Photo of Big Gay Ice Cream Shop in New York, NY, US
Photo of Big Gay Ice Cream Shop in New York, NY, US
Photo of Big Gay Ice Cream Shop in New York, NY, US
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Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

American Restaurant

Big Gay Ice Cream Shop54
ice cream • sundae • dulce de leche • vanilla soft serve

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  • Photo of M Nilsson
    2 years ago
    Salty Pimp :-)
  • Photo of Ben Ronne
    3 years ago
    Key lime pie sundaes all day:
  • Photo of LA Mag
    4 years ago
    This wacky soft serve shop will offer cones like the Salty Pimp (sea salt, caramel, and chocolate) and the Bea Arthur.
  • Photo of Scott Slater
    5 years ago
  • Photo of Raja H
    5 years ago
    Open late
  • Photo of CourtneyJKerr
    5 months ago
    Popped in here after visiting the friends apartment in Bedford Street. It looks interesting and inviting from the outside so we walked in. Ice cream was nice not amazing but it was creamy and tasty. Also nice to cool down after walking in the heat.
  • Photo of Megan N
    5 months ago
    This was a fun stop while walking in the village. Large portions for a cheap price. I loved the fun names of menu items and would go back if visiting in NY again.
  • Photo of JuliaH4M
    6 months ago
    We called in as it was on our list of places we needed to try while we were over visiting friends, but to be honest we thought it was a bit over-rated. There was a huge queue so it took about 30 mins to get served and while the ice cream was nice, it wasn't anything that magical....I thought the choice of flavours was a little limited-I was expecting huge variety and ways to customise what you wanted, but there wasn't. Ah well, we ticked it off the list, but I'm sure there's lesser known places that are doing it better.
  • Photo of CrystalN320
    6 months ago
    We stopped in at Big Gay Ice Cream while waiting for our table to open up at a restaurant. Although it was about 10 at night it was pretty busy. The staff was friendly and took our order and got our ice cream made in a snap. The Salty Pimp was amazing! Will definitely go again on my next visit to NYC!
  • Photo of Seth G
    6 months ago
    Big Gay Ice Cream is by far one of the coolest, most unique, and goddamn delicious ice cream shops around lower Manhattan. The original shop, sitting on 7th Avenue in the West Village, stands out like a Beacon for those who are in need of a sweet frozen treat, but want a unique twist on their soft serve twist. With the Salty Pimp Cone being their most popular option, it's really hard to go wrong, especially when your vanilla ice cream is boosted by a hint of dulce de leche, and is dipped in luscious chocolate coating. Other popular favorites are the Bea Arther, and she's a delicious Golden Girl that's for sure. Crushed Nilla-Wafers are crumbled on the outside of your vanilla and dulce de leche ice cream, giving you a tasty crunch with each bite. There are also a number of sundaes, milkshakes, and do it yourself options for those seeking even more of a thrill. Big Gay Ice Cream will leave you filled with joy, ice cream in your tummy, and the temptation to walk across town to their other location, so you can burn some calories, and give yourself an excuse to have more.
  • Photo of Amy C
    6 months ago
    Easy to find and amazing ice cream, staff were friendly too! Try the salty pimp- it's awesome and really good prices!
  • Photo of HAYNES5
    6 months ago
    What a great way to top off a night at the theatre - After seeing Sweeney Todd w/Norm Lewis at the Barrow Street theatre just a few blocks away my BFF and I stopped in for gourmet ice cream while Matthew had some creation off the board I had a pre-packed pint for the same price and twice the ice cream - it was too hard to eat immediately in the shop but 15mins on the train home and I was good to go... and the Blueberry Gobbler was delish - and since they didn't have anymore t-shirts in my size I got a free souvenir in the empty pint container - we were also treated to a star sighting with Ms. Julianne Moore
  • Photo of Barbara B
    6 months ago
    I always try ice cream shops whenever traveling. Finally made it to Big Gay. Well worth the stop. Sometimes ice cream shops can be too outrageous for me. I was reluctant to try the Globs; vanilla soft ice cream, rolled in broken up chocolate covered pretzels, dipped in chocolate. It was delicious!!! Salty and sweet. A great combination😍
  • Photo of dmbia
    6 months ago
    Rather than their more famous concoctions, I ordered the blueberry gobbler. This is a small sundae that's supposed to combine soft serve with blueberry pie. It's way better than any blueberry pie I've ever had, though. What puts it over the top is a balsamic sauce that keeps it from being too sweet. It had a complex, interesting flavor and was really very tasty. I'm not sure the tiny portion is worth the high price tag, but the experience was fun and the food was good.
  • Photo of lilybird01
    6 months ago
    Love the idea of the kitchy ice cream shop and I'm a huge LGBTQ+ ally. The how to save a choking unicorn with Bea Arthur giving directions as a safety poster alone makes the trip to the store worth it. But the soft serve ice cream isn't that special and the prices are high. Go to support the cause and enjoy the space, but don't expect the ice cream to be as cool as the names they come up for the sundaes and cones.
  • Photo of Avshalom S
    7 months ago
    This ice cream shop serves outrages amount of ice cream in a cone. Don't be fooled by the colorful design of this place, this is fear factor ice cream challenge!
  • Photo of lisamarie98
    7 months ago
    I loved that this was a unique and clever ice creamery. Loved the Salty Pimp and my favorite was the Key Lime Gobbler!
  • Photo of Max V
    7 months ago
    A really unique and tasty ice cream. Luckily we came when there was almost no line at all so be prepared for a long queue.
  • Photo of Andrea_KTON
    7 months ago
    This was probably the best ice cream I've ever had. There was a line outside of the place and I swore that if the ice cream wasn't delicious after I waited in line in 90 degree heat, I was going to make a scene. No scene necessary. We actually ended up back in line about 2 hours later because we wanted to make sure it wasn't a fluke.
  • Photo of TheMellybooProject
    7 months ago
    My friend and I made sure to stop by Big Gay Ice Cream while wandering around the East Village on our recent trip to NYC. We're glad we did because not only did they have a dairy-free option for my friend (the Rainbow Paleta) but the Salty Pimp ice cream I had was absolutely delicious and was enjoyable on the very hot and humid day!
  • Photo of TheSamSolomon
    7 months ago
    Colorful interior & more colorful ice cream. Try their ever changing ice cream sandwich or their soft serve cone creations.
  • Photo of Tiago C
    7 months ago
    They don't have sugar free options. That's sad becouse they have other options like gluten free and stuff.
  • Photo of Andrew S
    8 months ago
    I was nervous about the sea salt on top but the salty pimp was delicious. I loved it and the other signature ice cream names my wife got one too so delicious.
  • Photo of Julie B
    8 months ago
    Don't pass it up, the staff is friendly and the ice cream is really good! I'd definitely go again. I kept it simple with chocolate soft serve, but I was not disappointed. It was good!! My boyfriend was a bit more creative and went with one of their specials and he finished the whole thing. Good stuff!
  • Photo of Allissa R
    8 months ago
    So good, well worth the line. I wish I had gone back to buy some merch. I dream about this ice cream. Can't wait to visit again. COME TO CANADA!

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