Photo of Culture Espresso Bar in New York, NY, US
Photo of Culture Espresso Bar in New York, NY, US
Photo of Culture Espresso Bar in New York, NY, US
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Culture Espresso Bar


Culture Espresso Bar84.5
cookies • beans • chocolate chip • scone

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  • Photo of Emma Taylor
    2 years ago
    Cute coffee shop
  • Photo of Kimberly Aleah
    3 years ago
    Serves Kyoto coffee during the summer
  • Photo of Bob Matsuoka
    3 years ago
    You may not have been looking for coffee in the tassels and findings district, but Culture's been serving up incredible Joe cups for years now, alongside hot, lifesaving, fresh-baked cookies.
  • Photo of Kate Findlay-Shirras
    Must try the mothership of my fave...
  • Photo of Urban Adventures
    3 years ago
    Now serving Meat Hook sandwiches!!
  • Photo of Louis Pecora
    3 years ago
    This place smells incredible. The coffee is really good too.
  • Photo of Robert Hawkins
    4 years ago
    part of the Australian coffee diaspora
  • Photo of Michelle Mayer
    4 years ago
    A homey setup with a darling barista
  • Photo of WarwickTraveler29
    4 months ago
    I actually look forward to going into NYC, just to get some more of this delicious coffee. I don't know how they do it and I don't care. I don't even add milk. This coffee is perfect black. And that's how I savor it. The berry scones and ham/cheese croissants are pretty awesome, too. The wait staff baristas are totally cool. Go! Enjoy!
  • Photo of ayellet3girls
    4 months ago
    An tiny little spot that could easily be missed. Fresh EVERYTHING ! The baked goods are freshly baked and are sooooooo good. The breakfast selection is perfect - you can have eggs anyway you'd like - plus the shakshuka ( a spicy Israeli tomato/egg dish) Is amazing. a true treat!
  • Photo of Joshua J
    4 months ago
    We hovered for a while until we got seats, but once we grabbed them, we killed time, reading and talking over warm beverages. Totally recommend!! And gluten-free treats, too!
  • Photo of mellotrip
    5 months ago
    The wallpaper and chandeliers are a beautiful touch in this otherwise minimalist setting. Noisy when busy, but the sounds around you fade away when you sip that smooth smooth brew that needs no augmentation with sugar or other flavours. More taste in the tiny macchiato than in a thousand cups of a chain store version. And theirs is the best coldbrew I've had so far....I've made a concerted effort to try a good many. As for the chocolate chip cookie... a friend that knows this city and its cookies (amongst many other things) took me there. I shall forever be in his debt. The oatmeal cookie meanwhile, is indubitably good for you - but the way it tastes suggests that it could only be chock full of the delicious "bad" things that make a food irresistible. Indeed that is the irony. Because there is nothing bad about this place or its delectable coffee and bakeries. It is all goodness in the superlative quality ingredients, lovingly prepared, simply presented - the taste of which will draw me to this gem every day that I am in the city.
  • Photo of Avi H
    5 months ago
    This is a fantastic independent coffee place. The cappuccinos, espressos and lattes are freshly ground, expertly made and simply delicious. We have visited on a few different trips to New York and would definitely rank this as one of our favourite coffee bars in New York. They also sell extremely decadent, dense chocolate cookies - which are quite dangerous. There isn't really much else in the way of food - just great coffee.
  • Photo of apwc71
    7 months ago
    Not much more to say other than stop by for a coffee hit and you won't be disappointed. Being an Aussie, I like coffee and this was a good place to come for coffee.
  • Photo of 892cookie
    7 months ago
    we were looking forward to this place but it failed us. Waste of $10 we had the espresso and the mocha.
  • Photo of Bigwednesday
    7 months ago
    We always visit here when in New York. The flat whites are perfect. If you are feeling peckish, I cannot recommend the cookies highly enough! To die for! There are 3 locations in the city, we frequent the West 38th street shop mostly.
  • Photo of Johanna M
    8 months ago
    Everywhere I go, I try the lattes. This is a flavourful, smooth latte, no sugar required to cut the espresso. Unique and tasty chocolate "chip" cookie (and big!). The ambience inside is noisy and not particularly welcoming, but take your purchases to go and sit in Bryant Park which is only 3 blocks away.
  • Photo of lakwatsera2014
    8 months ago
    Hole in the wall find, simple choices of good coffee, excellent chocolate chip (gooey) filled cookie. Un-starbucks Coffee was not sour bitter like Starbucks Small, side street in midtown Manhattan. Good place to chat. Oldies music.
  • Photo of Kamcio
    8 months ago
    It's one of these few places in New York with a really good coffee. If you're a coffee lover you have to pass by and have an espresso.
  • Photo of 169roonie
    9 months ago
    Husband and I popped in for quick coffee and a cookie. Nicest coffee/cortado we have had all week! Oh, and the cookie, amazing, fabulous, totally delicious! Go there, you won't regret it!
  • Photo of francesco b
    10 months ago
    Overburned cofer beans make expresso the worst ever, do not go if you love yourself ( and your stomach)
  • Photo of dolcevita-italia
    Spent an enjoyable hour here catching up with a Manhattan based friend & sipping a very good flat white coffee. Friendly low key service. Recommended
  • Photo of Eddie2612
    a year ago
    Fortunately for us this coffee saloon was directly opposite the hotel we stayed in. We tried many of the countless coffee shops which line the streets of Manhattan during our stay but this stood out as providing the best tasting coffee we found. Bar or table seating is on offer along with good bandwidth free wifi (code is the phone number on the wall). Service is friendly and quick and the coffee rich and definitely origin coffee as advertised. Some food is offered but get there early for croissants though it is famed for its cookies and rightly so - they are amazing but very naughty, you have to try them even if it is just the once!
  • Photo of A TripAdvisor Member
    The place was too busy. I liked the atmosphere. I ordered the cold brew coffee and it was incredible
  • Photo of gorkempacaci
    a year ago
    Very good cookies and coffee. Loud music not so good but alright. Small space, quite busy so hard to get seats.
  • Photo of brmusicman
    a year ago
    We were craving a midday pick me up after some shopping in Midtown. We felt like we were in barren dessert of good coffee, giving how many Starbucks surrounded us, but a Google search turned up Culture. It's a small space, but it's well-decorated. There was some seating along the window and one communal table. We sat at the communal table for a few minutes enjoying a mixed berry scone (which wins major points for not being too sweet, which really helped the berries stand out) and two very well made flat whites that were not too bitter. Service was efficient but a little on the disinterested side--still, no major complaints, and was refreshing to find a craft coffee place in this part of New York. Wouldn't hesitate to return to satiate a caffeine craving in the future.
  • Photo of chinomad60640
    a year ago
    I tried this cafe after being underwhelmed at Cafe Grumpy in the same relative area. Greatly enjoyed this place. Well attended by a mix of people, lots of good social conversation, friendly and quick staff took the order and even explained to me some of the more exotic versions of espresso they served.
  • Photo of Neil F
    a year ago
    One of the better coffees I've had in New York - but, a coffee shop that doesn't serve cappuccinos ? Seriously ?

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