Photo of Celeste in New York, NY, US
Photo of Celeste in New York, NY, US
Photo of Celeste in New York, NY, US
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Italian Restaurant

pizza • ravioli • cheese plate • shrimp

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  • Photo of Owen Minde
    3 years ago
    Great pizza and Italian
  • Photo of A Ny
    4 years ago
    Yummy, but no reservations
  • Photo of Olivia Greer
    4 years ago
    Delish, inexpensive Italian.
  • Photo of Will Armour
    5 years ago
    Food is very good tables are packed so tight it feels like your eating your neighbors food and conversation. Service is questionable and slightly indifferent.
  • Photo of Rick S
    7 months ago
    This is a great little restaurant on the Upper West Side in Manhattan that my wife and I first visited with our son, who lives a few blocks away on the UWS. Our first visit was about two years ago and we enjoyed it so, we have been anxious to get back there again. In part, our first time there was such a delightful evening and a great combination of delicious food at a very reasonable price, that we wanted to see if it was a fluke. I am here to tell you that it was no fluke. Celeste is a place that totally has that local ambiance, very good Italian dishes, and at a value that I have not found anywhere else in New York City. Before I go any further with a description of our evening there, I must give a caveat about certain aspects of a visit to Celeste. It is unusual in that it is CASH ONLY. Knowing this in advance will save you a trip down the street to the ATM machine. They also do not take reservations, so I would definitely spend a few moments online if possible with a site that gives a graph of their daily business peaks (coming before 7 or 7:30 is best). Also, Celeste is a trattoria in the truest sense of the term, so it will not be a quiet, candlelit night. Also the restaurant is small (18-20 tables) and space is tight. These characteristics are probably at the heart of some of the more negative reviews you might find and if these conditions are not to your liking, then I would avoid Celeste. That will just make it easier for those of us that love this place to get a table. Now to what I want you know about this restaurant. If you enjoy Italian food and a fun relaxed night in a great atmosphere this is a place you need to try. You will probably be greeted by Carmine and he will immediately make you feel as if you had been invited over to his house for an enjoyable evening of homemade food and friendly conversation. Even if you have to wait in the chairs in the corner while a table opens up, you will be given the opportunity to order a bottle of wine and maybe even learn something about the winery or the vintner (Carmine is a fount of knowledge). When you get to your table, that is when the magic really begins. Appetizers & salads are generous and can definitely be split. The pasta is homemade, the seafood fresh, and the greens are crisp. I can recommend the Ravioli di Ricotta for its clean and buttery taste. The pasta, cheese, and butter along with the flavor of the wilted spinach is a very satisfying entree. Probably want to use a little bit of salt and pepper, but maybe that is just my taste. Definitely have a bottle of wine, it's the best bargain in NYC! Also save room for dessert. And while they are all wonderful I am sure, I would definitely order the Tartufo al Limoncello, a refreshing sorbet/gelato that is just the right amount of sweet and tart and is so refreshing on a summer evening. To close, it was a return visit and I can assure you that there will be another return visit. A delicious meal, a delightful bottle of wine, in a pleasant ambiance with friends and family, and a check for three that doesn't break $160, in New York City no less is just too good not to want to do again and again.
  • Photo of SaW43
    7 months ago
    We have eaten here often over the years. It is fairly crowded at times and then hard to hear yourself talk. If you enjoy talking to other diners this is a great place. The extra large cheese platter is fun particularly when Carmine the manager describes them all is at rapid pace. This time we had the "frito misto" of calamari and shrimp-excellent and their pasta with shrimp and cabbage as well as the cheese plate. Carmine always has good wine recommendations.
  • Photo of Callie W
    7 months ago
    This place is such a great find on the upper west side. The menu represents the simplicity that makes Italian food so special and delicious. The pasta dishes we had were amazing, seasonal and fresh. The lack of fussiness in the ingredients made it very easy for my husband (who is a very picky eater) to find something simple and delicious. It is also very convenient to the next AMC movie theater on broadway, known for comfy seats and reserved seating options. It is a cash only joint, so be prepared. But I would go back there any time, definitely stands out against the other restaurants in the neighborhood.
  • Photo of robcurtross
    8 months ago
    On the recommendation of West Side friends, we ate at Celeste one evening last winter, and enjoyed our meal very much. The homemade pasta was particularly good. My partner had the sea beam which was prepared perfectly. Service was a bit rushed although we were eating there on a Friday at 8 o'clock, apparently one of the restaurant's busiest times. On the other hand, some say that there is "always a line". Cleanliness was acceptable.
  • Photo of Dave L
    8 months ago
    From the attentive owner checking in throughout the meal, to the very good main dishes, and overall service, this place is a very good stop for a nice Italian dinner. Just one caveat: They accept cash only! But it's worth having the extra bills in your pocket.
  • Photo of Sudoseppo
    8 months ago
    This was highly recommended, but none of us were impressed. It was crowded, waitresses were rude and quite scary looking and the food was sub par. It took a while to order and then my appetizer came out with the entrees. The oil with the bread was heavy and the wine was meh! The meal I ordered had no taste and the pasta was tough. The waitress never returned to inquire about the food and the bus boy stacked the plates up over the food that was obviously not eaten. The only really nice person was the maitre de. Not worth the journey and not worth the money.......and they don't take credit cards in 2017!!!
  • Photo of dsnenut
    9 months ago
    Awesome food! Friendly staff! Great service! A friend brought us here for lunch on our last visit. I had Tagliatelle Con Gamberi, Verza E Pecorino Egg noodles with shrimps, cabbage and sheep's cheese. My daughter had the pizza. We'll definitely be back!
  • Photo of Megan G
    9 months ago
    A local brought us to this as one of their favorite restaurants. Lucky, because we would have walked right past it without a second glance. The pizza sauce was flavorful and the cheese was amazing, though I know I would never have ordered it had I understood that it was four slices of pizzas with four different toppings. Only one had cheese. So for me, this was probably a 3. My mother had the tagliatelle, which she loved so much, she is trying to find a recipe! So her 5 and my 3 gave this place a solid 4.
  • Photo of Diane L
    10 months ago
    We headed here for lunch and so didn't have to wait for a table as our friends who live nearby said you have to do for dinner. With three kids in tow from ages 11 - 4 lunch seemed like the best way to try their food. Service was ok, not great, but the food was great! Caprese salad, margharita pizza, and another one I don't ever the name of but had a mix of cheeses including gorgonzola. All delicious! One big note - they are cash only!
  • Photo of GrammaShelly
    10 months ago
    Delicious Italy!! We were a family of seven, and everyone enjoyed his dinner. Great food, great service, friendly atmosphere, no pretensions here. Try the artichokes or the arugula salad for a starter. For the main course, I had the haddock; it was perfectly cooked. Fish is a winner on their menu. The pastas were fresh, home-made with yummy sauces. We'll be back on our next NYC visit.
  • Photo of bernadette p
    a year ago
    Had the rigatoni with bolognese and for a restaurant owned by Italians this pasta dish was inexcusable. Probably the worst I ever had.
  • Photo of Ansh J
    a year ago
    This place is very popular and pretty small so be prepared to squish in! The owner is Italian and greets everyone at the door and seats them. I got a pizza- absolutely delicious, Neapolitan style. Based on all the other food being served I could see, the quality is high.
  • Photo of Tammie J
    a year ago
    If you miss out on a meal here, it's a shame! It was a delight for the taste buds. Very cozy atmosphere. The lasagna was beyond my expectations. The mussels appetizer was phenomenal!
  • Photo of michael c
    a year ago
    The Best Italian food in Brooklyn Owner manager, Carmine Mitroni, is a gem and a pleasure Made my wife and I feel at home, he not only greets and seats you but comes by the table to recommend, advise, explain and be friendly We came early and he even recommended a great place nearby for a Martini A definite come back to place Food was great, fresh and creative Italian We had the homemade pasta with shrimp and cabbage Mussels flown in from Italy Shredded artichoke salad Italian chocolate torte from dessert Great reasonable wine list
  • Photo of VKBourdain
    a year ago
    We had a really nice dinner with my fiancee at this authentic Italian restaurant during our stay in NYC. From the moment we stepped in it was clear that the restaurant was highly appreciated by the locals. The (apparently) owner of the place greeted everyone personally and wanted to catch up with the locals wishing everyone happy new year etc. The food was delicious, especially the hand-made ravioli con burra e salvia, which for us the go-to item on the menu of an Italian restaurant. Happy to visit again next time in NYC!
  • Photo of Drew787
    a year ago
    No reservations; cash only wonderful neighborhood place with an Italian owner/chef/waitstaff. Waited outside for a bit for a table at this popular place, but nowhere near as long as was originally stated. Great pizza and pasta and very accommodating owner and crew. This is, as others have stated in reviews, authentic Italian food, not Italian-American or some new interpretation of Italian cuisine (not that there isn't a time and place for either of those). Great fun with them telling the kitchen staff to quiet their salty Italian banter as it became clear that I speak/understand some of the language.
  • Photo of tulsau
    a year ago
    I love this place and come about once a month. It is the kind of food you find in Rome and in a similar type atmosphere. Very close tables but that is part of the fun. The wine selection is excellent and food tastes authentic. Staff is incredibly friendly and all are from Italy.
  • Photo of RaquelitaNYC
    a year ago
    It´s a nice place, nice people, nice menu.I enjoyed the general atmosphere but the pasta was overcooked. My friends recommend the place again and again but my experience could be better.
  • Photo of Heronknd
    2 years ago
    We found the name in New York magazine and since we are staying close to Amsterdam we gave it a try. We had an ample spinach salad and my friend had a delicious salmon meal and I had a ten inch pizza. Nice find. Knd
  • Photo of Mark P
    2 years ago
    Celeste is unusual in several ways: the lack of a big sign outside, the refusal to take reservations (except for very large parties), and its focus on authentic Italian food -- the main owner also has restaurants in Rome.

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