Photo of Cafe Lalo in New York, NY, US
Photo of Cafe Lalo in New York, NY, US
Photo of Cafe Lalo in New York, NY, US
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Cafe Lalo

American Restaurant

Cafe Lalo44
brunch • cakes • cheesecake • pastry

201 W 83rd St Frnt 1
New York, NY 10024, US
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  • Photo of Loren Routhier
    a year ago
    Coffee. You've got mail cafe
  • Photo of Lindsay Stewart
    2 years ago
  • Photo of Valerie Charette
    3 years ago
    Drinks better than food
  • Photo of Ali Thorell
    3 years ago
    Cute coffee spot
  • Photo of hitchthehiker2000
    5 months ago
    If you are a seeker like me for the best sweet treats the this is the place! Located on the upper west side, this café rises at night and for brunch! I can just stare of the selection in it's vitrine for hours! Try the outmeal formula, their toasted croissant and cakes! Brightness is their moto so bring your sunglasses and enjoy the atmosphere! Be patient and forgive the service youthness, when it comes it will be good!
  • Photo of ScarboroughFoodie
    5 months ago
    My daughter and I went for a breakfast on a Wednesday morning. It was very quiet, only 1-2 other guests in the restaurant. Service was a little slow throughout the whole meal, but the big disappointment was the quiche I ordered. I was thinking it would be a slice of quiche, but instead it was an individual quiche which had a thick, chewy crust that I could barely cut through. It wasn't buttery or light. And there was very little filling in the crust, and it wasn't light and fluffy. It was accompanied by a small salad, which was good, but overall I was very disappointed for a quiche that was expensive and not well executed. My daughter enjoyed her egg dish, but the total bill was $43 before tip - a high price for a very mediocre meal.
  • Photo of Harry G
    5 months ago
    What a great corner location! The place is bright and airy with large windows and plenty of great seats. Very well lit in the evening. We stopped in for dessert and had a very nice time. The service was very good and the food, while not great, was fine. We very much enjoyed the guitar player and his music. Nice stuff. Want a nice end to the evening? Stop in Cafe Lalo.
  • Photo of Lamberto C
    5 months ago
    Excellent location for having breakfast, a quick lunch or above all a tea break in the afternoon. The display of cakes, sweets and pastries is simply impressive. Sometimes crowded, of course.
  • Photo of miniona l
    6 months ago
    My friend and I really just came here for the movie, "You've Got Mail." There were so many tables cramped up for a not so large space. There was just too much activity and movement and volume. The menu was average but overpriced.
  • Photo of Elaine Y
    6 months ago
    This restaurant is really known for its desserts and the location of the movie, "You've Got Mail." The main courses will not make you feel full. You really go for the ambiance. The tables are very close together so you essentially are eating with others who can hear your conversation as well as listening in to theirs. The noise factor was definitely a turn off for me. I couldn't hear the person sitting across from me. This is not a place to go if you want to get to know someone. The staff are friendly but are very busy so you may have to wait for your drink and meal.
  • Photo of MJKC_11
    6 months ago
    A clever neighborhood restaurant which serves meals, drinks and desserts, it is a good stop! With cute decor, it was pictured in the movie, You've Got Mail. Four of us ordered different desserts, and everything was delicious. A small pecan pie, ice cream and good coffee were especially tasty. On the upper west side of NYC, it is a fun visit!
  • Photo of NewYorker1993
    6 months ago
    The desserts are incredibly overpriced. I paid $10 for a tiny slice of cheesecake that was dry and crumbly. I originally came in for flourless chocolate cake (I am gluten free), but that cake was not available at the time. My date and I couldn't even find a table to sit at 10pm so we had to take our desserts to go. Very disappointed.
  • Photo of Hugh D
    7 months ago
    Nice surroundings, attentive service not backed up by the very average, oily omelette, amateurish hash browns, ordered mozzarella got goat cheese... Over priced.
  • Photo of starrysteph01
    7 months ago
    I had an iced latte (ok and was about $3.50) and a VERY chocolatey mousse cake ($9.50 for a slice). A little spendy, but you can treat yourself once :) The cafe itself is adorable, too, sort of a Paris meets NYC vibe.
  • Photo of EdwinSc
    7 months ago
    This place is simply amazing! Although it is often jammed-pack, my wife and I keep on coming here for its charm and, of course, great desserts. Great ambiance, great sweets, and good looking staff.
  • Photo of Gene S
    8 months ago
    This place is kind of a hike from mid-town but the desserts and coffees are worth the trip! It can get crowded (over crowded) and the place can be cramped so we prefer to try and go at off times. When the weather is nice they open all of the front windows which gives it a almost French/foreign vibe for some reason. We love the desserts and coffees. From the cannolis to the pies, we've never had a bad experience. The wait staff are always hopping and from what we can tell have all been there for years. If you want something quaint/foreign, and off the beaten path after a meal or a show, you must give them a try.
  • Photo of D N
    8 months ago
    We always try to make it to Cafe Lalo at least once during a trip to NYC and after five visits, we come back as delighted as the very first time. They serve food as well, but honestly you should just focus on their desserts, specifically the cheesecake - they have like 20 different flavors and each one is superb!
  • Photo of Sangapulo
    9 months ago
    I'm a New Yorker, I've been checking out Cafe Lalo over the last couple of decades and my final answer is Nah. The vibe/decor is very cute: tree-lined upper west side, bright lights, frenchy-ness, Toulouse Lautrec posters, but the FOOD is thumbs down, so is the service and so are the prices. It's a tourist trap. Maybe it used to be good, I can't remember anymore. I might have been swayed by its cute decor and lack of dessert/cafe experience. Now I would MUCH prefer dropping in and frequenting City Bakery on 18th street, Maman in Lower East Side (ooh lala, SO beautiful, so feminine, so country-French!), Ovenly in Grand Central, Darling Coffee in Inwood (bacon sage scones, campfire chocolate chip cookies, rhubarb gallette...etc.!!!), Norma's in Ridgewood (muffin tops!), Culture 36 (THE BEST chocolate chip cookies!). There are SO MANY cafes in NYC that Cafe Lalo cannot hold a candle to, so don't waste your time here.
  • Photo of nancywalkerfree
    9 months ago
    Came her for coffee based on the movie "You've Got Mail". It was wonderful and exciting and we're coming back after broadway play. Can't say enough good things about it. The ambience and the food. Spectacular
  • Photo of Andrew F
    10 months ago
    Superb collection of pastries and coffees are forgotten on the scenic interiors of this movie-set cafe.
  • Photo of John_Barnes1
    10 months ago
    A charming place to sit with cheesecake after going to the theatre if you're staying in this part of town, or worth a visit even if you're not. There's a huge range of tasty cheesecakes available to take away, or sit and look out through the fairy lights onto the street. Also a good place for breakfast or lunch, but best known for its desserts and as a set in You've got Mail.
  • Photo of RikkiP
    a year ago
    This place is more than just a cafe featured in a movie, the desserts deserve the notoriety, just delicious and done well. The ambiance is fun too. I would highly recommend this as a place to stop as a tourist.
  • Photo of Eddy L
    a year ago
    Basic pastry/dessert place with overpriced coffee, cheesecake, pastries, milkshakes. The desserts we ordered were not really inspiring or overtly better than say your basic "chain restaurant".
  • Photo of LJZSAZ
    a year ago
    My daughter and I shared a piece of Nutella Cheesecake and a fruit tart at Cafe Lalo. We stopped at the cafe as part of a tour. The sweets were just terrific. They came packaged in fun boxes with gold doilies. The cafe is featured in a movie so it was a fun experience.

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