Photo of The Happiest Hour in New York City, NY, US
Photo of The Happiest Hour in New York City, NY, US
Photo of The Happiest Hour in New York City, NY, US

The Happiest Hour


The Happiest Hour73.5

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The Happiest Hour has 18 Tips

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  • Photo of Sophie L
    a year ago
    Cocktail bar with finding area, bust after work
  • Photo of Sophie L
    a year ago
    Meet Jon 7pm
  • Photo of Charlie Robinson
    Looks good
  • Photo of JD Eiseman
    2 years ago
    Tiki Bar
  • Photo of Ben Ronne
    2 years ago
    A+ burgers and fries. The tiki bar theme is fun, too. But stay away on the weekends. There's a line and it's scenery.
  • Photo of Raja H
    2 years ago
    "The Happiest Burger is two all-beef patties with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, confit onions, and special sauce. $12.  Drink the Ol'Wisco (brandy beer syrup, orange, maraschino cherry, bitters)"
  • Photo of RightFing Now
    2 years ago
    The new Underground bar at The Happiest Hour is the perfect after-dinner date spot. Go to the West Village RFN and snag a table for two.
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  • Photo of jesingson
    4 months ago
    More of a bar than a burger joint, the cocktail selection is playful and inventive. The hostess wouldn't seat us until the whole party was there even though the dining area was mostly empty. When we did get seated, we were abruptly told that we needed to clear the table in an hour and forty five minutes. Really? You need to tell us that after forcing us to wait?!? And it's a burger place - why wouldn't we be done after sixty minutes at most?!? Whitefish spread was tasty and the Brussels sprouts were delicious. The burger was good - char grilled exterior and medium rare inside as I requested, delicious but not out of this world. Four star worthy were it not for the weird handling of the seating.
  • Photo of shack12016
    5 months ago
    One of my favorite spots to visit in NYC. It's a very friendly and social place loaded with pretty girls. They make a good burger too.
  • Photo of X375IEelizabethg
    8 months ago
    The burger was delicious. Had some kind of sauce on it that was really, really good. Will be back for sure.
  • Photo of margaritaprincess
    10 months ago
    Average good, drinks & service; but sorry won't be back! Really, no service for someone who wears a certain presidents hat, you ought to be ashamed! Will never be back!
  • Photo of Mark S
    10 months ago
    Had 1 drink, staff was self serving and rude. Pricing was normal for NY but skip this place. I think they feel most people are deplorable.
  • Photo of Skych8ser
    a year ago
    This place knows how to make it's namesake proud. It sounds like a dive bar, but to the contrary, it's a sexy contemporary space with a large bar and seating. The bartender knew how to make an authentic margarita just like they do in parts of Mexico you would never choose to visit. This is the way it should be done people! Bonus - They serve crispy shoestring french fries complimentary at happy hour.
  • Photo of Jesica C
    a year ago
    Buenos cócteles en un ambiente relajado, con decoración estilo playa. La atención fue correcta. Es una opción distinta en el West Village. Lo recomiendo.
  • Photo of DiveshMehra
    a year ago
    I came here with my wife and 8 month old child to attend a close friend's birthday drinks on a Sunday afternoon. With no service at our table, I proceeded to walk to the bar to get drinks. After I ordered drinks, the waitress decided to show up at the bar and asked us if we were part of the party and insisted that we order drinks through her. The manager meanwhile is speaking to my wife and one other mother on the table and spoke rudely to them insisting they move the strollers and make sure kids were not running around the restaurant as they were a liability. He clearly did not realize that the two kids are 5 and 8 months old and not capable of running around! A few of us tried to reason with him but this man really does not know how to run an establishment. He was not willing to reason and is really a poor front to this place. My wife and I ate at Kingswood at least 6 times and had drinks probably a dozen times and this place is just a low class replacement. I realize that this is a sunday funday bar but please have some people work here that work here that have basic decency to treat people and their children with respect.
  • Photo of TripleOg336
    2 years ago
    Been here 3 times, very excellent bartenders. Gets alittle crowded, but what bar in the village doesn't get crowded. Big windows, all the natural light coming in.
  • Photo of Patrick V
    2 years ago
    Bar com boa música e bons drinks, porém, tem fila de espera na entrada, mas não muito demorada. Bebidas a um preço razoável, também oferece comida.
  • Photo of FionaMcDonald
    2 years ago
    If not for an accident of timing, The Happiest Hour could easily have served as the model for now defunct TV series CHEERS! It's the kinda place you walk into and within the first half hour are on first name terms with the bar tenders... and know that it's the start of a long and beautiful friendship! Relaxed, easy, friendly and warm. It's also filled with locals - and one or two tourists (that would be us!) - who had read about it in New York magazine as one of their tips of unmissable places while in the City that never sleeps. There's a really good cocktail menu and the bar staff are very adept at their trade - polished and assured in their measurements and movements. They took time out to discuss the merits of my Bourbon selection; the barrel aged Blanton's versus something a little more off-beat...a rye perhaps? They really knew their stuff. And, as an aside, the 6ft 9in doorman is a silver-tongued charmer, with a great line of patter!

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