Photo of Barraca in New York, NY, US
Photo of Barraca in New York, NY, US
Photo of Barraca in New York, NY, US
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Spanish Restaurant

brunch • tapas • shrimp • patatas bravas

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  • Photo of Loren Routhier
    a year ago
    Tapas & bottomless sangria
  • Photo of New York City
    3 years ago
    The folks behind Macondo and Rayuela bring more Spanish cuisine to the West Village, curated by executive chef Jesus Nunez.
  • Photo of martynsnook
    5 months ago
    Good spot for paella. Mix and match the different types they offer so you get to sample a couple. Sangria cocktails are great. Service is friendly and efficient. Outdoor space.
  • Photo of Vjay S
    5 months ago
    My friends had brought me to this place for brunch on one fine Saturday afternoon and we had a great time! So there are tonnes of brunch places in the West village and Baracca is located next to the Mighty Quinn's. So Baracca is great if you like sangrias and you want to people watch in west village. Their unlimited 15$ bottomless sangrias are great for one and half hours (they were very gracious and filled it even past that). They have 5 different flavors to choose from and all of them are great! Would highly recommend Barcelona. Their Brunch food options aren't that many. I got the gambas al ajuilo which was good, nothing remarkable about it. My friends got the huevos con chorizo and the huevos con plato. The chorizo itself was good but the rest of it was A-ok. That being said, their charcuterie board is pretty good for 22$ and must try if possible. There's a construction site in front, but you can't really do anything about it, it's not noisy or loud and there's nothing going on during the weekends Overall, I'd give this place 3.5 to 4 stars. The service was amazing! This place can get busy on weekends for brunch, so might be better to make reservations. Great place for sangria though the food could be better.
  • Photo of Michael N
    6 months ago
    Want to eat in a place where you can't hear yourself think; eat bland, poorly prepared food (terrible paella with burnt rice, tasteless soggy lobster, bad croquettes, bad tasting dates wrapped in bacon, poor desserts - the flan was not recognizable as such); and get bad service (our waiter disappeared for long stretches, forgot an appetizer and couldn't figure out how to split the bill three ways)? Then this is the place for you. It's in a great location and it was a lovely, warm Friday night during NYC Restaurant Week, so the crowds were understandable - every place within 10 miles was crowded - but the noise level was ridiculous. The octopus and shrimp in garlic tapas were decent, and the sangria was tasty, if not watered down, but there's very little to recommend this place, especially for the $170 per couple price tag. There are far better Tapas choices throughout the metro area.
  • Photo of homezgr8t
    7 months ago
    Very busy neighborhood tapas place. Patats bravas was a very small portion and potatoes didn't look too appetizing. the salcichon and chorizo iberico and manchego not bad. The bombas was very good and when we ordered a second serving of it the waiter mistakenly got us the croquetas de jamon and they were not good.
  • Photo of Froogie
    8 months ago
    Dined here Saturday the 3rd with a friend. Overall, it was just okay, but leaning more towards blah. Service was inattentive, maybe because we sat outside? It took awhile for the server to come over and take our drink order and the drinks themselves took about 15-20 minutes. Once our food was brought out, we were not checked on by our server at all. That brings me to the food. The was the quickest part of the meal. In less than 10 minutes after ordering we had 3 out of 4 dishes we ordered. Normally I would not comment on fast service, but in this instance, the quality suffered. We ordered: pulpo, padroñs, wild mushrooms, and lamb ribs. The first 3 were the ones that came out at once. The wild mushrooms were lukewarm at best, the egg was a little dried out. The padroñs were barely charred, and the pulpo was just a poorly executed dish, with almost no flavor. The lamb ribs were better - flavorful and the salad with them was very good, but the ribs could have used a little more cooking time. We did have dessert - the churros relleños which were churro tubes filled with Nutella and caramel. Those were very good. The ambiance was what it was - we sat outside on a Saturday night in Manhattan so all the usual noises that go along with that were present. I'm not sure if I would come back here considering there are much better tapas places in the city.
  • Photo of SaketSaraogi
    8 months ago
    Best Spanish food in New York. Best to go there for a brunch. Don't miss the unlimited Sangria, it's a must.
  • Photo of X375IEelizabethg
    10 months ago
    Had brunch here with three friends. Everything came out really quickly and was very good. Lively atmosphere for brunch. Would definitely go back.
  • Photo of Bolognaole
    10 months ago
    Nice place and friendly service.... but can we talk about the food!!? Way below the average. Loud music, terrible paella. You can't call it paella... tortilla with mayo (???)... pulpo a la plancha with chickpeas and spinach (??????)... in Spain they would kill for less...
  • Photo of DiarmuidDermot
    a year ago
    Came here last night with a group of friends for restaurant week. Disappointed with the food and service was slow. Croquette starters were delicious but the wait for food was very long and the paella was awful . Basically dry rice with a few meats in between and rice was overcooked and stuck to the dish. Not worth the money.
  • Photo of Keva D
    a year ago
    I came here last night and was shoved in a basement that had no lighting - literally used our phone torches for lighting to read the menu. Took the waitress 25 mins to get us our drinks and finally take our order... starters came promptly but my Spanish omelette was luke warm around the edges and freezing inside. I tried to flag a waiter/waitress down to ask them to heat it up but no one saw me. Anyway, optimistic about the paella - it took 45 mins to come down ... the waitress was nice tho and came over and apologised for the wait. Mine was supposed to be chicken and sausages... there were no sausages on mine and maybe 2 bits of chicken. The rice was also burnt to the dish it came out in... it was awful - couldn't get over the price I was paying for some burnt rice. Dessert took 40 mins to arrive and was chocolate mouse and oiley toasted bread. I left hungry. 160 dollars for 2 people including tax and tip and 4 cocktails. Never be back. Also - get new staff... the male staff literally shoved our dishes in our faces and wouldn't wait for us to tell them who's dish was who's, this happened during every course. The girl waitress was lovely however.
  • Photo of 5268Y
    a year ago
    Stopped here for a Restaurant Week lunch and was very pleased with the meal. Everything was beautifully cooked and my taste buds were very happy. For those engineers and architects out there: can you solve the mystery of the extremely heavy and thick metal restroom doors?!
  • Photo of Jquazza
    a year ago
    We came here for a surprise birthday party. There were 18 people in our group - the restaurant was big enough to accommodate us, but we were put in the basement. They definitely need to update some things down there. For example the booth seating was all torn up and falling apart. Because we were there for a party, everything was pre-selected for us and it was all served family style. It was hard to flag down a waiter, and multiple times we would order a drink and we would never get it. I ordered one of the sangrias - there were a bunch of options. It tasted like water. I couldn't even taste the fruit in the glass. The tapas started coming out pretty quickly and all at once. We had about 5 plates - potatoes, peppers, shrimp, mushrooms, and a crab thing. Everything was ok, nothing too good. They definitely did not bring enough food either - no one could go back for seconds of anything. After the tapas, I think they forgot about us because we sat around for about an hour and a half before the paellas came out. By this time, many member of the group were getting frustrated. When they finally came out, I was personally pretty disappointed. We were given 2 chicken dishes and 2 seafood dished. That was basically enough for everyone to have 1 scoop of rice from each - certainly not enough to be considered dinner. In total, we were there for 4 hours - which is way way way too long to spend in that dingy basement. What really pushed me over the edge - and sealing the fact that I will NEVER go back - is that I feel like I was utterly robbed by this restaurant. We knew going into this that it was $45 per person, but I had expected that we would be getting a lot of food (which we didn't). The person who planned this originally said that this price included tax and tip, but when the bill came, we discovered that it DID NOT cover tax and tip, so we all had to pay in almost $15 more. I felt sick to my stomach paying $60 for two mouthfuls of rice. I don't care if it is 'city' prices - that price is ridiculous! I left angry and hungry. I would not recommend this place to anyone unless they like being robbed.
  • Photo of Lori_D_Esq
    a year ago
    We popped in here for a drink after dinner. Lots of candles and good Spanish music. Huge wine selection and home made sangria options. Bartender was super friendly. Affordable prices for drinks too. Next time I want to come and try their food too.
  • Photo of mentachocolate2016
    Lighting by candlelight. I recommend this restaurant for its authentic and exquisite food, the service is very good, the atmosphere very nice, the wines excellent. We had dinner on the night of December 31, on a quiet night, selected from the regular menu, since the special offer had complicated options, even though we were told twice, we did not know what the advantage was. The flavors are very authentic and delicately cooked, since the seafood needs to be careful. Efficient and friendly service. The dessert was delicious, almond cake with ice cream and can be shared. Perhaps the detail that was missing was a glass of Cava as an invitation to the house because it was the last day of the year, it failed the courtesy of the owners.
  • Photo of Devonta W
    a year ago
    Was invited to Barraca for a boozy brunch. The restaurant is very inviting and they are constantly making rounds to keep your glasses full while you chat and laugh. There are about 6 different Sangria bottomless options ($15) you can mix and math throughout your brunch. I suggest the Mancha or the Valencia. The food was average. I had the Steak & Eggs. I think it would have been better if it didn't come out cold. The bacon wrapped dates were also pretty good to. In all the drinks were great and the food was average. I wish the food was a little better. But the service was good.
  • Photo of SanFranciscoGuy634
    Lots of tapas on the menu at Barraca along with a distinctly American vibe. Obviously a popular place with the after work and weekend crowds. Our lunch here was good but not really really good. Only one sherry available which reflects the sangria focus at the bar. Great place to meet someone or a small crowd.
  • Photo of Chiara F
    a year ago
    Amazing place and food, especially for dinner! The Valencia Sangria is great! Patatas bravas and pan con tomate are amazing! The staff are very kind and friendly!! We tried the meat too and it was great!!!
  • Photo of Bi-coaster
    a year ago
    A friendly welcome on Christmas Eve Day for lunch here, but no real sherry selection. We tried one that they use in cocktails, but it was too sweet. Opted for a Brooklyn beer afterwards. Shrimp in garlic and oil very tasty; likewise the tortilla tapa with potatoes was a hefty slice and came with tomato bread (don't recall mention of the latter on the menu). We also sampled the grilled chicken bocadillo. A very large sandwich with potatoes on the side. The chicken was somewhat dry, but a good concept.
  • Photo of Bob M
    a year ago
    Have been here a couple of times. The tapas is nice but not memorable. The sangria however excellent. Go for that and a nice upscale village ambiance.
  • Photo of Deborah C
    a year ago
    Sangria & bombas were great as was the service. I had to ask though if the chef had a break-up as the figs wrapped in bacon - well bacon so crisp as to be brunt & the "roasted Brussels sprouts" were too charred. Those 2 last items should have been no brainer tapas plates.

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