Photo of Miette Culinary Studio in New York City, NY, US
Photo of Miette Culinary Studio in New York City, NY, US
Photo of Miette Culinary Studio in New York City, NY, US
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Miette Culinary Studio

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Miette Culinary Studio14.5
chef paul • instructions • school • fun

109 Macdougal Street
New York City, NY 10012, US
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  • Photo of Raja H
    3 years ago
    First cooking course
  • Photo of John T
    10 months ago
    My wife and I attended the At Home Italian Cooking class with Chef Paul. It was OK, but not as enjoyable as reviews on this and other sites made it sound. My wife had attended a cooking class at another school where participants were divided into groups of 4 people each and each group made the entire meal together. In this class, the meal was more elaborate and we were divided into groups of two people each, with each group making only one dish. So one group made the gnocchi, one group made the stuffed chicken, one group made the brownies and ice cream, etc. The result was that the first half hour of the class was devoted to walking around the room to each station while Chef Paul gave instructions to the two-some working that station about how they should prepare their dish. The next half hour or so was devoted to each two person team making their dish. It was only at the end of the class, when we all sat down to eat the resulting meal together that we really had a chance to have fun and socialize. To make a class like this fun, participants need to be able to mingle and work together as a team. That was missing until the last half hour when we ate. Also, to make a program like this fun, you need a leader who is ebullient and generates a sense of fun and excitement among the members of the group. Chef Paul was open to questions, but seemed somewhat curt and businesslike in conducting the class. All in all, the class was OK but not the fun experience that I have seen it described as in so many reviews. All of us had read about wine being served with the meal but only red wine was provided. A few of the members of the class drink only white and were disappointed to find only red wine available. That's not a fault of the program, but you need to know to bring your own if you want white wine.
  • Photo of brencara
    a year ago
    Great way to spend an afternoon or evening. I went with my friend . It was a lot of fun. We learned a lot, helped in the preparation - and enjoyed a wonderful meal (and wine) at the end. There were a total of 14 people - everybody was involved. We all learned from Chef Paul - who has a great personality and made this a terrific experience. When you sign up, there are options for different foods - the courses are given on different days. We opted for the Italian Food. The Class was from 5pm - 8pm. When the meal was over, we enjoyed some time on the outdoor terrace just talking and sipping wine. The space was great - and it was like cooking with friends . I would gladly recommend this - whether you are a tourist, or just looking for something interesting to do.
  • Photo of connie t
    2 years ago
    My son (age 26) and I took the class "Montauk meets Manhattan." Chef Paul was wonderful in his instructions of the surf and turf meal. The class size of 12 was perfect; everyone was responsible for the overall prep of the meal. You may bring your own "beverage" but Chef Paul provides a red wine for the table. I would definitely sign up for another class when I am back in the city. Would be really fun with several girlfriends as well!
  • Photo of JMall0ry
    2 years ago
    My daughter and I took a cooking class with Chef Paul (the surf and turf) at the MacDougal location. We had the best time EVER. Chef Paul is such a sweet easy going, entertaining, talented chef that we learned so much from. We had a group of 9 and they were all great people. The studio is such a beautiful quaint place in such a neat neighborhood. I love the way he ran the class. It was hands on, that we all had a part in. We made and enjoyed such great food. This class was so worth every penny we paid.
  • Photo of cmwbro
    2 years ago
    I attended a class with 2 girlfriends and a really fabulous time. We think ourselves as pretty savvy in the kitchen, but we definitely learned a lot in this class. We took the French Countryside Sunday Supper Class and learned how to make Gougères Mesclun Salad with Fennel and Orange Roasted Cornish Hens Potatoes Baked in Milk and Cream Raspberry Soufflé Vanilla Ice Cream. If you think you know how to roast chicken, you are probably doing it wrong. After this class, you will never roast chicken (or anything for that matter) the same way again: No need for butter or oil and it comes out moist, full of flavor and the skin crisp. The classes are intimate, only 12 people maximum at the MacDougal location. You will learn a lot from Chef Paul, who is very generous with sharing his knowledge. He makes the class interesting and fun, three hours flew by quickly. Everybody with any level cooking skill will have a good time in Miette classes. I'm pretty sure everybody who attended the class can now confidently try to make souffle at home. Yes, it's that good! As long as you like good food, meet friendly people and don't mind getting your hands a little dirty, you'll have a blast. Oh, the wine comes with the price too. I highly recommend taking classes at Miette and I look forward to many more classes here.
  • Photo of Matt C
    3 years ago
    We had an engagement party in late December 2014 at the Mulberry St location. My fiancé and I were floored by the space and the food. Chef Sui went above and beyond with attention to detail, even cooking additional dishes we didn't ask for. Our families and friends had a great time. The space is unique, and the food delicious. You would never know of this "hidden gem" in the heart of Little Italy. It's great for smaller events and Chef Sui and her staff seem to cater to all of your needs. Thanks Chef Sui and staff for making our day special!
  • Photo of itslfs
    3 years ago
    Our group of five women had a wonderful afternoon cooking with Chef Paul at the Macdougal Street location. It was a terrific experience from start to finish. Sally was a pleasure to deal with. She was accommodating, helpful and so responsive to our many questions and needs throughout the planning process. The space was cozy and welcoming. Unlike another un-named cooking school in NYC, it was like being in a friend's lovely dining room and kitchen rather than a sterile, cold environment. Chef Paul was terrific. He was warm, funny, professional and a total gem. He was also quite patient with us! We learned so much from him, and can't wait to try the recipes, and tricks he taught us at home. He was very hands-on. Again, unlike that other un-named NYC cooking school he didn't just give us the recipes and send us into the kitchen to figure it out on our own. He worked with all twelve attendees to guide us through each dish. Had everything so well organized and well-timed. We had plenty of time to enjoy our fantastic meal. Maria, Chef Paul's kitchen helper was great. There was never a dirty dish or utensil to be seen- she was right on top of cleaning everything as we messed it up. In fact, Chef Paul made a major effort at keeping everything sanitary and up to health code standards. Certainly no "double dipping" in his kitchen. (Shockingly, at that "other school" we were never end told to wash our hands!!) All in all, it was an amazing afternoon. Watch out Chef Paul - we will be back soon, and bringing our husbands with us next time.
  • Photo of ji24
    3 years ago
    Thank you Chef Paul and Louisa!! This past weekend we celebrated my husband's birthday with a wonderful French cooking class taught by Chef Paul in his wonderful Miette Culinary Studio on Macdougal Street in Greenwich Village. We were a group of 12 (half of us 55-60, and half 26-30) friends and relatives, cooking experts and novices and every single one of us had an extraordinary time! Chef Paul welcomes you into his intimate kitchen/dining area and you immediately get down to business preparing a wonderful meal. Our class split off into 3 groups, each preparing different parts of the meal with either Chef Paul or his wonderful assistant Louisa. The interaction with both Paul and Louisa was wonderful. They attack the class with expertise and humor and also a passion for what they do - the most important ingredient of the meal. Even though you were assigned a meal prep responsibility you could wander between groups checking in on what everyone else was doing and getting tips along the way. (Don't worry you leave with a folder of all the recipes you make during your class). When we were done we all sat down at a wonderful long table and ate the fruits of our labor. The 4-course meal was fantastic. Chef Paul has wine on the table and our group also brought with us wine to pair with each course. Some reviewers said that they only had 20 minutes to eat. I'm not sure why this was the case unless they got a late start. We were all their promptly for a 3 hour class and had at least an hour to enjoy our meal and wine. We cannot wait to enjoy another class with Chef Paul and our group is already talking about his barbecue class offered at his Mulberry Street location.
  • Photo of Bryan W
    3 years ago
    My wife bought a cooking class for in sister and brother in law. Sounded like a great idea to allow some New Yorkers to do some grilling. Unfornately my sister needed to cancel and then the weekend opened up but was then informed that the class was cancelled. They then booked another weekend and called on a thrusday for a saturday class to confirm some information.... CANCELLED on.... not enough people in the class. They really should contact the people in the beginning of the week to tell them there is a possibilty the class won't go and then update them later in the week. The refunded the money which a good gesture but if you are planning a weekend around cooking here, a gift, birthday or any other event I wouldn't hold my breathe that they will acutally have the class. Good Gift that went BUST!
  • Photo of AnneMarie A
    4 years ago
    Chef Paul welcomed us into the beautiful townhome and we were transported into our own culinary world for 3 hours. What fun to learn so much, with such an intimate group! This is what it's all about.
  • Photo of htwollin
    4 years ago
    My husband and I attended a 'Mexican Classics' cooking class with Chef Paul in his amazing 'Aladdin's Cave' of a kitchen and dining area in Greenwich Village. There were two couples and Chef Paul did not make any assumptions about people's background and skills, making sure everyone was brought up to speed and safety in a very professional but thoroughly humorous way. He explained the 'why' as well as the 'how' of everything we were to do, detailing tips and tricks that we can all do at home to reproduce all the amazing flavors and textures we had that evening in terms of the enchiladas, rice, fish, and desserts. All things considered, it was amazing what we were able to accomplish (everything got done, on time, on the plates and in front of very appreciative diners- us) in the time we had. Chef Paul kept us all on our toes, working diligently away at our stations with great good humor and encouragement for us all. Just a fantastic time. We will be back!!
  • Photo of kaitw22
    4 years ago
    I came here in August with my fiancé for his birthday and we had an absolute blast! I forgot the exact name of what we went to - but it was essential a lobster and clam bake. We were at the "grilling location" which was right in Little Italy. There were about 15-20 people in our class so it was a good size. I would have ideally liked it a bit smaller just as 15-20 people is a lot to manage and I would have liked to do a bit more hands on prep of the food. But both instructors did an awesome job managing everyone. You get a lot of food - I was actually surprised at how much we got! And they give you a glass of wine - but you are allowed to bring your own wine/beer in so we just cooked and drank wine for the class - it was fantastic. The food itself all came out amazing - the instructors have fantastic recipes - and one of the best parts, you get to have a copy of the recipe for everything you make! It was a fantastic day - and if you are looking for something a little different to do in NYC - whether you live there or are visiting - I would highly recommend taking a class!!
  • Photo of Martissia
    4 years ago
    La mia prima volta a New York, una settimana piena di cose bellissime e entusiasmanti, ma una esperienza che non dimenticherò è stata la lezione di cucina da Miette Culinary Studio. Chi mi conosce lo sa che facendo lo stesso lavoro sono spesso ipercritica. Ma l' atmosfera che si crea in questo bellissimo e curatissimo loft a little italy , la professionalità dei docenti, la loro calda accoglienza, la loro disponibilità e gentilezza mi hanno conquistato. Molta attenzione alla qualità delle materie prime, e ai dettagli, come il vassoio di formaggi e il vino italiano offerti durante la lezione. Un posto nel cuore di Manhattan dove mi sono sentita a casa. Una esperienza da consigliare a tutti gli appassionati di cucina- viaggiatori.
  • Photo of g00df00dr0cks
    7 years ago
    my husband and i attended an evening class with chef Paul. we knew we were going to a group event and did not expect extreme hands on attention, but expected a fun evening. With that being said, we got SO MUCH MORE than what we thought. Chef Paul's hands-on instruction and extensively shared professional knowledge was full of heart, levity, education, and a true passion for the work he does. We left with our stomachs full of a fantastic 3 course meal that we helped to make, so many excellent tips from Chef Paul, and so much more than just a dinner in nyc could have given us. We loved this studio and our teacher, and would recommend this little gem to anyone, especially those who love to learn and love the art of cooking.

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