Photo of Discovery Times Square in New York, NY, US
Photo of Discovery Times Square in New York, NY, US
Photo of Discovery Times Square in New York, NY, US
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Discovery Times Square

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Discovery Times Square33.5
star wars • hunger games • body worlds • spy exhibit

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  • Photo of Mark Chiasson
    9 months ago
    DC Cupcakes
  • Photo of Shawn Gunn
    3 years ago
    Marvel Station!
  • Photo of Kim C
    4 years ago
    Lego exhibit $20 per tix
  • Photo of peterawiri
    8 months ago
    Visited the Body World show, with the plasticined bodies donated to science. Quite incredible, took 300+photos of the displays, where else would you ever see such a thing (nowhere in New Zealand anyway!). This was a bucket list visit well worth the effort, and there wasnt a crowd either so that was nice, given you are less than once block from Times Square.
  • Photo of arubaphil
    a year ago
    We visited the Rolling Stones exhibit this past weekend and were transported back in time. First of all the Discovery Zone is not in Times Square any longer. It is now located on West 12th Street in the Village. As a baby boomer growing up in the 60's and 70's, this exhibit brought back great memories. The exhibit takes you from the Stone's beginnings in England to the present day. On display are recreations of early apartments where the Stones lived, recording studios and other personal items. Also displayed are master tapes, costumes, instruments, posters, Andy Warhol paintings, and of course the iconic Rolling Stones tongue. At the conclusion, you are given 3 D glasses and attend a Stones concert. It is well worth the visit.
  • Photo of Zakcoops81
    a year ago
    This was my first thing I did upon my arrival & I wasn't disappointed. As a huge fan of Star Wars I had to come here. Not many people around so I was able to get some great photos & wander around freely. The gift shop was small & a little pricey but I still bought a Chewbacca bobble head. It's a shame it is now closed as I hoped they might have a Rogue One exhibition that I would of visited when I'm back in NYC in a couple of weeks.
  • Photo of Samantha S
    a year ago
    The only positive I can find from our trip here is that we didn't have to pay for our tickets as we had New York Passes. I noted as we went in how expensive the tickets usually are so I was expecting something fairly good. I was wrong. That is an hour of my life I'll never get back. My daughter and I went to the "bodies" exhibit and my husband and son went to the "Star Wars" one. Bodies was fascinating to look at for the first 3 or 4 bodies but after that it was just more and more and more of the same. The boys weren't much more impressed with the Star Wars exhibit. The words "never again" were used. There really is much better things to do with your time in New York than to visit this place.
  • Photo of Bruna D
    a year ago
    I got tickets for the Star Wars and the Power of Costume Exhibition last August and I thought they were a bit expensive but after seeing the exhibit I realized it was worth it. It was amazing. The place seems to be small from the outside but it's actually huge.
  • Photo of DMDP
    a year ago
    First off, the Discovery Times Square is now down in the West Village. Once we found it, the Rolling Stones Exhibit was worth the trip downtown. The exhibit has instruments, recording notes, costumes, short videos and some interactive activities. There were models of their stages from a number of their tours. There was a short film about the various films featuring the Stones. Be aware there is some nudity in the film and exhibit. Part of the exhibit focuses on the album covers and where Stones' logo originated. The focus is on the music not their personal lives.
  • Photo of Nadia L
    a year ago
    I visited the Discovery museum back in March as i was very excited to find out that a Star Wars Costume Exhibition was taking place there. I've never really been huge fan of museums and when i was a kid i used to do everything in my power to avoid them. The lobby is very small and it in fact confused me how so many exhibits could fit in this tiny space. The exhibit itself was wonderful and being able to see all the costumes up close was mind blowing. The museum itself seems to be a great attraction for the younger generation as well as there are lots of interactive things for them to get their hands on.
  • Photo of Eswee
    a year ago
    For me, a Star Wars fanatic, it was an unbelievable experience walking through the displays of Star Wars costumes.
  • Photo of Revatron
    a year ago
    We went to the Star Wars exhibit. As a massive fan this was a great experience but only took about 30 minutes. If it wasn't included in a multi-attraction pass it would be very expensive for what you get.
  • Photo of Tom S
    a year ago
    The Star Wars costume exhibit was incredible, and really gave scope into the complexity and creation of the costumes from films 1-7. Definitely recommend going 10/10
  • Photo of Nicolag77
    a year ago
    We came here to get out of the heat for a few hours and I so glad we did! We saw the Star Wars Exhibition and it was breath taking. The costumes were amazing and displayed very well. There was costumes from all of the films and they looked as though they have been well cared for through the years. We have been to a few exhibitions but this was on a different scale. If you are a fan, it is a definite must!
  • Photo of chrystal437
    a year ago
    Surprisingly pretty good. All the costumes on display with characters. A couple of interactive stations. Took us less than 30 minutes to go thru. Only went due to having NY pass
  • Photo of Lee L
    a year ago
    So this is a building in the heart of Times Square that displays traveling exhibits. I have seen probably 6-8 exhibits here over the years some were excellent; King Tut, Pompeii, Dead Sea Scrolls, Terracotta Warriors, Spies and Vikings. Some were bad Avengers and Odyssey Shipwreck. They tend to be pricey even if you grab one of the many discounts you are still looking at $20 and unlike if you saw it at a museum, this is the only exhibit you see for that price. It's best to go early in the am on a weekday but you could get unlucky and have a group at the same time. They don't allow photo's.
  • Photo of AshleyShimmer
    a year ago
    I really enjoyed this exhibit! It was better than the Launch Bay exhibit at Walt Disney World that I saw this April. It was interesting to see all of the costumes from all of the different Star Wars films. I liked all the parts with Padme's costumes, the droid part with BB-8, R2D2, and C3-PO, the senator costumes, the Stormtrooper part that looked like a hall of mirrors, and the part that represented Padme's funeral with the beautiful lanterns. I thought it was a bit short, but I still enjoyed it.
  • Photo of SJG2004
    a year ago
    Went to have a look at the Star Wars costumes to get out of the heat for an hour or so. The displays where fantastic and lots of very interning facts to go with it Only down side was the staff seemed very bored, might have been because it was really quiet
  • Photo of dangelo1005
    a year ago
    We checked this out on a rainy day and glad we did, the exhibit started out with a brief film presentation, then we were led into the exit where we saw all kinds of memorabilia from the movies, life sized replicas of the characters and costumes from the movies. Well worth the price I thought.
  • Photo of Herzog_MMM
    a year ago
    Visited today all three current exibitions: Bodies, Vikings and Star Wars. The first one has a separate review and listing so I have reviewed and recommended it there. Of the Viking exhibition I can attest that such a wide collection of Early Historic Scandinavian artifacts in one place on display doesn't occur outside Denmark, so you should totally see it. Of the Star Wars costumes and props exhibition all I can say is "wow".
  • Photo of jcisinthehouse
    a year ago
    The star wars costume exhibit is great, totally worth it. Go early to avoid big crowds, I went at 10 am and the place was almost empty. By the time I left line to enter was starting to build. It is great to see the costumes so up close and to learn about their inspiration
  • Photo of peggyvb
    a year ago
    we saw 2 0f 3 displays as we'd seed Bodies previously. The Star Wars costume exhibit was terrific and the Viking exhibit was very interesting also. It was cool which was nice on a hot day; unlike Madame Tussaud's.
  • Photo of Lara P
    a year ago
    This was a fantastic display of costumes from the starwars movies. Brilliantly placed and easy to see and photograph. They also had seating within the exhibit so you could take it all in. Staff were friendly and helpful.

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