Photo of Big Gay Ice Cream Shop in New York, NY, US
Photo of Big Gay Ice Cream Shop in New York, NY, US
Photo of Big Gay Ice Cream Shop in New York, NY, US
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Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

American Restaurant

Big Gay Ice Cream Shop64
ice cream • pretzels • vanilla soft serve • sundae

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  • Photo of Matt Williams
    3 years ago
    Salty pimp
  • Photo of Zara Findlay-Shirras
    Mermaid sundae!
  • Photo of AM NY
    3 years ago
    With treats ranging from the famous “salty pimp” cone to a “Mermaid Cup” and the whipped cream topped “Monday Sundae,” Big Gay Ice Cream changed the soft serve game and everyone from USA Today to Rachael Ray has taken notice.
  • Photo of Complex City Guide
    Technicolored sprinkles are always a respectable choice, but the Salty Pimp is an excellent departure from your childhood go-to.
  • Photo of Used York City
    3 years ago
    Well, the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck/Shop does us all the favor of staying in one spot. These guys add a twist to our childhood favorite soft serve ice cream. You can choose from the endless list of toppings and enjoy your own creation.
  • Photo of Margaret Martins
    4 years ago
    I forgot what it's called, but they have this one cone with vanilla scoops, a swirl of caramel, sea salt and Nilla wafers. AMAZING.
  • Photo of Rcicala
    4 months ago
    My favourite ice cream in NYC so far. I had the salty pimp. Was so delicious. Great atmosphere in the shop too with fun music and quick service.
  • Photo of Dalen K
    4 months ago
    Fast service . . . Good ice cream. I had the Bea Arther specialty cone. Kind of limited menu - expected more.
  • Photo of macro1958
    4 months ago
    Wanted to return and found the experience just as much fun. Even though the store is named Big Gay Ice Cream Store, it is a neighborhood place which everyone enjoys coming to and patronize. It does prove that one doesn't have to be gay to enjoy this establishment.
  • Photo of N390VEamandac
    4 months ago
    i found this place on google and decided to drag my husband with me. The photos online showed a really cool ice cream cone made into a flower. Not the case when i got there. i had the rocky road cone and i truly enjoyed it. My husband had the blueberry, something.. He liked it. This place was good but, not the extravagant cone that i wanted. I would go here again if in the area.
  • Photo of dorothy g
    4 months ago
    I came here after reading about the decor in a magazine. Stayed fdor the Ice Cream, which was fantastic. Had the oe with dolce du leche sea salt and chocolate shell. The way it was made with the syrup inside the bottom of the cone made it a superior treat. The décor is Golden Girls fun, and the price for these treats is very reasonable. Will definitely be back
  • Photo of LizinON
    4 months ago
    Have been wanting to try this place for awhile. Finally made it and ordered the salty pimp. It was very good but very expensive for it's size.
  • Photo of EastLondonFeet
    5 months ago
    It's unexceptional ice cream. 2 dollars for a squirt of red sauce. Their shake isn't even a shake. Big queue. Big fuss about nothing.
  • Photo of Romy B
    5 months ago
    I had a rockyroadhouse ice cream for about 6.50$. It was delicious but absolutely nothing special. On weekends or evenings you have to stay in line for soooo long. The staff is unfriendly without any passion. Disappointing.
  • Photo of BethJ0512
    6 months ago
    I love this place. I come into the city and park on 59th and walk all the way here. Best soft ice cream ever. But went here today and the portions were so small it wasn't even funny. Definitely much smaller than the last million times we've been here. Also, the people working there are getting progressively more unfriendly. No smiles, no personalities like you used to see when the Big Gay first opened. Management definitely needs to bring the portions back to where they were and hire some smiley people!
  • Photo of Marco R
    6 months ago
    Went with wife and two boys on a hot July afternoon. Place was full but got a table after 10 minutes. No line outside as it tends to have. Ice cream was sublime. Had a soft ice cream cone and a lemon Sunday with a crunchy element. Awesome! Place was clean and service was helpful and friendly.
  • Photo of Jessica H
    6 months ago
    Whatever cheerfulness or originality you might read into the name is belied by dour service and a choice of vanilla or chocolate soft-serve of the kind popular at Woolworth's in the 1970s. After your cheap wafer cone is sprinkled with pretzels or other tidbits, dipped in bland chocolate and given a wink-wink name like the Bea Arthur, you are charged close to $6.50 for the privilege. Save your money and get real ice cream somewhere else.
  • Photo of Garrett S
    6 months ago
    I'm not a big fan of soft-serve, but it was really good here. Very smooth and creamy. I had mine dipped in chocolate and injected with salted caramel, which made for a delicious treat on a hot day. Lots of fun options.
  • Photo of Laesning
    6 months ago
    If you are anywhere near a Big Gay Ice Cream store, you have to visit. Their soft serve ice cream is delicious, and their topping combinations are amazing. Go for one of their iconic creations like American Globs or Salty Pimp and enjoy!
  • Photo of Mike M
    6 months ago
    Visited the ice cream shop and ordered a hot fudge sundae. No hot fudge. Asked for chocolate sauce. They gave me chocolate that hardens. Disappointed. Line out the door. Great vibe. Energy.
  • Photo of Francesco C
    7 months ago
    Ice cream is no good, additions make the whole thing a bit disgusting. Stop following the crowd and get a plain yogurt at the supermarket.
  • Photo of MikSarSus
    7 months ago
    Not the best ice cream I have had but the combinations they serve at Big Gay's are definitly nice. A lot of hype but not living up to it so I felt the value was so-so.
  • Photo of Suzanne R
    7 months ago
    Nice soft icecream with added sauce and topping to create delicious combos. Soft icecream is not usually rich in flavor, but with sea salt caramel and chocolate, the vanilla here comes to life. Cleaver marketing for a progressive community. Worth it for the ice cream, the pride is just an added bonus for the open-minded.
  • Photo of LoneStarTravelGirl
    7 months ago
    We had to visit Big Gay Ice Cream to see what the hype was about. I thought maybe that's all it was...a catchy name and logo. I WAS WRONG. I'll be dreaming abut this ice cream now that I'm back home. To sum it up, we went two nights in a row...and it was a 30-minute taxi ride from our hotel. Big Gay Ice Cream serves soft serve, but in combinations you wouldn't expect. I'd say their specialty is a cone called the "Salty Pimp." Vanilla soft serve, caramel, sea salt, and a chocolate dip. Yum. The one I'd recommend though is American Globs. Vanilla soft serve with toasted pretzels and chocolate dip. Splurge for the waffle cone. If you've been disappointed by "chocolate dip" before, be prepared to change your mind...this is delicious! Beside their specialties, you can create your own cone, including an option to line your cone with Nutella or peanut butter. Chocolate soft serve and one other flavor were also available while we were there. Ingenious cone holders and trays for the messy ice cream. Much appreciated! Great food safety poster featuring Bea Arthur and a unicorn hangs in the seating area. This is not the most beautiful shop...the floor was cracked and littered with napkins, but that's ok!
  • Photo of Abram293
    7 months ago
    Went there out of curiosity. The location is pretty easy to find. The queue wasn't long. Ordered their famous Salty Pimp Cone. Oh my! Super yummy!!
  • Photo of Beti  P
    8 months ago
    The name of the shop and the people in front of it with ice cream in their hands made us curious so we decided to check it out but what we got was overpriced ice cream and unwelcoming stuff who was literally battering our ice cream into the toppings without even using gloves and in front of our eyes. We were so disgusted by the scene that we even felt sorry for the ice cream and will definitely not return again.

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