Photo of Barclays Center in New York, NY, US
Photo of Barclays Center in New York, NY, US
Photo of Barclays Center in New York, NY, US
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Barclays Center

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Barclays Center44.5
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  • Photo of Nic Brown
    2 years ago
    Florence and the Machine
  • Photo of Airbnb
    2 years ago
    This is the new sports arena and home of the Brooklyn Nets Basketball team! The arena also doubles as a concert hall for large music performances; Recently: Bob Dylan, Madonna, The Who, Ludacris.
  • Photo of Raymond Urciuoli
    2 years ago
    Shake shack. Juniors restaurant
  • Photo of Julianne Sombat
    4 years ago
    Depeche Mode. Wear all black.
  • Photo of rodrigorj87
    5 months ago
    Had a great time watching the Brooklyn Nets (despite the team sucking), very easy access trough the subway from Manhattan, would definitely come back.
  • Photo of Fahbio11
    5 months ago
    As an experienced NBA fan, I've already been to some of the best arenas in the US. And when I say best, I mean the whole package: seats, staff, prices, costumer services and etc. I've been to there in January to watch the visiting Spurs take on the Nets, the home team. I knew it would be a rough night the moment I knew Coach Pop would rest top dog Khawi Leonard and fan favorite Manu Ginobili. Paul Gasol and Tony Parker were also out due to injuries and didn't even travel to Brooklyn. The Nets would relay only on lonely star Brook Lopez. But none of this is Barclays Center's fault. The following will be. Firstly, the access is very uncomfortable. I had near courtside tickets for me and my wife, but had to enter through the small side doors as the employees took too long to clear the lines, leaving lots of people getting wet and cold outside (it was a raining night). Then came my time to be checked. An employee looked at my bag and found a DSLR camera used in both Madison Square Garden (Knicks' arena) and Verizon Center (Wizards arena) a week earlier. I was taken to a consumer service where the employee told me I couldn't take my camera with me to the game because it had attachable lens. I told her I used the very same equipment for games in NY and DC, but couldn't change her mind. Not even when I told her I was a Brazilian tourist and that I wouldn't be there every night to get another shot of taking pictures of the game. She told me "it is the policy" and did the same to a boy with a board. C'mon... I then entered the arena and when I got to my seat, I wanted to take a picture (with my cellphone) as close as possible to the court, as my tickets gave the chance to do it. When my wife was preparing to shoot, a very inconvenient employee got to me and told me to seat. I know it's a NBA rule not to do it as the game is underway. But I tried to get a picture BEFORE the game got started. By that time I was very UPSET. I spent US$ 130 on each seat for not being able to have some fun. When the game started, the employee kept harassing people in timeouts. You just couldn't move or he would come at you. Very disturbing. I took a photo "with" him and attached it to this review. And somewhere in the second quarter, a man showed in the audience shooting photographs with a DSLR just like mine. I attached a photo of him also in this review. Then I got back to the consumer service to try to recover the right to use my camera. Told the same woman what happened, but she got off and told me she wouldn't give it back until the end of the game. I had nothing like it in any other arena. In halftime, I went out to buy something to eat. And then it just got worse: if you wanted a special Nets cup souvenir filled with soda, you'd have to pay US$ 11 (it was 9 in NY and 7 in DC). Too expensive!!! And for eating, other few expensive options. The game was boring because it was already a blowout by the start of the 3rd quarter. At the end, I got my camera back and tried to take pictures of the common areas of the arena. As I prepared to shoot, another employee appeared from nowhere and told me to stop 'cause it was forbidden. C'mon! US$ 130 and you just can't do anything. No pics at all???? Never seen a place as prohibitive as this place. Shame on you Barclays Arena staff! I thought NBA games were all about fun, like the other arenas I'm used to visit. Even in the NFL things are more fun. Barclays Arena is just awful. Brooklyn fans deserved better! I'm not coming back. Period.
  • Photo of NUTN2000
    5 months ago
    Came here for the Roger Waters show. CONS: Security entrance was a disaster. What knucklehead thought this was a best practice!? Hundreds of people were kept back in one large crowd behind a barricade that was approx. 40 yards from the main entrance. They had 2 barricade points that they would crack open to let in 25 or so people in at a time to get to the metal detectors. So you had a pushing match of people squeezing in to a 4 foot opening while some knucklehead from security yelled, do not push. .Safety! Are you kidding? Anyone ever think of roped off lines to the doorways? It took us 45 minutes to get in once we got to the barricade entrance. Still had to go through detectors. Seating is hit or miss. We had good seats at an awkward angle. Forget about sitting up top. Those seats are horrible. If you have vertigo or are afraid of heights, Don't Do It! Pros: Sound was VG. Clear and magnified. Train to the Center is very easy from NYC or Brooklyn....and I would guess other boroughs as well. Not my first go to arena, but I would go back for the right concert.
  • Photo of Suemallory
    5 months ago
    This wonderful, relatively new center is currently a crown jewel of Brooklyn We have been to great concerts as well as sports events and I see kids line up for special events for them. Subway stop RIGHT IN FRONT. Could not t be easier. Food options are fabulous as are all the ushers and service people. Great new addition for Brooklyn
  • Photo of ALPH2015
    5 months ago
    In town for a concert. Getting in the center is easy. Finding our seats was easy. the seats were really narrow and uncomfortable. Didn't make sitting there for 3 hours easy. Would i go again? Maybe...I like the neighborhood and i love seeing live music. Leaving after concert was easy... glad we had to walk a bit to stretch our legs.
  • Photo of PhilJR70
    5 months ago
    Really impressive arena and NHL tickets much cheaper than Madison Square Garden. Well worth a visit, but beer, drinks and food is extortionate.
  • Photo of Jacqueline R
    5 months ago
    I recently attended a concert at the Barclays Center with family. There were 4 of us attending and we traveled all the way from Albany for the event. This was my first time visiting this venue and I was excited to experience this concert in this venue. I had purchased tickets online and being afraid of heights, I knew not to get 200 level seats due to how steep they were and various reviews I read prior to purchasing tickets. The map I looked at when making my purchase made the seats I did in fact purchase look a bit lower than other sections within the 200's. I chose the seats I did because we did not have to walk up a number of steep stairs to get to our seats. There were 2 rows where we were and 2 steps to the concourse exit. I thought that shouldn't be bad....wrong. Immediate panic attack (which I should have known better with 200 level). The seats we had were in section 210 Row 1. There was glass in front of us, but it was low and if you are afraid of heights doesn't do much for your relief. I asked customer services if I could possibly be moved to another location due to my fear. They said they would see what they could do. In the meantime, I asked the usher in our section if I could possibly sit in an area to the side on a set of stairs that were not being used. He made me feel like a crazy person for being so scared and told me to basically deal with it. I was ready to leave the arena at this point. I could not sit in those seats. Finally, customer service did move us to another section on a platform. Only 2 of the 4 of us could move our seats, which was fine. We ended up on the wheelchair platform where the area was flat and not slanted. There were some speakers blocking the screen behind the stage, but that was fine. The usher in this area was extremely nice although at one point of the show, a drunk obnoxious guy came onto our platform and screamed in my ear out of nowhere. We went to one of the concession stands on the 200 level to purchase popcorn, but they were out. That was a bummer. Typical high prices for drinks. $6 water! $13 beers. You will have that at any arena though. Overall, it was a good venue.......if you have floor or 100 level seats. Staff could be a bit friendlier, but customer service was very accommodating to me as I was having a panic attack. Next time I will get lower level seats.
  • Photo of Matthias F
    5 months ago
    Big, for ca 20,000 people, well planned, good acoustics and also easy to access with public and private transportation. Went there for the Roger Waters concert last night, really great!
  • Photo of jmgrima
    5 months ago
    Went to watc Summerslam 2017 and had a magnificent experience. Very easy to get to from Manhattan as you only need the Q train which stops you directly in front of the same arena!
  • Photo of showqpr
    6 months ago
    Came here for 3 nights in August for 3 different WWE shows. First off, this location is easy to each from Times Square. About 20 minutes on the Q subway, straight out the station at the impressive looking Barclays Center hits you. On two nights I sat in the 100 level and had a cracking view, well worth sitting anywhere in this level. I have also sat in these sections in previous years and have no complaints. One night I sat high up in the 200's and boy is it high up there! Way to steep and you actually felt like you would fall towards the ring when you stood up. The sound and acoustics are not as loud up here either. Good views but nowhere near as good as lower down and a bit of a health hazard. Staff are overall friendly, although one night the arena was late letting us in so most of the crowd missed the first match. Security is excellent as adequate measures are taken. The price of food and beer is pretty extortionate. Beer was $13, the highest I have ever seen at a venue. Small cokes were $6 and they were small to say the least. Overall good venue, great transport links, modern but could do with improvements higher up and cheaper food and drink options.
  • Photo of Doctabunk
    6 months ago
    Whether you're a Nets/Islanders fan or enjoy a concert or 3, Barclays Center is an amazingly constructed & stylish Entertainment Arena. Very easy to get to via the Subway, (get off at Atlantic Terminal Mall stop) whether your starting point is Union Station, Times Square or somewhere closer. And located in the vibrant district of Brooklyn where Atlantic Ave meets Flatbush Ave, so you know there's a gallery of shops & restaurants nearby (I recommend Shake Shack across the street) for you to add to your Barclays experience.
  • Photo of Lynseydear
    6 months ago
    We booked tickets for 26th December to see Brooklyn Nets. Easy to get to & felt very safe. Had planned to see the Knicks at MSG but ticket prices were extortionate. We had never seen basketball before but we all loved it & thought the crowd was great. Also helped that we won in final seconds. Great night. A one off which I highly recommend.
  • Photo of Martin H
    6 months ago
    We were on vacation in New York with the WWE in town we thought we would attend the great show the McMahon family deliver. The arena had stricter security than 9/11, JFK airport, Yankee Stadium, The Met Life Stadium or any other major attraction we visited in New York. We attended large numbers of sporting and entertainment events In London and have not seen such scrutiny. In addition not being able to bring drinks or food in to the arena in tempratures in the 90s outside and charging $6 for a bottle of water or $11 for soda is taking advantage of guests. Would not choose to go there again.
  • Photo of hsr95
    6 months ago
    Spent a lot of time at this stadium for high school graduation, college graduation, and Nets games. They keep it rather cool inside, but that's pretty normal with stadiums. Love that it's close to Atlantic Mall and walking distance from my home.
  • Photo of davidoliver1992
    6 months ago
    Booked tickets and flew from the UK to be at the New York show of Queen's American 2017 tour, and loved every single second of it. The venue itself is very nice and cool which on the day I went it was 30 degrees was extremely hot! No problems getting my tickets at the will-call desk since I booked them when I was at home in England, and the staff were very accommodating. Merch stands were well maintained and well managed by people clambering to get some tour t-shirts and if your like me buying things in different sizes for people as souvenirs back home!
  • Photo of David R
    6 months ago
    While in NY city it happened that WWE summerslam was on. Firstly getting to Barclays centre is superb. Subway takes you literally to the front door and you can take many trains to get u there. Entry I thought was good as we had platinum tickets which got us in nice and quick. As with all venues security took a bit of time but I have no problem with this. Seats at the arena all seem to give you a good view and we had great seats. Event lends itself very well to the the event and you could get out get food / go to toilet very quickly as you don't want to miss anything. Again getting home / out of the venue was very smooth.
  • Photo of h h
    6 months ago
    Easy to get here by subway. Awesome venue, great employees. Clean restrooms. Lots of food choices. Seats are rather tight. Larger patrons may feel squished. Don't get a seat high in the arena if you have a problem with heights . No bad views, but the suspended lighting contraption is a bit distracting. The large screens are crystal clear and you almost prefer them. Choose your seat wisely if you don't like getting up and down for hungry folks. Some people needed to eat three times and go to the restroom two times during the event There was a special line for wheelchair and cane walking folks, to avoid being pushed when the doors opened. Don't know too much about parking options or how crowded the train was after the event.
  • Photo of Clifford K
    6 months ago
    One star because some, but not all , of the employees acted with integrity. One star because the venue is nice looking And that is all. I went to Summerslam 2017 on August 20, 2017. *First, they started allowing people in at 5:00 PM, WHICH IS WHEN THE PRESHOW STARTED, thereby forcing everyone to miss at least some of the pre-show. Perhaps I should consider a class action suit to recover funds for EVERYONE, for forced loss of service. * Second, they opened only a few entrances, thereby causing a slow entry process and a crowd density problem ( there must have been at least 5000 people waiting to get in). * Third, no regular drink cups at some of the concessions ( from early on), thereby requiring those who needed a drink to buy the "souvenir cup" at $5.00 more. * Fourth, the concession table condiments DID NOT WORK, NONE OF THEM. OH, and a permanent aspect of the venue: The aisles are ridiculously narrow. This is a safety risk, and everyone complains about it. All in all, a miserable reflection on those who were in charge of venue logistics.
  • Photo of Vjay S
    6 months ago
    Great venue! RIGHT OFF the train station, most convenient location ever! Went to see a Florence and the machine concert there. The place looks new , good food choices, would be better with a little more variety. Overall, enjoyed the concert . The location is the main thing that makes it so good. Would be back to see other concerts. 3.5 to 4 stars.
  • Photo of Wanda C
    6 months ago
    I'm from Brooklyn so the commute for me is not an issue as, I've read from other reviewer's. We were there for a Shawn Mendes concert and my daughter had Q&A tickets plus the concert . She and her friend were so excited and had a great time.

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