Photo of Comodo in New York, NY, US
Photo of Comodo in New York, NY, US
Photo of Comodo in New York, NY, US
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Latin American Restaurant

brunch • steak • octopus • brussels sprout salad

58 Macdougal St.
New York, NY 10012, US
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  • Photo of Aaron Rudenstine
    Excellent for dates. Food is incredible. Start w the lamb sliders or lamb chops. The get the squash.
  • Photo of John MacDonald
    2 years ago
    Carolina Santos-Neves is the chef de cuisine, Brooks School Alumna
  • Photo of Robert Neukomm
    3 years ago
    Latin food
  • Photo of Isabel Ferreras
    4 years ago
    Argentinian delicious all day
  • Photo of Erez1960
    a year ago
    When you think of a perfect place to have brunch, this is the place. Cozzy and bit tight on space but who cares. And the food is just amazing. Don't miss the bread basket it is soooo good.
  • Photo of AcrisRA
    a year ago
    By far this is the best restaurant me and my husband have ever tried in NYC. Food is finely cooked, the balance of each ingredient in each plate are just perfect. You can tell each course is delicately made and thought to achieve an amazing balance of flavors while incorporating that latin comforting and flavorful essence. Both me and my husband highly recommend this restaurant in the big city, IT'S A MUST!!!
  • Photo of atlantaheather
    2 years ago
    I love Latin food and was curious to see how this place did brunch. I was impressed with their creativity. I had the duck fried rice (random, right?!) -- with a fried egg on top. It had the right balance of meat, vegetables, salt, and oil. The mimosas also rocked. I definitely will return. Next up: dinner.
  • Photo of amrisab
    2 years ago
    Caught up with a few friends for dinner and we chose this cozy spot. The menu is delicious and healthy albeit a little small, perhaps a little too pricy for the serving sizes. We picked a few plates to share and they were all pretty good, some of which were the mushroom dish, fish and lamb sliders. It was lovely sitting right by the window while sharing a bottle of wine. You could easily spend the same amount on dinner elsewhere for larger amounts of the same quality food though.
  • Photo of cespeder
    2 years ago
    We had a great time. Nice place, excellent food, in an awsome place of NY. The service and the welcoming was wormth. Service was very good.
  • Photo of Oliver J
    2 years ago
    Nice pan-Latin option in SoHo. Service was very good, wine list was reasonably priced (no liquor license), Appetizers were very good (Wild Mushroom Arepas were delicious), main courses were serviceable but not great (certain molecular tendencies which distracted more than they added). Desserts need work. So Ambience & Service were a "4 stars", appetizers 5, main 3 and dessert 2. Average out to 3.6 which I round to 4.
  • Photo of What_I_did_in_NYC
    Been meaning to visit this place as I'm constantly running by it on my way home, but hadn't had a chance to until yesterday and I'm kicking myself for having waited so long. The place is small and cozy, so you can actually have a conversation in which you hear what the other person tells you! Plus, it feels intimate, unlike many soho restaurants. The food was delicious and comforting in a way, maybe because we're all latin american and it's so hard to find a place in Ny that does latin food justice. The chilaquiles and the short ribs were definitely the winning dishes, but my sierra salad did not disappoint. The brussel sprouts were just right and the egg on top added something extra. Would def recommend this place if you're looking for a smal, intimate place where you can catch up with friends while having good food.
  • Photo of jeanrexach
    2 years ago
    On our recent visit to NYC I googled "best duck breast in Manhattan" & Comodo was among the ten best so we decided to give it a try. It was on a Tuesday night and when we arrived at 8:30pm there were only three tables occupied. We were seated at once. Their red wine selection was not very ample, we ordered mezcal octopus appetizer which was good but not out of this world . I ordered the duck breast which included Asparagus & a yucca purée . The duck breast was very good, the asparagus a little bit over cooked & the yucca mash was very good but it was a very small portion. My husband ordered newport steak with caramelized onions , which he said was verygood, it also came with farofa, which is toasted yucca flour, which he said it was like eating sand. Dessert was an orange cake with caramelized orange slice and a cream also very good . Nice quiet restaurant in Soho.
  • Photo of Miguel B
    2 years ago
    Comodo is definitely not your classic New York brunch but the appetizers and main courses are interesting and full of delicious taste. I had the breakfast bowl with quinoa, cauliflower, farofa, avocado and poached egg, it was really yummy!!!!Also tried the bread basket and the salmon. If you are looking for something different I highly recommended. I am trying dinner next.......
  • Photo of mattyboy1973
    2 years ago
    We loved this place. Brussels sprout salad and octopus to start were spot on. Then the short rib and the duck were amazing! Lovely atmosphere, cosy, great service. And the banana pudding for dessert to share was beautiful. Prices reasonable too. Love love love!
  • Photo of Larry A
    2 years ago
    Nice and cozy and somewhat quiet restaurant. The food was pretty good and the wine selection was more than adequate. Several of us had the pasta and a few had the steak. No one was disappointed whatsoever. The only reason for minus dots is that they added gratuity. I normally leave more than 20% and usually in the 30's for a group our size. And their add-in resulted in a tip on the wine. I am not a fan of tipping on bottles of wine in the 20% range.
  • Photo of Ms74
    2 years ago
    I was taken to Comodo first time a while ago by a customer of mine, so when they again asked me for a night out in town I asked if we could go to the same place. This time it was even better. The food is just incredible, it is sophisticated but not pretentious, tasty but not to overly done with flavors. I highly highly highly suggest you readers go there and pay a visit to this place and considering it, it is also not that expensive either.
  • Photo of NYC-G-Unit
    3 years ago
    We enjoyed how each dish was so unique. Rather than ordering entrees, we ordered a bunch of appetizers, which all tasted as delicious as they sounded. Please note, they have a beer/wine license, no liquor.
  • Photo of jslondon85
    3 years ago
    This was a lovely little place for dinner. Interesting menu, nice wine and good service. I thought the room would be a bit noisy as it is very small, but the Wednesday night we went there was fairly quiet and we had a great time.
  • Photo of IKnowChicago
    3 years ago
    I came to this highly recommended restaurant with expectations that were not met. The place is very small, with a nice atmosphere. The host is courteous and they make you feel welcome. I ordered the duck breast and the octopus as an appetizer . My duck was overcooked. Presentation was average. The octopus was tender but had no flavor. My guest ordered the cilantro soup which was pretty good. The second dish was the cod and this was too greasy. Overall it is just an OK restaurant. On the positive side, service was good, portions generous and pricing fair.
  • Photo of Winesnobs_Two
    3 years ago
    This is a small, charming neighborhood restaurant with no sign out front. Once you enter, you are transported to another world in a small, rustic setting. The latin menu does not disappoint.
  • Photo of ColumbusAnoymous
    3 years ago
    Really this is a 4 1/2 star review. The experience was great with a couple of exceptions. The first table we sat at was very very tight. Even my skinny dining companion was bumped every time the wait staff went by. However, we were reseated at the high top and comped our first drink so it was handled well. One of the wait staff was very timid - perhaps new, but she seemed to be out of her depth. At the high top though we were served by the manager or owner and got great suggestions. The Brussels sprout Caesar and arepas were both excellent. The pork entree was also great. The cookie dessert was amazing but the tres leeches disappointing. Overall great food for a reasonable price and a relaxed atmosphere. I would definitely go back.
  • Photo of Reservationless
    3 years ago
    You will know you're at the right place when you see all the patrons use their cell phones to read the menus. I can't ever remember being in a place so dark, which is a shame since the food tasted so good. It would have been nice to see it too. We had the shredded Brussels Sprout salad (excellent) and the grilled octopus. For entrees, the Escolar was a bit small, but tasty. The steak was good with an interesting accompaniment of yucca flour toasted in butter. Some interesting wines. No bar.
  • Photo of Riddoch88
    3 years ago
    We were very impressed by this restaurant. Small and quite dimly lit with attentive service. The starters were excellent - lamb meatballs with chipotle sauce, cauliflower gratin with aioli & parmesan, cilantro soup with crab, goat cheese & peppers and areas and oyster mushrooms. Like many of these style of restaurants the main courses suffered by comparison with the starters - what didn't help in our case was that the mains had been called too early and thus left loitering on a warming plate, arriving at the table at less than their best. Desserts were very good but nothing spectacular.
  • Photo of john f
    3 years ago
    We went last Sunday for brunch. It had an interesting and inviting look and we were not disappointed. We started with some of their delicious sangria. I had the hash with cilantro pasta and a poached egg on top. Delicious! Suzanne had the quinoa cake poached egg which was two small quinoa cake topped with veggies, a poached egg and a sauce. Also fantastic. The service was excellent. Although we were only there once, I would highly recommend their brunch and I believe their lunch and dinners would be equally as unique, exciting and delicious.

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