Photo of David Zwirner Gallery in New York, NY, US
Photo of David Zwirner Gallery in New York, NY, US
Photo of David Zwirner Gallery in New York, NY, US
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David Zwirner Gallery

Art Gallery

David Zwirner Gallery24.5
contemporary art • chelsea • exhibits

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  • Photo of Edward Dean
    4 years ago
    Can't wait to see the gallery today.
  • Photo of Gansevoort
    4 years ago
    Zwirner showcases a broad spectrum of contemporary installations and historically-researched exhibitions devoted to the work of modern artists.
  • Photo of alicia p
    7 months ago
    Felix Gonzalez-Torres is known for his minimal installations and sculptures This Gallery has displayed his works of art, in an excellent manner. I enjoyed this museum with my daughter, who studied art history. She was moved by his works of art. I would highly recommend this gallery and especially, this exhibit!
  • Photo of robcurtross
    a year ago
    The lighting in this gallery is perfect, especially in the morning, for many of the exhibits held here. For example, the gallery is the sole representative of William Eggleston, and the present show is absolutely outstanding. It is well worth while purchasing the catalog if you cannot visit the exhibit. Title: William Eggleston: Untitled from The Democratic Forest, 1983-1986. My review of the catalog: The exhibition and this catalog contain several images that are perfect examples of quiet and formal scenes of America. In a photograph of a laundry room, for example, the white appliances sit squarely at angles to themselves creating space filled with edges, all working together somehow, to create a feeling of great peace.. A vacuum cleaner and chair stand side by side, and a yellow laundry basket sits atop one of the machines and a water heater sits in the corner. Nothing very important, and the whole image seems to be very important somehow. Another image conveys a sense of forlornness: an auto garage, with the street view to the left, the white wall and closed door at center, and the dark interior to the right seen through a raised garage door. The actual photographs are splendid, of course, especially in the vast space of this gallery. But the catalog images almost always capture the essence of the larger photographs, and makes an excellent souvenir of a visit to the exhibit. The gallery displays these photographs off beautifully.
  • Photo of Gera338
    a year ago
    Sin ser experto en la rama del arte me parece una linda galeria para conocer. Buenas pinturas. A su vez cordiales en la recepcion de la misma.
  • Photo of Michelle O
    2 years ago
    Huge space for impressive art. Hours later I'm still reeling. Doesn't cost money, spend the time and shake your perspective up. Right down the river end of the street and be looking for it or you'll miss it, facing the river, right hand side of the street.
  • Photo of Tomek K
    2 years ago
    This Chelsea gallery for contemporary art is a must-see on a Chelsea tour. Works of art benefit from being displayed in spacious gallery as opposed to many other crowded Chelsea art spots.
  • Photo of design49er
    2 years ago
    October 2015 strolled around Chelsea in NYC wandering through all the great art gallery spaces there and happened across the David Zwirner gallery on 20th Street, a staggering building and setting for art. Dan Flavin's light sculptures from the 70's were on display, felt like we were in a time warp. Very L.A. (we were originally, now live in Oakland, CA) nice use of ordinary fixtures to make mood altering pieces. But the building was fantastic, a seemingly all-concrete 5-story, nicely restrained and tasteful design with a super dramatic glass stair drilling upward through the space. Interesting sets of sliding or opening wood doors to the street for the purpose of bringing in large pieces of art? A very well-designed, respectful and appropriate setting for art. Had a great time going through it both in terms of the art and architecture.
  • Photo of gazelleTelAviv
    2 years ago
    impressive exhibition of Dan Flavin's work "Corners, Barriers and Corridors" from the late 60s and early 70s, using fluorescent lamps to create "situations" of light and color
  • Photo of MizBarron
    3 years ago
    this small, beautiful, well-lit space hosts some of the most important contemporary art exhibits in the United States. Natural light was carefully considered in its design, so viewing the art is accessible, up-close and personal. just lovely.
  • Photo of segalit
    4 years ago
    fantastic exhibition . not to be missed. crazy lady but amazing!! lines are long . stand in line.!! it is full of life and very unique . you have guided tours but you can read material there
  • Photo of Swissmex
    7 years ago
    Bread and Butter. Nothing really different. They had an exhibition going about 112 Greene Street, which was a place to avoid the art market. It is paradoxical that now those things are on sale for big bucks. Personnel horribly stuck up. They seem frustrated.

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