Photo of Aria in New York, NY, US
Photo of Aria in New York, NY, US
Photo of Aria in New York, NY, US
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Italian Restaurant

pasta • tapas • prosciutto • white asparagus

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  • Photo of Ashley Warren
    3 years ago
    Pasta is $12 a pop
  • Photo of Tom Ando
    3 years ago
    Although its main focus is huge selection of wine, kids could also enjoy pastas. Love the tortellini with lobster
  • Photo of Candice Cheesman
    4 years ago
    Amazing Italian. Had a big veal leg over risotto and panna cotta for dessert. Burratta was delish too.
  • Photo of Kat Tanita
    4 years ago
    Cozy, west village, Italian.
  • Photo of Mariamka
    4 months ago
    First time we discovered this place in 2011 and decided to come back because of the cheesecake I had in 2011 (it was delicious!!). So this time we thought it would be nice to eat there as well. Well maybe because it was a Friday night but this place was deafening loud - we sat at the bar and could not talk as it was pointless. We ordered some tapas - pasta with wild mushrooms and grilled prawns were very good. Sliced octopus was slightly gone off - I left most of it - no one asked me why. Cheesecake this time was not as good as last time (shame!). The service was fine. What I really didn't like was that in the bill they included a compulsory 18% gratitude and then on top of that they asked for more tips?!? 18% - is way too much for this place! So be aware and check your bill.
  • Photo of MarkGaby
    5 months ago
    Love this restaurante, cozy, romantic, chic. Fantastic service, food delicious and the best panna cotta in NY
  • Photo of Josue E
    5 months ago
    Amazing little space, a fantastic dining night out. We ordered four dishes (for two) and were pretty full after sharing the first two fairly large tapas. We loved the Roasted Red Beets and Herbed Goat Cheese Salad and the Gorgonzola Stuffed Dates Wrapped in Speck. The Tagliatelle Bolognese was perfectly cooked. Everything was phenomenal.
  • Photo of Lisa C
    6 months ago
    I really enjoy the food and service at this tiny little restaurant in the Village. I love the West Village best, which has a vibe totally different than anywhere else in New York. And I l love the little side streets. That's why I went to Aria. As I was by myself, it was a good place for me to eat because I knew that there were solo seats at and alongside the bar and in the windows, and I like that it's dark, which is cozy to me. And I knew it would be the kind of atmosphere I wanted, with people eating and talking, European style, crammed in but not claustrophobic. I lucked out at 9:30, catching the last available seat. The waiter was very attentive to me, coming by to see if I needed anything, and made me feel very comfortable. The seats next to me were taken by some very lovely young women, and as you are in very close proximity with your neighbors, your food is right next to them -so my "seatmate" oogled my dish when it arrived- asked what it was -so I shared it with her so she could try it - it was the Melanzano (Eggplant) with goat cheese and it was delicious! She asked me if I had eaten here before (yes I have) and what I recommended. I told her I was getting the Pappardelle with Chingale (wild boar) and that not too many places serve that. I would have been contented to be alone, reading on my iphone, but the atmosphere and close contact with nice people certainly makes conversation possible - if you want it. I had a glass of Montalcino, a cicchetti, a main pasta dish, and the bill was $38 which is quite reasonable, and if you weren't an eater like me you could skip the cicchetti which would take $12 off the tab - more than reasonable. And after a crappy day, Aria was soothing, and I didn't feel awkward at all eating dinner alone, which is something I'm not used to.
  • Photo of JJO812
    6 months ago
    I have rarely experience such a poor level of service from a restaurant. I was truly embarrassed to have hosted a guest for dinner here. Here's 5 reasons why: 1) The waiter spilled and broke a large glass bottle of water on my guest. She was soaked and shards of glass fell on her. We were offered nothing more than a damp cloth and an apology. A few minutes later a waiter dropped a dirty fork on my guests' lap. She left with soaked pants and purse and a dirtied shirt. They didn't as much as offer to comp our dessert. 2) The manager was very rude from the minute I arrived. I arrived 5 minutes early to the reservation and my guest arrived on time. I was still told that if my guest arrived late it would "mess up" his whole schedule and he would have to give up my table. I assured him my guest would be punctual and she was. There was no indication that my guest would be late and I found this rude to threaten giving up my table before I had even stepped foot in the place. 3) We were rushed through our entire dinner, constantly being pestered to order. The waiter went as far as to remind us our appetizers had arrived when we took two minutes to finish our bread before beginning to eat them. Then the check came before we had even had two bites of our dessert. It was picked up twice before I had the chance to put my card in (because I was still eating my dessert). They couldn't have done more to get us out of there and we weren't being slow patrons whatsoever. 4) The table was abysmal. My chair was right by the door and I was constantly being bumped by incoming/outgoing customers. My guest was squeezed into a corner. There was a slightly better 2 person table available but we were told we couldn't have it even though we had a reservation. 5) The waiter forgot to return my credit card in the check folder. I forgot to ask for it and returned to the restaurant a few minutes later to pick it up. They immediately denied having it without even checking. Then they found it still in the credit card machine. No apology was offered. I politely tried raising these issues to the manager when we left and he was defensive and said there was nothing to be done. It was a completely unacceptable response to an already unacceptable level of service.
  • Photo of Katrina C
    6 months ago
    Beautiful, fresh Italian food, nice portions. Busy vibe yet didn't have to queue on a Friday night at 9:30pm (the venue was full though so we may have been lucky, but there was certainly no outrageous queue). Good service with friendly staff. Reasonably priced. I'd recommend sharing a selection of pastas and a few entrees and sides. Perfect for date night or a catch up with friends.
  • Photo of Nicole H
    7 months ago
    We have been to this restaurant a few times usually as a smaller group and have always loved the atmosphere. This time however we came as a group of about 8. Service was not great and the server was a little rude. We asked for help with the menu as we had such a large group and he offered no input besides suggesting we hadn't ordered enough and as a result the food was massively over ordered. Also some of the appetizers weren't as we had ordered either. Little attention was giving through out the seating and we generally had to clear our own plates and then get someone's attention to take them. When we would try to order drinks he would take one order then run off before someone could put another order in. I understand they were very busy as are a lot of NYC restaurants - but his general attitude was not great. Finally when the bill came, we asked to split it, they only do 7 cards minimum so we asked to put two on one card. Somehow this also was messed up and someone paid 40 more. Unfortunately we probably won't be coming back.
  • Photo of Mary D
    8 months ago
    Stopped in to eat here at the recommendation of my hotel concierge and it did not disappoint! The food is very authentic Italian and the service was excellent. The cocktails are wonderful too! I recommend the lemon one!
  • Photo of Tracy B
    8 months ago
    We loved the small plates and despite it being a Friday night, they squeezed us into a window seat which was kind of fun because we could see out. The waiter was pretty funny, really knew the wines, and was super helpful picking out some of the small plates. We really loved the pasta and their tomato sauce, some of the best I've ever tasted.
  • Photo of resoundings
    10 months ago
    Good food except for one badly prepared vegetable that the manager refused to take back or off the bill. The manager was very rude and I have never been to a restaurant in New York where there was a badly prepared dish that the restaurant would not take off the bill or offer another choice. It was the rudeness and hostility of the manager over a $7 vegetable that was disturbing and highly unprofessional.
  • Photo of Aleksandra M
    a year ago
    We were there for late lunch. Pastas are amazing! Coctails also! You just have to try there! Staff is super nice! I think, I'll be back there!
  • Photo of Mercedes E
    a year ago
    I came here for a date and it was the perfect spot. Being in the W. Village, it is quite cozy, but that's part of the charm. I went on a Wednesday at 8pm and the place was packed. There is a bar you can eat at,as well as tables. We were at a table, which was more comfortable, but the food and service is so good I wouldn't mind eating at the bar. The owner and server were great about recommending wine and food from the menu. I would definitely come back for a special occasion.
  • Photo of JulesBrie
    a year ago
    Stopped in after visiting a museum near by. The service was delightful & the food was absolutely amazing. Quaint and charming with a cozy West Village vibe. Great for consversation with lovely ambience.
  • Photo of KMHHalifax
    a year ago
    My daughter and I had planned to eat at the Spotted Pig but we were advised that wait would be two hours. Without a plan, we bravely set off looking for another option. I saw some lights that looked promising on a side street,noted that the restaurant was Italian and busy, so we decided to see if they could seat us. Immediately we were greeted by a very friendly man who pointed us to two stools (with backs) at a large bar. The tables are very close together but we managed to get to the bar and the other patrons somehow made room for us to sit. Out of no where, a waiter appeared with menus, place settings and a bottle of water. The couple seated across for us asked if it was our first time. We said yes, we just found it and they said it was hands down their favourite place to eat in NYC. In fact, they were having dinner somewhere else later (it was the woman’s birthday), and wanted to have something at Aria first. (That's quite an endorsement, if you think about it.) They let us try their dishes - an amazing squid dish with olives and tomatoes and the Bolognese. Both superior. There was lovely bread on the table. We opted for a pear salad to share, my daughter chose gnocchi and I selected spaghetti and meatballs. Everything was delicious although I thought my daughter would cry for joy while eating her gnocchi. I had an excellent inexpensive quarto of Chianti. We finished by sharing their cheese cake with "brûlée" sugar on top, served with vanilla ice cream and raspberry coulis. Our friends from Texas left and were replaced by another couple from London. The man was celebrating his birthday and they were staying with his girlfriend’s brother who lived in the Village. They were also lovely and chatty. People feel like large cities can be alienating but Aria is the kind of place that fosters a sense of community because the owners have created a dining experience that is shared. The prices are so reasonable... you could eat here every day! The next trip to NYC will include a visit to Aria. The service, atmosphere and food are top notch. I can't say enough good things about this restaurant.
  • Photo of Tessa v
    a year ago
    I always love coming here, the food is so awesome and I loved the tapas/shared dining idea behind it. It is always busy so if you have a 2+ party make reservations. The only thing is that it can be very loud, the acoustics of the room are not great.
  • Photo of Bruce E
    a year ago
    A lovely small restaurant in Greenwich Village. It is a great little Italian restaurant with plenty of atmosphere. We had stopped there for a lunch and the food was very good. The service was good. We would go there again.
  • Photo of IamZozo
    a year ago
    A casual Small restaurant in west village, with good Italian food and very nice atmosphere. Good pastas
  • Photo of BirdOfFlight
    a year ago
    We loved this small village restaurant. The food was good and the waitstaff charming. We found the service to be great.
  • Photo of SimonFoodie
    a year ago
    Great place to grab happy hour drinks and Italian tapas. Tapas dishes weren't good given the high prices and pasta lacked character.. service was rushed and rude as to be expected in a tight nyc bar.. not a place to eat rather go there to hang out
  • Photo of Tatyana123275
    a year ago
    The reason why I chose this restaurant was because after several days in NY I was slightly tired of overfried bbq staff and variations of smth with bread for the main course. I took polenta with stewed beef and never regretted the choice. Olive oil was great as well as fresh white bread and red wine. Maybe for a hungry man a portion may seem small, but the taste is like that in Italy or France.

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