few pops of humor woven into a serious story and moral lesson. It was supposed to be a finished work, however I would estimate that it's about 85% complete, it still needs a little more polish. Overall, a very good effort, I would give it a B+.
  • Photo of LastSecondTraveller
    It really is a laboratory.... This is a laboratory for performing and literary artists.... And just like its scientific counter-parts, most experiments are failures.... Yet it is from our failures that great discoveries are made.... Where else can you go and see something that might in five years make the big time.... Some lucky guests saw the Blue Man Group here, long before it was a national sensation.... The night we went, the Artists were a version of Hand puppets. But this was hand puppets as I had never seen them. The Artists Hands were the puppets... Using just their hands and figures they told a great story... abet, way too long..... This was a great 15 minute bit used to fill 90 minutes of time.... Way too long... but has potential. A good director, one who ruthlessly guards the audiences time - and this could be a winner.... Don't go for the show, odds are you will be disappointed.... go for the experience and you will be thrilled!
  • Photo of Charming_Karl
    5 years ago
    The first time I went to Dixon Place, it was still in someone's (admittedly huge) living room. It had the feeling of being a laboratory where non-traditional theater artists could develop their craft. Now that it has a more traditional venue/facility - a nice lounge/bar and a black box theater - it is still doing what it has been since the beginning, to large and enthusiastic crowds. I don't think too often of going to experimental theater, but when I do, Dixon Place is the first place that comes to mind. What you see there is on the edge both in terms of financing and in terms of subject matter/style, and you really feel, even as an audience member, a vital part of the creative process. The experience I have there is the exact opposite of what I feel at a Broadway production, where money is no object and the polish and predictability often mean bland entertainment. In Dixon Place, prepare to be thrilled.
  • Photo of dplnj
    5 years ago
    Soooo NY!!!!! Enjoyed a great show NYC10. Perfect opportunity for new choreographers. Lovely crowd, supportive audience and drinks are allowed in the audience...the perfect scenario. Will definitely return. Thank you for the opportunity you give to those who are starting out!!!
  • Photo of helensee
    5 years ago
    I came to see Nancy Giles's one woman show and was happy to find a lively non commercial venue for creativity . The downstairs venue is a little tight , but also gives audience a up-close view of performers . Upstairs is causal and fun . If you are wandering around the Lower East Side give it a try .
  • Photo of Gal K
    6 years ago
    This place gets you to witness a bunch of fat, sweaty and angry mature women fighting over seats. Have I mentioned already that there was No seat available for a paid ticket ?! ?! The performances are below average and the crowed is NOT COOL.

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