Photo of Woolworth Building in New York City, NY, US
Photo of Woolworth Building in New York City, NY, US
Photo of Woolworth Building in New York City, NY, US
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Woolworth Building

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Woolworth Building34.5
minute tour • cass gilbert • tallest building in the world • beautiful lobby

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  • Photo of The Gri
    a year ago
  • Photo of Aaron Rudenstine
    2 years ago
    When built in 1913, the Woolworth building with the tallest building in the world.  Now it's among the tallest 20 in NYC.
  • Photo of Raja H
    3 years ago
    Went to the top!
  • Photo of mary h
    3 months ago
    I thoroughly enjoyed my 60-minute tour of the Woolworth Building lobby recently. Nena, a licensed NY City guide, led an animated and well-informed walk beginning outside the "Cathedral of Commerce," then inside to the grand lobby and downstairs one level. The lobby is a spectacular mix of Byzantine mosaics and Gothic gargoyles, all beautifully preserved. I'm a licensed tour guide myself in Washington, DC, so I know an engaging tour when I see one. I recommend this tour!
  • Photo of Gaetano A
    3 months ago
    Going around Down Town we came across this magnificent and extraordinary building called Woolworth Building.This 60-storey (792ft) building was completed by Cass Gilbert in 1913 and at that time it was considered the tallest building in New York and the world until 1930 when the Chrysler Building was completed. From outside Woolworth looks more like a 'cathedral' and today it houses mainly offices. We, as visitors, were not allowed into the building.
  • Photo of travelangel346
    3 months ago
    We joined the 30 minute tour last weekend and found it very interesting: background of Frank Woolworth, stories about the building and construction period et cetera. Absolutely worth the time and money.
  • Photo of kchew3
    3 months ago
    It was well worth taking the tour to have access to this beautiful building. Our guide, Bob, was very knowledgeable. He gave us a few tips of other things to see while in NYC also, which was an added bonus. I would definitely recommend this tour.
  • Photo of leo1492
    3 months ago
    This was once the tallest building in New York City. It is gorgeous inside and out. You can take a peak through the lobby door to see the wonderful valuted ceiling and detailing in the lobby, however to see anything more you must take a special tour which are offered infrequently. I don't know how you would even check the schedule. I think the building is being converted to condos.
  • Photo of L8126QWdianeh
    3 months ago
    The tour guide was very knowledgeable. Easy to speak with and lovely. She took us on a walk to show some of the buildings and the beautiful work.
  • Photo of Guenter J
    3 months ago
    The history behind the family and building was very interesting. We thought we would see more of the building for the price.
  • Photo of Howard M
    3 months ago
    We loved the 90 minute tour. In addition to seeing the gorgeous interior of this landmark building we learned lots about Frank Woolworth and the architect Gilbert Cass. The tour guide related stories pertaining to innovations in commerce and construction that made this tour so informative.
  • Photo of NYNOVA
    3 months ago
    Iconic Landmark of Downtown NYC. Beautiful Building, Old school New York, famous , beautiful details
  • Photo of Karen S
    3 months ago
    We were on the sixty minute tour of the Woolworth Building and found it to be educational, entertaining and visually astounding. Ed, our tour guide was well versed in all things Woolworth and the history and background of the family history. He was able to answer our questions and had additional photos to share.
  • Photo of James H
    3 months ago
    My wife and I took the 90 minute tour given by Ed Welter. The tour was interesting and Ed was a great guide. I gave the tour a rating of 4 only because I wish we had been able to see more of the building, but that wasn't the fault of Ed. If you are interesting in architecture and some New York history, I definitely recommend taking the tour.
  • Photo of sonya481
    3 months ago
    I recently spent a week in New York sightseeing, and took 6 tours from 3 different companies. I took the 90 minute in depth tour of the Woolworth Building, and it was by far the most interesting and informative tour I took. The guide, Bob, had a passion for history and architecture, and spent his career and retirement serving this. He was interesting to listen to, and gave lots of interesting stats as well as interesting "gossipy but true" tidbits. If you are in the market for something other than the normal tourist experience where the info you are given is the same as what you could have read in a guidebook, I would highly recommend this tour. It reminded me greatly of the high quality tours the Architecture Society of Chicago give - highly trained guides who are informative and passionate about their subject.
  • Photo of lschmitt
    3 months ago
    So informational, and at the same time interesting! Our guide was great, and knowledgeable. A must do!
  • Photo of REBECCA W
    3 months ago
    Did the hop on hop off. We pleased to learn the history. Unreal that 1.9B was recently spent by the Chinese to remodel and include condos. Architecture is wonderful.
  • Photo of Steve S
    3 months ago
    fugetabouit.... Woolworth wouldnt reciognize. the place.Its now a multi-mega buck condo or coop.Who cares, it is now unavailable for commoners
  • Photo of tgaann
    3 months ago
    The Woolworth Building has one of the most gorgeous lobbies in the world. Unfortunately, the public is not allowed general admission. (It is an active office building, and security is tight.) If your tour guide has a way to gain admittance for you, that's great. You cannot just wander in. If you do manage to gain admission, the lobby is a wondrous site, with gargoyles, carvings, and outstanding features of the architecture of this era.
  • Photo of Carlos E G
    3 months ago
    This building is across the street from City Hall Park. With just a short walk west you can go the the World Trade Center (Now called FREEDOM TOWERS) going east you can walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to DUMBO. (Brooklyn side of the bridge. Right next to the bridge on the Brookly side you have both a fire house and a Police station. Say hello and thank them for their service.
  • Photo of mah422
    3 months ago
    I am a native New Yorker and I loved this tour! Ed was very knowledgeable. He was an interesting and informative guide. I learned so much and had a great time. I highly recommend the tour.
  • Photo of Shana N
    3 months ago
    This tour met outside the building promptly at 2:30. There was a group of about fifteen people and our tour guide was Bob Gelder. He was friendly, personable and answered all questions with ease. First he talked in front of the bldg, then took us a short distance away to talk about the outside design and compare to nearby buildings. Then we went inside and toured different areas on the bottom levels. It was an interesting tour; I only wish we had been able to see more of the building! Below I selected family teens because family all adults was not an option. I did not see any children on the tour and none under ten are allowed.
  • Photo of Christina J
    3 months ago
    Our tour guide was a joy He was very informative and personable. I learned so much about Woolworth's life, company and the building. I would recommend anyone to go on this tour .

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