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Buddha Beer Bar


Buddha Beer Bar24
nachos • washington heights • upper manhattan • cloisters

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  • Photo of Bob Matsuoka
    4 years ago
    Get the Kim Chee tacos.
  • Photo of Bob Matsuoka
    4 years ago
    Try the kimchee tacos
  • Photo of Sophy B
    5 months ago
    They have a great selection of 18 beers on draft and always have a seasonal rotation. My recommendation is to order some wings, curly fries and grab a board game to enjoy your time at the bar. They have a good selection of themed events a few times a week.
  • Photo of Christine C
    a year ago
    This is a fantastic Washington Heights pub...if you live in the neighborhood or if you are in Upper Manhattan visiting the Cloisters (branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art) this is the place for EATS!
  • Photo of Kurt W
    a year ago
    After several walks past and stops to look at the menu, we finally made it into Buddha Beer Bar over the Columbus Day Weekend. At midday it was sparsely populated, but the bartender/waitress gave us a friendly greeting as we self-seated at a window table. The list of beers on tap appears on a big-screen monitor above the bar with a nice description and details of each selection. We ordered a cheeseburger and a Cuban pressed sandwich with pints to wash them down. Both the food and the beers we tried really hit the spot and the friendly atmosphere makes it a welcome addition to our neighborhood restaurant repertoire. We even spotted a rainbow flag proudly displayed, so this place has our vote!
  • Photo of Chris W
    a year ago
    I was in NYC this past weekend and The Buddha Beer Bar is across the street from my friend's apartment - very convenient when you do not want to deal with the brutal heart. My two friends ordered the Saturday brunch with bottomless drinks (mimosa and sangria) and I had water, and for lunch we each had a burger. My friend had a blue burger that looked amazing. My other friend and I ordered the American burger. My one complaint - I wish they had added a little salt when they cooked it. Other than that the fries were good. They kept me hydrated with lots of water. A few minutes before we left my husband joined an ordered the hummus and pita to go... and he ended up eating this there. Never complained so I guess it too was good. I am certain to return as it is directly across from my friend's apartment.
  • Photo of stuartbabcock
    a year ago
    Great place in upper Bronx on the way to Cloisters Musuem. Amazing Beer selection + fun bartender. We sat there for hours + decided to hold off on the musuem .. next time we will be back !!!
  • Photo of John S
    a year ago
    Great beers on tap. Food is average to a little better than average. Great place to come for drinks after work though!!!
  • Photo of Mark B
    2 years ago
    Had some great beers on tap , good atmosphere , food was good ... Nothing special but does the job , beers and a bite to eat , perfect for a casual nite out ! Deffo go there again
  • Photo of klt108
    3 years ago
    This place has so much going for it and I really want to like it more than I do. They have 25 or so good craft brews on tap, a great selection of whiskeys, and a good wine list. The food - especially the tacos - is pretty good. The problem is the room and sometimes - okay, usually - the service. The room is big and full of hard surfaces, so it's really loud even when it isn't crowded, and there are a lot of TVs. Like, way too many TVs for one room. The table service is slow and every time I've been there there's been some kind of mistake in our order - maybe because it's so loud that the waitstaff can't hear what we're ordering. When I sit at the bar, the bartenders are often inattentive. It's too bad. It could easily be so much better. Get rid of a few TVs, add some acoustic tiles, turn down the music half a notch, and beef up the service.
  • Photo of pabloB22
    3 years ago
    I go to school in the Washington Heights neighborhood. Buddha is the nicest bar in the area. It focuses on craft beer and for lack of a better term, alternative brews. Not much from the major Brewers here. Really friendly and fast service. Nice bathroom is also a major plus. I went at about 8pm on a Saturday night. It was loud but not excessively. Don't know why it took me so long to check it out but definitely returning. Credit card minimum is $15.
  • Photo of A_Miracle_Day
    3 years ago
    Starving, we decided to visit the neighborhood hang out we've been hearing such wonderful things about. I'm not a beer drinker AT ALL, but I knew they had a full bar, so we went. The customers were very friendly when we arrived, and we immediately began conversations, like a neighborhood bar should be. I ordered white wine, and well, they were completely out! They had 1.5 glasses total of two different white wines in the house. I was very sad, but that was enough for me to drink and my partner had a beer, or two. We had burgers for dinner which were fine, but overpriced. Every little thing was a 1.5 - 2 dollar add on. The sweet potato fries were delicious! The service was great, we sat at the bar. The drink prices weren't bad, but I don't think I'll be choosing this as a regular local dinner spot. Overall a fun night, but wasn't expecting the punch to the pocket book in my neighborhood.
  • Photo of John S
    4 years ago
    Bill the bartender - great guy with a comprehensive knowledge of a zillion brews on tap, in bottles and happily dispenses just enough samples to tempt you to more. Crowd's friendly and the nachos (pulled pork) are amazing.
  • Photo of MRK321
    5 years ago
    It's great to finally have a decent sports bar in Upper Manhattan. They have a good selection of beer and a pretty decent turkey burger. Service is slow, the condiments are always neglected ("can I please have another container of ketchup?"), the bar a bit sticky and it's pretty loud. But, I suppose that's the worst of it. It's a good spot for catching up on a game and hanging out.
  • Photo of npolachek
    5 years ago
    Great oasis in Upper Manhattan. Good selection of beers on tap and friendly wait staff. Note should you particularly like one of the beers you can also purchase a "growler" of that beer to take with you.

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