Photo of Bao Haus in New York, NY, US
Photo of Bao Haus in New York, NY, US
Photo of Bao Haus in New York, NY, US
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Bao Haus

Fast Food Restaurant

Bao Haus94
pork • bao • fries • tofu

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  • Photo of Jessica Rey Dubra
    Pork belly or fried chicken- recommended by Anthony Bourdain, Korean sandwich place.
  • Photo of Matt Williams
    a year ago
    Managers meal, chairman Bao, and taro fries
  • Photo of Kara Norton
    2 years ago
    Home of the Chairman Bao bun. Written about in Vice. Really good late night food.
  • Photo of A Pandolfi
    3 years ago
    Cheap and delicious.
  • Photo of Citymaps NYC
    3 years ago
    Eddie Huang struck gold with this quick-bite hotspot. American-influenced Chinese dishes, 90s Hip-Hop playing inside, and a truly friendly staff make this a really comfortable and delicious place to stop. Stick with the Birdhaus Bao or the Chairman Bao!
  • Photo of Raja H
    3 years ago
    Fun place for a quick bite
  • Photo of Samo Miller
    3 years ago
    Pork buns in a cute shack like restaurant- reminds me of asia
  • Photo of John MacDonald
    4 years ago
    Great late night bites, cool guys working there too
  • Photo of Marko Stankic
    4 years ago
    Mini Asian Sandwiches, HipHop
  • Photo of Michelle B
    2 months ago
    Small, nice place with "fast food" style. Around 10 seats available. I ordered the fried fish and pork bao. Both were good, but my favorite was the fried fish bao. They do come with cilantro, peanuts, etc. The 2 for me were not a meal, just snack food. Service was good and it's located near a few bubble tea shops as well.
  • Photo of Akua48
    2 months ago
    I visited Baohaus with my boyfriend a few weeks ago. A small laid back atmosphere with graffiti filled walls and old school hip hop playing in the background. Not sure what to expect; I only ordered one fried fish bao. After my very first bite, I wish I had ordered more. It was delicious! My boyfriend had the minced pork stew on rice. I can tell by the way he tapped his foot as he ate his food; It was very good as well.
  • Photo of FlyAtNIght
    3 months ago
    We ordered 2 Chairman buns and while I enjoyed mine, my friend said his pork was undercooked and had too much fat. The sauce (cilantro, pepper, sugar and crushed peanuts) was delicious. Baohaus was not taking any cash yesterday, we paid by credit card.
  • Photo of Mads P
    3 months ago
    It is a really small place and I would not like to eat at the place, but if you like baos, then you should go here. They only make like 4-5 different baos, but they are quite tasty. The price is around $4-5 for each bao, which was ok. We brought the food and ate it at Union Square.
  • Photo of DavidLeeNY
    4 months ago
    What a great combination of flavours! This is real food art and an extraordinary experience for any food lover!
  • Photo of Erin S
    4 months ago
    This place is the best! Delicious food, awesome atmosphere. The place is a bit small so definitely more of a casual pop in and out. Must stop while on 14th street.
  • Photo of Fred B
    4 months ago
    Food here is tasty, but too small. Kind of overprice. Basically this is place for takeout, not for stay to eat. We are here today July 3rd, 2017, just because son is Eddie Huang's fan. We ordered Baos. Surprised to find Bao is so small. End up we hve to order tow bowle of Rice to feed boys. Not a place to enjoy food.
  • Photo of Joe B
    5 months ago
    Don't go thinking you're going to meet Eddie Huang cause he's not there. I tried the LA spot in the food was delicious. This was way out of my comfort zone cause I never try Asian food. I tried three of their dishes and they were all tasty but those tarro fries were awesome and their house made green tea that's made daily hit the spot. So check them out.
  • Photo of Timofei M
    6 months ago
    I went here during my trip to NYC as I am a fan of eddie haung. Unfortunately the food was absolutely terrible. I could not taste the fries as they were so salty and spiced up that all I could feel was the salt that was like a punch in the taste buds. The buns were alright but nothing to write home about and way too sweet. It's a shame as I was looking forward to eating here but it was a complete disappointment.
  • Photo of SNG56
    6 months ago
    Stopped here as part of a "food tour" of the East Village we were doing with friends. Ordered the coffin and birdhouse Bao and they did not disappoint. Long line, lots of people but hey, it's a fast food place right? We were there on a Sunday and did get seats. Delicious, r highly ecommend.
  • Photo of Sheila514
    7 months ago
    We stopped by to try the coffin bao and the birdhouse bao on a recent trip. Sadly, the fried chicken in the birdhouse bao was slightly undercooked and generated a very chewy piece of chicken that didn`t taste too appetizing in the bao. Luckily, the coffin bao was exceptionally good, although way overpriced. We are happy we tried it once but we probably won't go out of our way to eat there again.
  • Photo of Andrew F
    7 months ago
    Terrible seating and long lines must not deter you from trying their great food that maybe pricey, but definitely solid.
  • Photo of Claire M
    7 months ago
    Definitely the best bao I've had, with the exception of Bao in London, though it was close and Baohaus has the lack of a massive queue as an advantage! We tried the belly pork, the fried fish and the fried chicken baos. All were great, with fluffy bao and perfectly matched sauces and toppings.
  • Photo of Sagacious_Reviewer
    7 months ago
    I loved Baohaus. Their food is terrific and so it the aesthetic of the resturant. You can write on the walls and tables even put down stickers of whatever you want. I recommend ordering the chicken bao and lang lang as a beverage.
  • Photo of Zackia B
    7 months ago
    The food here is great. Rap music playing in the background and good food. The owner is Eddie Huang... Fresh off the Boat. He is a die hard hip hop fan so the employees and atmosphere reflect that. My only problem with this place is there is barely any seating. The food is so good you don't even care that you are eating it in your car.
  • Photo of bernardwagneram7
    7 months ago
    What can I say about Eddie Wong's restaurant other than it's amazing? The bread he produces is so amazing as well as the pork buns. The peanuts he adds is a nice touch. Don't ever really expect to see Eddie here, as he's too successful to cook at his own restaurants anymore lol. I would take about $30 with you and get 3 different baos on an empty stomach. The drinks they serve are delicious as well. Just remember that while in the restaurant, they are prepping all the materials below the restaurant in an underground room. Come to Baohouse for freshness and authenticity. Oh yea, don't forget about the original pork bao and also and fried chicken bao! Wash it down with some milk tea or authentic Asian beverages! This place is so incredibly awesome!
  • Photo of doctormd
    8 months ago
    We had the chairman bao, birdhaus bao, fish bao and managers rice bowl. What they lacked in quantity they made up for in taste. Really great combination of taste and texture. The experience was definitely unique and the staff are really friendly. Service was super quick when we were there but we got there before the rush. The experience was a good one, unique and it definitely had Eddie Huang instilled. You have to read the book (Fresh off the boat) to know what I mean. I recommend both the book and trying out Baohaus in that order.
  • Photo of miguel m
    8 months ago
    After reading the Baohaus story in Eddie Huang's book FOB, I had to come try this place. Very glad I did! First off, this place is TINY - not for people with claustrophobia. Seriously one big table and everything else is a counter on the wall - we opted to eat outside. The bathroom is a dingy converted closet but you'll find all sorts of cool graffiti and other tags inside; I like that they are cool with people adding to the character of the place. Food - awesome. You must get the baos (obviously) - my favorite was the Chairman Bao with its delicious pork belly, crushed peanuts and whatever awesome drugs they must put in the Haus Relish. My wife loved the Birdhaus Bao; I think the crispy fried chicken and the aioli won her over. Be warned, the baos are tiny (a hungry person could eat one in two bites), so order a couple if you want to really eat up. I'd recommend going for one of the rice bowls if you want to fill up. I devoured the Manager's Meal, which had pretty much every meat they serve, relish, cilantro, and of course rice. It's not the cheapest place around - most baos here are $4 and the rice bowls average $10 (which isn't too bad) - but there's a few things going for them. They source meats that are free of nitrites, antibiotics, and other BS no one wants to eat. Hell, the tofu's organic. And in Manhattan, where most to-go containers are plastic and/or styrofoam, Baohaus is using compostable to-go containers. Eddie Huang, I fux with the Environmentalism. I don't live in NYC, so I doubt I'll go out of my way to come back, but it's definitely worth dropping in if you're in the area. Just take the L to 3rd Avenue and you're a block away from a truly amazing Taiwanese experience!
  • Photo of ExperienceMy31
    8 months ago
    Came here on a Friday afternoon just before the rush. Order was received quickly, staff was super friendly and best of all the food. Had the Chairman Bao, Uncle Jesse and the Manager Special. The pork belly was great, the flavor was spot on and perfect size. So glad we made this one of the must dos on this trip. Will definitely come back before we leave.
  • Photo of Swithinm
    9 months ago
    It is very rare to find bao buns where the filling supersedes the bun. BaoHaus is a tiny hole in the wall cafe/restaurant where the food is made to order in front of your eyes. I ordered the Chairman Bao, Birdhaus Bao and the Uncle Jesse Bao. The buns were super soft and almost melts in your mouth while the meat, freshly fried, is not served with the excess oil from the pan. Make sure you side the buns with their tasty taro fries and spicy oil sauce for maximum taste. To get the best seating, I would advice visiting the spot during non-peak hours since they have limited seating capacity. They also accept to-go orders.

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