Photo of Chipotle Mexican Grill in New York City, NY, US
Photo of Chipotle Mexican Grill in New York City, NY, US
Photo of Chipotle Mexican Grill in New York City, NY, US
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Chipotle Mexican Grill

Mexican Restaurant


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Chipotle Mexican Grill has 20 Tips

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  • Photo of SureshLR
    3 months ago
    This is a very nice place to have good Mexican food. Their Veg bowls are really good. We tried their both the options and it was great.
  • Photo of Zachary N
    4 months ago
    Chipotle has never been Moe's but unfortunately there's no Moe's near work. Their food has also been consistent and good and not too messy. I was happy when I went to day and found out they have queso but, the ingredients still are near as good as Moe's!
  • Photo of dozobozo2003
    6 months ago
  • Photo of 1lacrosse
    a year ago
    We stopped in at lunch time and although busy, found a seat, listened to good music, and bought well prepared Chipotle meals. Service was friendly and competent, and we enjoyed carnitas in hard taco shells, and a brown rice chicken burrito bowl. With a blackberry Izumi, what else could we ask for?? Don't miss this location if you are in the area!
  • Photo of Daniela M
    a year ago
    Conocí la cadena en Nueva York, el burrito es muy bueno, todos los elementos súper frescos y a buen precio, recomendable!
  • Photo of Barbyrella
    a year ago
    Il burritos di Chipotle se lo assaggi non te lo scordi più! Ricco di roba buona, stavolta ho scelto di farmelo preparare vegetariano con aggiunta di riso integrale, fagioli neri, pico de gallo e guacamole! Favoloso è dire poco! Personale molto gentile e prezzi medi (siamo sempre a Manhattan eh!). Straconsiglio di provarlo almeno una credo ci tornerete spesso poi!
  • Photo of krystalambrosio
    2 years ago
    Fast food de comida mexicana! Bom custo-benefício! Comidas saborosas, ambiente agradável e sistema bem funcional.
  • Photo of DRAGQOFLY
    2 years ago
    チポーレはポピュラーなメキシカンチェーンです。 メキシカンはちょっと重かったり、からかったり、多すぎたり、少しハードルが高い場合もあるけど、チポーレは気軽です。 注文でいろいろ、選ばなければいけない点を解消するヘルプを。 ブリトーという厚めのナンみたいな記事で包む、パリパリのタコ(あげたトウモロコシの皮)で包む、ボウル(深い皿)に入れる、というチョイスがまずあります。ブリトーは大きめの巻物ができ、タコは餃子クラスの小さいパッケージです。具だけなら、ボウルでもok(その場合はライスが数種類選べる) それから具を選ぶ。 肉が、チキン、ビーフ、スパイシーなビーフ(バルバッコア)、豚(カーニタス)とあります。 野菜は、レタス、豆、オニオンなど。 これらのチョイスを店員に言うとつけてくれます。 私は、プラス、アボカドの練ったの(ワカモーレ)とコーンチップを追加します。 たっぷりあるので、二人で一つでも十分だろうと思います。 野菜
  • Photo of 나냐
    2 years ago
    치폴레 좋다고 들어서 긴줄을 기다려서 먹었습니다. 안에 들어갈 재료를 직접고를수있었고 무엇보다 양도많고 맛있었어요
  • Photo of Arthur P
    2 years ago
    Chegamos ao balcão de atendimento após olhar o cardápio e a atendente não estava com muita paciência de explicar as combinações que poderiam ser feitas. A comida é razoavelmente sem graça para uma comida mexicana. Para os brasileiros informo que nem vale conferir: não passa de um mexido de carne, arroz, feijão e coentro enrolado num pão de wrap. Nem terminei o meu prato.
  • Photo of Im2blesd
    2 years ago
    I love Chipotle everywhere! Visited this one on a recent family trip to NYC. Great location - close to subway and shopping. Clean restaurant and friendly staff. Would eat there again
  • Photo of Gabriele C
    2 years ago
    Questa sera abbiamo cenato in questo locale a due passi dal nostro albergo ottimi burrito con pollo e salse piccanti e tacos sempre con salsa piccante consigliato
  • Photo of JADN_LPA
    3 years ago
    Buen sitio para comer, comida a la vista y fácil de elegir. Aunque el burrito en si no parece grande, es una bomba. Ingredientes frescos. Muy recomendado!!
  • Photo of dja_mr
    3 years ago
    This is s great spot for quick and easy Mexican fare. We enjoyed a Burrito and a Salad bowl which were both good. Very fresh and tasty and generous serving size. Did notice serving sizes seem inconsistent as people after us had a much larger serve than ours. In general, the food and atmosphere are good. Definitely recommend a visit.
  • Photo of hiashlak
    3 years ago
    Amazing Mexican food, especially the burrito bowl and nachos. Very good concept and enjoyed the meal there.
  • Photo of MarceloJS
    3 years ago
    Menúes simples y fáciles de armar, con comida sencilla y bien preparada. Comida un poco más liviana que el promedio que se encuentra en USA
  • Photo of Syed A
    3 years ago
    Chipotle is great fast food restaurant. For those of us tired of bland fast food Chipotle offers taste.
  • Photo of stork1373
    3 years ago
    Simples, apimentado e muito saboroso.....comida mexicana muito bem feita... pra quem gosta de pimenta...
  • Photo of neuhold
    4 years ago
    Fastfood Restaurant welches qualitativ sehr gutes Essen anbietet. Wir nahmen uns eine Box und ließen uns quer durch die Vitrine einfüllen. Schmeckte ausgezeichnet!
  • Photo of Christian B
    4 years ago
    Not a fan of this Chipotle. I don't know if management decided to cut back on ingredients or what, but all of a sudden my burrito bowls are half the size they used to be, thoroughly disappointed my last few visits now I don't go anymore.

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