Photo of Belgian Beer Cafe in New York, NY, US
Photo of Belgian Beer Cafe in New York, NY, US
Photo of Belgian Beer Cafe in New York, NY, US
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Belgian Beer Cafe

Belgian Restaurant

Belgian Beer Cafe34
brunch • mussels • fries • bread

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  • Photo of Peter Roach
    2 years ago
    It's not a beer hall, but I had dinner here once and they did have a pretty nice selection of Belgian beers
  • Photo of Brian Tice
    3 years ago
    Excellent Belgian beers on tap.
  • Photo of Seth Fiegerman
    5 years ago
    Perfect beer selection, great mussels
  • Photo of FrequentTraveler333
    Hate to even write this review as then more people will discover this place and it will be hard to get a table! Tucked away down several stairs, on 75th street....unassuming entrance. Once you get in the door, a cosy, small, and welcoming warm environment. A small bar and several dinner tables inside, and if you walk through to the back, and charming garden dining area with little white lights strung around. Every meal here a great one. Mussels fabulous. delicious french fries presented in a cone shaped cup with doily. Amazing desserts. Friendly wait staff. A great neighborhood place.
  • Photo of Jay R
    8 months ago
    Mediocre food, over priced drinks and poor, unprofessional service. There are better choices in the neighborhood.
  • Photo of robcurtross
    8 months ago
    I had dinner at B. Cafe East last February, and enjoyed the meal very much. Service was fast and friendly, cleanliness was good, and the noise level was manageable. The corn soup was filled with whole kernel corn, absolutely delicious. Mussels were plump and delicious, served in their Malay Laksa style, a riff on coconut and curry soup that went very well with two different Belgian beers. A bit pricey, but the quality of the food was very high.
  • Photo of pico1
    a year ago
    B Cafe is one of those places we constantly go back to when we visit NYC. It is small, dark, with a nice bar in front. The service is pleasant and the Belgian Steak with fries is wonderful. They also have other excellent dishes on the menu, but the "Steak Frites" is our favorite.
  • Photo of WestchesterP2
    a year ago
    Cozy restaurant, unpretentious with friendly staff really good food. B. Cafe will be a go-to neighborhood spot. The beer selections are impressive with several on tap. Desserts are delicious. Try the Belgian waffles of course! We were there for dinner and plan to return for brunch.
  • Photo of Joe V
    a year ago
    So, we've been going to the B since our friends moved to the UES a year and a half ago. Have taken many couple there and they all love it. Good mussels and frites, good beer selection and good apps (sign says $28 for all on the menu and you get all on the menu for $28) If Remy is working, ask him anything about Belgium and he turns and rolls down a map of Belgium from the ceiling and proceeds to grab a pointer, the old fashioned wood kind with the rubber tip like your 1st grade teacher had, and gives you a one hour tour of the regions and history of the country.
  • Photo of Betsy W
    a year ago
    When our attempt to get into our previously chosen breakfast spot failed, a quick internet search took us to B. Cafe. My understanding from our server is that this location is closing and re-opening elsewhere in the city. You should find it and go. The food was good and the service was excellent. We had our 13 and 16 year-olds with us and they thoroughly enjoyed breakfast.
  • Photo of micyer
    a year ago
    Let's see, good food, unique menu selections, good service in a pleasant setting. The cafe B has it all. We ate here with a large group, which is the true test of any Restaraunts abulity. They passed. Food was great, waiter was a pleasant guy named Marcus, from Minnesota, who actually brought me butter for my bread, instead of the more healthy olive oil.
  • Photo of craig2nyc
    a year ago
    This place is silly. The food is OK but the bartender told us we were too loud. We were just having some fun just like in any other restaurant or bar in the area. But in this place the professor after the tap told us we were too loud and had to shut up. Very strange, as this place is nowhere near a chique classy place. We asked for the tan and left ... no coming back.
  • Photo of S D
    a year ago
    Great place for brunch with groups of 4 - 8. The classic eggs B was good. My daughter ordered a Belgium waffle. She received only one waffle - pretty pricy for $20. No drinks were inciuded. The restaurant is located in a brownstone where you walk downstairs with outdoor dining. Very charming although at times a little noisy. I would go back again to try out dinner.
  • Photo of Wendy L
    2 years ago
    A charming Upper Eastside spot with a lovely backyard garden. The food was delicious with loads of beers to choose from. The staff are very friendly and knowlegable and the hamburger may have been the best I have ever had!
  • Photo of HAS_NYC
    2 years ago
    Wonderful Belgian cuisine specializing in 5 different preparations of mussels and 3 types of steak (hanger, skirt and sirloin) each with a special sauce, accompanied with wonderful pomme frites. They also offer wonderful fish selections. Many repeat customers come here for the tremendous beer selection, but they also have nice wines by the glass and bottle. Service is casual and professional. We sat in the garden during the recent heat spell and it was very pleasant and much less noisy than in the air conditioned restaurant. Prices are very reasonable for the quality.
  • Photo of jbgshrink
    2 years ago
    Three of us ended up here for Brunch because we were at a Museum on the upper east side and wanted a bite to eat. It was a casual, pleasant place with a nice Brunch menu and good enough food. What was outstanding were the fries, which was no surprise as the place is Belgian. The omelets were fine. They were accompanied by the fries and an nicely dressed green salad. Two of us who ordered omelets were not served bread, which was either a peculiar omission or perhaps a result of an oversight since they were busy. Our service was good and we all felt that it was a lovely place to fall into.
  • Photo of Sisaluna
    2 years ago
    Just don't eat early in the garden where UES parents feel it's ok for their kids to run around freely to other tables. Either go to dinner a little later, or don't eat in the garden, but try the restaurant. The food is delicious, the selection of beers is endless, and the french fries are legendary. They serve mussels five different ways and they are all great. Steak tartar is fresh and flavorful and the beef carbonade is the best dish on a cold night. I prefer the East Side version of this restaurant with its really knowledgeable bar tender to their West Side establishment.
  • Photo of Peter R
    2 years ago
    Reliable! Always a friendly crowd, but they fit you in. The back garden is delightful in spring and summer. The mussels are a treat, and come with 5 different sauces. Try the Madrid. When we lived in London in the 1970s, the staff at Daphne's in So. Ken knew us by name. B. Cafe is the only other restaurant on the planet that has gained that position. When my wife is with me we ask for Jennifer who even remembers what wine I like by the glass. When I'm on my own and not up for cooking, the American Preparé (steak tartar) at the bar with a glass of red is just the ticket. Comfort food in winter, seafood and salad in summer, it is ... remarkably reliable!
  • Photo of ViaggiatoreAmericano
    If you haven't tried Belgian beers yet, this is the place. There are just so many to choose from. Also, the menu is quite extensive for this small cafe.
  • Photo of winnie c
    2 years ago
    The food was okay, nothing special, and a bit pricey. However the atmosphere makes up for a lot of it. An evening, romantic place for two in the garden, is lovely.
  • Photo of 289jill
    2 years ago
    Do not be dissuaded by the gregarious after-work crowd having Belgian beer up at the front of the cafe. They are a pleasant group, and after you make your way through them, you arrive at two rooms with a quieter atmosphere. Young professionals, families--a range of diners. B. Cafe specializes in mussels, cooked in a choice of 5 different broths and served with frites and dipping sauces. My companion, not known for repeating himself, called attention to the plumpness of the mussels at least four times. They are quite delicious. We split an entree portion of mussels as an appetizer, and then split an entree of confit pork as our main course. Two chunks of pork came with a tasty sausage, mashed potato and mustards. This was a good amount of food. Our dessert was molten chocolate cake made with Belgian chocolate and was a cut above, served with both whipped cream and ice cream on the side. The range of Belgian beers on the menu is impressive and very very good. Service is just great--courteous, attentive and cheerful. Lots to praise, a fun restaurant with super mussels and a very friendly buzz.
  • Photo of pulmqueen
    2 years ago
    Based upon reviews on TA and Yelp, we chose this place for a weekend late breakfast. OpenTable did not have my reservation but the hostess was kind enough to seat us, another issue, OpenTable or the restaurant? If you book with OT, bring your email confirmation reminder. We wanted to stay away from all the holiday tourists. It is very cute and cosy, the entrance below street level. Since it was a very warm day for December, they had seating out on the terrace area as well. I'm not so sure why everyone is calling this "Belgian" as the only thing I saw on the menu that was particularly Belgian was the pot of steamed mussels and Belgian beer and of course 1 selection of waffles. The "brunch" menu" seemed standard fare of eggs, egg sandwiches, Egg Benedict, hamburger, and salads. We had a pot of mussels, Madrid style steamed in wine, chicken broth and saffron that was delicious, tasty but we had to ask 2 times for crusty French style bread to soak up the broth, the best part! We also had Eggs Benedict Florentine. Very nice, but the yolks were not as soft as I would like. It is cramped with tiny tables, cosy. Our meals came out in a reasonable amount of time considering how busy the place was. I would recommend as it is tucked in a neighborhood off the beaten path.
  • Photo of Cwazy G
    2 years ago
    My friends and I were looking for a place that was able to accommodate our large party (including several kids and a couple strollers), and we were very glad to find B. Cafe. Although the restaurant itself is a bit small, they graciously arranged us as seamlessly as they could. The waitstaff were all very friendly and helpful to make sure that we were comfortable. With as many kids as we had in tow, it definitely wasn't an easy task. I was very impressed with their patience and grace. Once we were all seated, the waitress went through the specials and happily recommended some dishes to us. We ordered a range from mussels to steak, and a bunch of sides to complement. The food is very decent and my favorite was the flash fried brussel sprouts, and that's saying something because I am not normally a fan of these bitter little balls. I ordered the mussels (as you do in a Belgian restaurant), and the portion was very generous and well done. The broth was also delicious and I kept trying to drink it like a soup. Of course, B. Cafe also offered a very wide selection of Belgian beers, which we were more than happy to taste. Overall a great place to eat with friends, and I believe they also have a patio for when the weather is warmer. Probably not great for those with babies, as they also do not have a changing station in the unisex bathroom. Do note - as this kind of a "basement" restaurant, it is not wheelchair accessible. Strollers must be carried down the stairs.

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