Photo of Mokbar in New York City, NY, US
Photo of Mokbar in New York City, NY, US
Photo of Mokbar in New York City, NY, US
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Asian Restaurant

dumplings • ramen • pork • ribeye

75 9th Ave
New York City, NY 10011, US
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  • Photo of cmatt169
    2 months ago
    We went to Chelsea Market to grab some lunch and to do a little shopping. We ordered Ribeye Bulgogi Ramen. Marinated Ribeye triple seasoned seasonal kimchi poached egg and scallion. This was really amazing. Great flavors.
  • Photo of OttawaLinda
    2 months ago
    We went to many of the restaurants in the Chelsea Market but wanted something quick and this fit the bill. It was our last night in New York and enjoyed a lovely bowl of soup with noodles, pork and an egg. Lovely spices and good service. Enjoyed some flavored sake and relaxed before leaving to pack for our trip home. A beautiful spot in the charming Chelsea Market!
  • Photo of EdwardYYZ
    3 months ago
    Want an affordable dining experience while tiring you feet in Chelsea? Look no further and enjoy this A-K fusion for some generous portions of a noodle bowl or creative meal plate.
  • Photo of Binky1111
    4 months ago
    We went specially for the "best kimchi in NYC" which is actualyl pretty good. Ramen (bulgogi and bibimbap) were in big portion but not that tasty and probably overcooked.
  • Photo of Natalie S
    4 months ago
    We stopped by this place for lunch after reading good reviews about it. We had the chicken ramen and regular kimchi. The broth and chicken were tasty, and the kimchi was spicy, just the way it's supposed to be. I will definitely come back.
  • Photo of IzzyEdmonton
    5 months ago
    This eatery is located near the back of Chelsea Market, next to the taco place. It serves Korean food. We stopped by here for a late dinner. Shared a rice bowl between the 2 of us, as the portions are very big. The beef was very tasty, flavoured well, the poached egg on top was a nice addition. Beware, the kim chi was very spicy! We enjoyed our quick meal here and would highly recommend it if you like Korean food.
  • Photo of Zebbyjr
    5 months ago
    So delicious! Located in a back corner of Chelsea Market but worth it. Food and service amazing. Almost didn't write a review to not let the cat out of the bag!
  • Photo of dreamwyvr
    5 months ago
    Chelsea Market is filled with foodie opportunities, and you really can't go wrong with a choice there -- but you can definitely go VERY RIGHT by choosing Mokbar. My mom grew up in Seoul, so Korean food has long been my comfort food, but no one does it quite the way these guys do. I'm a sucker for the bibimbap -- the perfect mix of chicken, pickled veggies, and fresh, crisp veggies mounded over beautiful purple rice -- it makes your eyes happy, then your mouth, then your stomach, then your heart. :) I will say it's kind of shoved back into a corner next to los tacos -- and it's a bit odd to be immersed in delicious Korean food while Mexican fiesta music blasts behind you - but it's all worth it the minute you take the first bite.
  • Photo of frograk
    5 months ago
    We have been here over a dozen times. The ramen is very good and is very different than Japanese style ramen. It is based on a soupier thicker broth with more egg. The pork slices are tender and melt in your math. The noodles are al dente and delicious. Several different flavors including a spicier version. The chicken wings have too much flour but are sticky and full of flavor. Ice barley tea is a nice touch. Order the side of kimchi. The dumplings are standard fare but are good
  • Photo of NewTraveler96
    6 months ago
    One of my favorite bulgogi's that I ever had. It's a must try in the chelsea market right across from the taco place. I didn't eat in here as it's too crowded and tight but worth to bring back to your hotel room.
  • Photo of Lucas A
    9 months ago
    This is a very good staff in Chelsea Marketplace. In cold days you can pick a korean ramen and you can share with your couple as well...It's very good! Very taste and spice too.
  • Photo of Beth F
    10 months ago
    Surprisingly wonderful food in the busy Chelsea market. People were friendly and service is great. Highly recommended.
  • Photo of Michelle D
    a year ago
    I was in the Chelsea Market with 8 other people and we split up to find something for a quick bite to eat. It wasn´t the cheapest or fastest place in the market but the food was amazing! Once I saw the sign for the best kimchee in NYC of 2015 I couldn´t tear myself away. I am a big fan of Korean food and had planned on squeezing in a Korean meal into our New York trip so this was a perfect opportunity. My 3 year old son sat down at the bar next to me and played with some chipsticks and rice. I was grateful that it wasn´t super busy and the staff were friendly and patient.
  • Photo of 502ericaf
    a year ago
    th restaurant is located in a mall thing and its very cramp so its not worth it to bring a big group to this lcation, the sliders are out of this world, even though the place is small and frustrating the food is amazing and you will forget you are in tiny spot.
  • Photo of sam m
    a year ago
    This was our first visit to the Chelsea Markets and the choice for all manner of foods is huge. After looking around the slurping of delicious looking Ramen grabbed us so we sat at the counter watched them put it together and yes it was delicious .If you like your Ramen this place is the go. The service is very good and friendly plus the serves are generous .
  • Photo of Letty0
    a year ago
    Wanted to try out the food options in the Chelsea market, and since I was eating solo, hoped to find a place with a bar/counter. Mokbar gave me all of these solutions. Had to wait about 15 minutes for a space at the counter. Noticed lots of other people eating solo. Ordered the pan/fried dumplings and the Bulgogi as the main course. Loved watching all the action as the chefs prepared the food right in front of me. The best dumplings ever! Enjoyed the Bulgogi. Would definitely return here for another taste of Korean food!
  • Photo of SeanOden
    a year ago
    While visiting the Chelsea Market I decided to try Mokbar (there is a 'breve' accent above the -o-, I didn't take time to find the character in my typeface). It was a tossup between this Korean place and Los Tacos 1 right next door. I almost went for the tacos (which I read good things about) but landed on Mokbar, in part because I know little about Korean food and decided it was time to start learning. The restaurant is in a small space (like most of the establishments in the Market), with barstool seating and some small spaces at the back (I didn't look very closely). The server was very friendly and service was efficient. From the small menu I landed on the ribeye 'bulgogi' ($15). I'm not sure what the significance of the quotation marks is, my understanding is that this dish features marinated beef. It was served with kimchi and a poached egg with scallion. I chose ramen noodle to go with it, but rice is also available. I added a Kloud 100% malt real beer, which I gather is a popular Korean beer. The meal came out quickly. It was an interesting combination of ingredients. It did not seem very hot or spicy. It was very enjoyable and about the right amount for a not too heavy lunch. The cost was reasonable, and I thought this was a good way to get started with Korean cuisine. I'd be very interested to try more Korean dishes. I would recommend Mokbar to anyone interested in good food, and I would gladly go back and try some more items on their menu.
  • Photo of stephan j
    a year ago
    More like a takeaway with seating serving good street food. It hit the spot for me. Every dish was well spiced and portions decent. No cocktails but good ice cold Singer beer. Maybe a bit pricy
  • Photo of Eline H
    a year ago
    ...mokbar is a perfectly good substitute. Or even better.. It has chairs. Lovely food, perfect for sharing. Recommend the dumplings and the meat cake that I don't remember the name of..
  • Photo of saltshaker
    a year ago
    Seriously? This is the place that has foodies all in a tizzy? Mediocre modern Korean food stuffed into a corner in Chelsea Market. Poor service. And really, dish after dish, just a big yawn. Everything lacking in seasoning and punch. I mean, kimchi should at least give Taco Bell's mild sauce a run for the money. Go to Korea-town and have a far better meal for the same or less out of your wallet.

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