Photo of Cosme in New York, NY, US
Photo of Cosme in New York, NY, US
Photo of Cosme in New York, NY, US
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Mexican Restaurant

meringue • duck • tortillas • octopus

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  • Photo of Jonathan Herrera
    2 months ago
    Chilaquiles for Brunch
  • Photo of Richard Perkal
    2 years ago
    Fantastic duck
  • Photo of Joanie
    2 years ago
    Duck Carnitas
  • Photo of Madison Jones
    3 years ago
    Need need need to come here and get that amazing looking corn dessert.
  • Photo of Amanda Sundqvist
    3 years ago
  • Photo of Bob Matsuoka
    3 years ago
    Will be an expensive night
  • Photo of Citymaps
    4 years ago
    The most anticipated Mexican restaurant in NYC is not just about burritos--Cosme's raved about selection of tequilas, expert team of chefs, and their classed up atmosphere makes this restaurant a must-see.
  • Photo of Alizeh H
    4 months ago
    We have been here a few times before but tonight was just perfect. The food was just incredible - the best Mexican in the world with the beautiful branzino fish tacos and duck carnitas. My husband wanted Italian wine but as the wine list was not to his taste we had a lovely French wine to accompany the amazing food. The service was impeccable. All in all, the best night we've had at any restaurant ever.
  • Photo of CRbyNataly
    4 months ago
    Yummy over the top gourmet Mexican restaurant. Loved every single dish we ordered and promise to go back to order the rest of the menu. Simply delicious!
  • Photo of DCPeople
    4 months ago
    Cosme was a first-class experience. A Mexican restaurant with a modern and inventive twist, Cosme serves sophisticated food in a hip and well-attended environment. The only limitation on my enthusiasm for the restaurant was that it seemed a bit loud, but that was probably a function of its popularity.
  • Photo of travelwenchATL
    4 months ago
    The appetizers were wonderful, and the duck carnitas were phenomenal. WOuld recommend this restaurant as a welcome change from the usual Mexican.
  • Photo of Georg H
    4 months ago
    Wow, what a let down. Had Enrique Olvera before at special dinners and was excited to try this, but man is this place bad. Food lacks punch, flavor and spices. Most dishes are borderline boring, with only a few standouts. Service is below NYC average and slow.
  • Photo of Jaquantum
    4 months ago
    Blown. Away. PSA: I despise ridiculously priced places. But I try some a few times a year to remind myself of socioeconomic status. Cosme was one of the most exceptional dinners I've had this year, and it happened for me and my wife's 2 month wedding anniversary. We were told we had to order the duck carnitas (tacos)..which is the best advice one could give and get (I saw the enormity of that thing later in the night), but we weren't starving and knew we couldn't take leftovers so we got 3 dishes. 1 off each section of the menu. Sections are 1) raw fish/ceviche 2) veggies/salads 3) entrees Entree: We ordered the Short ribs w/ roasted cipollini disk onions and scallions and avocado puree!! I'd kill a man for it again. The Fluke aguachile ceviche with chicatana ants (harvested after the first major rains straight from Mexico) was something I never thought I'd ever eat. Light. Flavorful. New. Fresh. Delicious. That salad lookin dish actually featured a dank black bean tamal with warm, stringy, stracciatella cheese under those delectable purslane greens. Another completely unexpected dish of greatness. The rim of my drink was covered in salt and bee pollen. It was a culinary experience all in itself. Dessert was an unbelievable corn husk meringue w/ corn mousse. It was a vanilla-y, salty and sweet, corn treat. Then we capped the night off by watching Jose Reyes beast with a 2 HR night as the Mets cruised to victory. I'll be back for the $90 duck tacos..
  • Photo of Carlos C
    4 months ago
    The Cosme is a very nice restaurant situated in mid town Manhattan. It offers the best Mexican food in town. Service is great, and so is the decoration of the establishment. All plates are great and not very spicy. It is expensive, but well worth it.
  • Photo of Samosababa
    4 months ago
    This Mexican food restaurant has full bar which seems to be popular. The staff has a bit of attitude and that's a turn off. The menu is small with 3 parts, hot appetizers , cold appetizers, and what they call proteins. Each section has about 8 choices, each dish is meant to be shared. We started off with a draft beer and the Cobia Pastor a fish which came with a mango pulp sauce and corn tortillas that you make soft tacos with. Fluke Aquachile was a raw fluke slices in soyginger and sesame sauce. The fluke fish had not absorbed the sauces flavor it was dipped in and was disappointing. Next we had the Huaraches which was chanterelles mushrooms again with a sauces and tortillas. The branzino was moist but not crispy and the sauce had no flavor. For desert we had a lavender semi Freddo which was like frozen yogurt cake that was lavender flavored in a bed of blueberries. I associate lavender with bath products and lotions and not something I eat so this was not a desert I would recommend. Oh I did ask for a hot sauce and that was excellent with some roasted habaneros that gave the sauce a nice kick and added some flavor to the dishes I ate but very spicy and not for those not used to hot sauces
  • Photo of MAF1125
    4 months ago
    I am posting this review after returning home from a wonderful meal that was completely spoiled by an awful customer service experience. As you can see from my history, I do not post bad reviews. This is my first. However, my experience was so compelling I had to take the time to do so. We arrived on time, at 7:45 for our reservation. We were seated after an approximate 10 minute wait on a Wednesday evening (mind you, this was not a packed Saturday night and we got last minute reservations so the place did not appear unusually busy). Upon sitting, our waiter told us his recommendations. He seemed rushed but it didn't seem like a problem initially. Our dining companions has been to the restaurant before and proceeded to order plates to share. The waiter was unusually and unnecessarily pushy, and kept telling us to order more (three times the amount we ordered) despite the fact we told him we had been there before and knew what we wanted. We kept saying no, but he acted annoyed and upset when we declined to order more. It was very off-putting, but we chose to ignore it even when he kept insisting. We ordered the duck carnitas, along with several other dishes. The food came out quickly, and was very good (we actually had leftovers- and we ate a lot). Clearly the waiter's perception of a normal amount of food was very skewed. We then ordered two desserts, which were also excellent. We paid our bill (about $300, not including our bar tab), which the waiter picked up with a flurry, as soon as we filled out the tip amount, and without even a thank-you. We proceeded to use the restrooms, and as soon as I returned to the table the waiter came up to us, and told us rudely and abruptly to leave because there were other tables waiting. Mind you, we were seated around 8:00 on a Wednesday evening, and rudely asked to leave because we were "taking much too long" to "make room for the other customers" by 9:30 the latest. This is also a tapas style restaurant where the plates were staggered. We were not abusing our time at the table, simply talking while discussing the meal we just shared. All four of us have dined in many places, from Michelin three star restaurants to hole-in-the wall places, in many countries and locations. Never had we experienced anything like this. This dining experience was a waste- here I am at 10:00pm writing an angry post about an incompetent and rude waiter as opposed to reflecting on the quality of the meal I ate. Huge management fail. I can only hope this waiter's actions - the shameless up-selling tactics and disrespectful attitude- were not encouraged or endorsed by management. If so, this is completely unacceptable.
  • Photo of PriscillaJoy
    5 months ago
    A beautiful space with good food and perfect service. Make sure to try the egg sope and the desserts. Perfect for a business lunch as well.
  • Photo of Richard j
    5 months ago
    During a recent NYC stay where we enjoyed some of the best restaurants in town, our best meal was undeniably at Cosme. Interesting menu, sophisticated cooking, top shelf service and a well appointed space. We tried options from each of the three sections of the menus: fish and seafood, vegetables and mains. Started with a complimentary amuse bouche that suggested the culinary journey we were going to take. This is truly unique Mexican food, miles away from the tacos and burritos one normal associates with south of the border eats. This was followed by hiramasa tostada, which was delicately treated with lime juice and herbs, and served with a heavenly plantain aioli, avocado and microgreens. Enmolodos served with queso and red Mike was a great accomplishment to our main: duck carnitas, which were the single greatest dish we had in four days "travelling on our bellies." Slow roasted and deliciously layered with flavour, it's a huge serving (it is listed for two, but could easily feed a third, and possibly fourth person). Served with house made tortillas, fresh veggies, and two salsas, the duck is rich, falling apart on your fork, and accompanied by crispy skin. Our server called it "the best duck in New York," which isn't a bit exaggerated... In fact, it may be the best duck entree I've ever tasted! Because we were celebrating our anniversary we were treated to a complimentary dessert, a moist 'tres leche' cake that was light enough to enjoy, even after such a hearty and filling meal. Delicious cocktails, and a nicecwne list round out a wonderful dining table experience.
  • Photo of RGM18
    5 months ago
    Went to Cosme with family expecting to have a great experience. Disappointment started right away with our server. She was incredibly rude and made comments regarding our order that were definitely out of line. She recommended ordering 8 dishes to share for the four of us. When we ordered 6 (the duck counted as two we were told, so actually ordered 7) and asked if we could order more if we were still hungry after she told us "most DEFINITELY not!) Wow, really? The food was good, but not amazing. Only the duck stood out. And for the price, well, there has to be so much more out there that one can DEFINITELY (as the server told us, in no uncertain terms) find somewhere else to go.
  • Photo of ritasueNewYorkCity
    5 months ago
    Billed as a Mexican restaurant, this one uses some ingredients one associates with Mexican but makes combinations I never saw before. It was one of the best meals I have had ever. Try the jicama and scallops. Excellent service complete with recommendations and explanations.
  • Photo of travellingbilly
    5 months ago
    The food was very expensive for the very small dishes and the service was really bad and our waitperson very condescending.
  • Photo of dynagrrl
    5 months ago
    We had read good things about Cosme and decided to try it out. Could only get a reservation for lunch, but when in hungry and ready to try things. The food was amazing! Mexican food that is more authentic Mexican rather than Tex-Mex meant it was fresh and clean tasting. We had a feta cheese started salad that was sensational, and the duck tacos were out of this world. Fresh tortillas really rounded at this meal. I'd definitely like to go back for dinner. The crowd was small when we were there but the staff was so friendly and talked to us about the food and the restaurant for a bit, which was great. If you are looking for the real deal, I highly recommend!
  • Photo of Steve W
    5 months ago
    As others have mentioned there are a few dishes here which are excellent, the uni tostanda, duck carnitas and corn meringue dessert. If not for these I would only give it a fair rating. Restaurant is very noisy and service was less than stellar at this price point. Drinks, wine and food all seemed overpriced. It was worth coming here once but would probably not return.
  • Photo of LivingInWien
    5 months ago
    A friend brought us to Cosme for cocktails (amazing) but then we ordered dessert and my mind was blown. We had the corn husk meringue and the ginger flan. These were two of the best desserts I have ever had, including six years living in Europe. Please go to Cosme for drinks and dessert - you will not be disappointed!!
  • Photo of ber123
    5 months ago
    Overall, it was an enjoyable experience, food and drinks really well prepared, but personally probably not somewhere I'd be back soon given price. Went there for a late dinner around 10, still packed but got seated right away. The two standout dishes for us were the short ribs and duck carnitas. Short ribs texture was great - really nicely seated and caramelized on one side, fat layer almost liquified to combine with each meat bite, and taste like a medium rare steak and corned beef had a baby. The onions, scallions were nicely grilled seasoned and played alongside. The duck meat came as a rectangular block, with the crisp skin on top, onions and cilantro on top of that. Duck meat can be pretty hard to get right; it was some of the best duck meat I've had, flavorful and juicy, especially combined with the skin, onions, and cilantro, but not too heavy (usually I get full from duck fairly quickly, but even though it was our penultimate dish and a portion for at least 2, I ate most of it). It was reminiscent of Peking duck, but here the meat was more tender and the skin was less crispy. The one drawback is it's $89, thus definitely worth a try if you're here, but unlikely to repeat soon. Tried to like the merengue desert but were not fans, it was obviously fresh and impressively prepared with the three different tastes and textures, but all were very sour and salty. Mezcal cocktails were really well prepared, had the striptease. Service was at level you'd expect.
  • Photo of Scott C
    5 months ago
    I am always wary of restaurants that have one dish that propels them to fame. This restaurant could fit that bill. They have their main signature dish and their dessert and the rest of the menu is good...but not fantastic. However, their signature dishes are amazing. So, if you are on the hunt for a duck carnitas dish to share with your friends than this is a place to do. Similarly, the meringue dessert is out of this world. The atmosphere is trendy but nice. Not over the top. Overall, worth trying but I wouldn't make this a regular stop.
  • Photo of Stephen A
    5 months ago
    Coming from the UK we struggle to get good Mexican food, which is why I often go to upscale Mexican restaurants in US. Cosme, was exceptionally good. Small menu (blessing). All the food was made from the freshest of ingredients. Sea urchin and the duck were mindblowingly good. Restaurant also incredibly comfortable. We sat on stalls at a communal table and yet the night raced away and were incredibly comfortable.

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