Photo of Chrome in New York, NY, US
Photo of Chrome in New York, NY, US
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American Restaurant


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  • Photo of Rara SAra
    4 years ago
  • Photo of Emmlpop
    3 months ago
    Went here a LOT on our recent trip to New York from London. On the first visit (24th Aug) between us we ordered the Pesto Meatball Sandwich, Mac'n'Cheese and sweet potato fries with beet ketchup, all incredibly tasty, filling, with well thought-out ingredients. The decor and general environment are pleasant, comfortable, bright and nicely designed. The next day for brunch, we got there a little early at just past 10am (we forgot that things open a little later in the US!), but a staff member noticed us standing outside and kindly informed us that the Bleeker St branch was already open, so we decided to walk around there instead. Unfortunately when we got there, we found this to be untrue. A little annoyed (and hungry), we decided to try again and walked to the Flatiron branch, finally getting our brunch, third time lucky! This time we had the 'Sunrise' and the 'Early Bird' breakfast items, both delicious. When I enquired if they had soy latte, the cashier seemed disgusted and just said a straight "no" without letting me know what the drink options were. I ordered the only coffee option I could see (drip coffee), which is fine, but the cashier seemed kind of pissed off after my question and served us in complete silence after that. Oops! Back to the Lafayette branch on both Saturday and Sunday (at the correct time of 11am) for the same brunch, which oddly was much tastier than at the Flatiron branch, so I'd suggest going to Lafayette if you want to try those particular options. Service on these two occasions was pleasant and friendly, and while my partner ate and ran off to do his own thing, I lingered for a few more minutes with my coffee, planning my day out using the free wifi :) I would highly recommend this place to both vegans and non-vegans, as the ingredients speak for themselves and there are no compromises that you often find with veggie/vegan options - everything tastes out of this world and is super-filling. It's really affordable and I can see myself visiting often. I'm really excited that byChloe is opening in my hometown, London. I really hope they manage to employ some good staff who care not only about the passions and aims of the company, but also customer service and cleanliness etc, as this is often overlooked in the UK. Looking forward to finding out!
  • Photo of msC7802XT
    4 months ago
    ニューヨークにいくつか支店があり、ここSOHO店はそこまで混んでいないとのことで行ってみたのですが、19時頃行くと満席。仕方なくあきらめて、後日時間をはずして行きました。 バーガーとシーザーサラダを2人でシェア。バーガーのパテもサラダのカリカリベーコン風のマッシュルームもクオリティーが高く、とても美味しかったです。サラダはとても量が多いので、一人だったらこれだけでお腹一杯です。 気に入ったので、後日再び時間を外して行きました。 ポテトやカップケーキもいただいてみましたが、これも美味しい。全メニュー制覇したくなるお味です。 店内はかわいらしい内装で、お客さんも女子率高めですが、男性客もちらほらいましたよ。
  • Photo of Florian B
    4 months ago
    Très bons hamburgers, très bonnes salades. Le lieu est très agréable, les prix restent corrects pour NY. Adresse à recommander.
  • Photo of Mathiskl
    4 months ago
    I was in town for work and had a colleague recommend and I am glad I stopped! The menu is all vegan but you don't have to be a vegan to enjoy. I thought the food was beyond tasty and wished there were more locations across the nation!
  • Photo of innamorati_pazzi
    5 months ago
    locale delizioso che non offre zucchero in quanto è ..."garbage", propone dolci vegani, the ...per una pausa nel Greenwich
  • Photo of apwc71
    6 months ago
    I met a friend here for a bite and really enjoyed the food. Essentially it's a fast food joint, but with a really healthy vegetarian edge. If you want a healthy option that's fast and friendly, don't hesitate to dine here for a fast meal that's just plain healthy.
  • Photo of Sophia K
    6 months ago
    Eager to try as I had seen by CHLOE socially and it looked amazing. I think it's a little overrated - although I DO love the Sweets by Chloe, right next door. They have a great little idea though, and if you are wanting to be healthy the salads work.
  • Photo of Wendy D
    6 months ago
    Wow - the burgers tasted amazing. Very quick service in a super trendy little joint. Great prices and would eat here again for sure.
  • Photo of Jenn H
    6 months ago
    I never though Vegan food could be this good. The Kale Cesar, Guac Burger, Mac & Cheese, Avocado Toast and Cinnamon bum OMG so so good. This place is amazing and I wish I lived near this amazing restaurant because I would visit it on a weekly basis, so if you are looking for a good lunch spot in NYC hit this up for sure!
  • Photo of まりっこ
  • Photo of 5StarBohemian
    10 months ago
    If you ignore the somewhat annoying clientele, the food is a delight. Meatball sub and Guac. Burgers are superb. The Beet Ketchup perfectly suits the delicious fries. My only disappointment was the Chocolate Cupcake with Vanilla (red) frosting. Cake tasted like a bad gluten-free version, dry and mealy; icing mediocre and red for no reason.
  • Photo of Villa I
    10 months ago
    Avevo molto sentito parlare di questo posto e sono andata. Non sono rimasta entusiasta; il cibo non so. Ho ordinato, il servizio lento ed il personale svogliato ma dopo aver visto un'addetta alla cucina, appoggiata ad una colonna in cucina in bella vista che continuava a mettersi le dita nel naso, non ho avuto il coraggio di mangiare il mio avocado toast. Ha continuato a farlo per molto. Caccole in cucina!!!!! Senza parole!
  • Photo of F S
    a year ago
    Nice location in SoHo, perfect for a quick bite. Everyone was very friendly and the service was very quick - the meal was very good.

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