Photo of Duane Park Pastisserie in New York City, NY, US
Photo of Duane Park Pastisserie in New York City, NY, US
Photo of Duane Park Pastisserie in New York City, NY, US

Duane Park Pastisserie


Duane Park Pastisserie14.5
chocolate ganache cake • cookies • bakery

179 Duane St
New York City, NY 10013, US
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  • Photo of Mindy Lai
    10 months ago
    Crunchy cookies and mini cakes
  • Photo of Adrideo
    3 months ago
    Close to City Hall Park there is this somewhow 'strange' patisserie. Strange because it is not really a proper tea room, there are only 4 tables and you will quickly see that the main business of this place is to deliver their little treats to hotels and restaurants. Though you can order a hot drink and one of the many available treats. I took a chocolate and raspberry gateau and it was really good.
  • Photo of FrancescaAllOver
    10 months ago
    For years Duane Park Patisserie has been my (and my friends) go to spot for a place to enjoy a delicious coffee and pastry with a friend, and to pick up birthday cakes/cupcakes and treats for ourselves, school events and for friends. The charm of the seating area next to the inviting glass cases of treats, is very old world. Like something one would discover in Paris, and then want to visit every time you got to go there. Charming vintage tables and comfortable chairs. A staff that always smiles and never makes one feel they need your seat. I often wind up there with friends because it is such a warm and truly inviting and comfortable place to be. This past Christmas, I finally splurged on their Large Buche De Noel. And oh my, this delicious confection MADE our Christmas dinner. Friends stopped by for late day dessert with us and loved it. Everything they make is devine, but a "buche" is something I remember from my childhood, growing up in a home with a French mother. Dear mum made sure our favorite treat was always there. This decadent, and exquisitely decorated cake lived up to every delicious childhood memory I had. While Duane Park Patisserie is neither modern nor even hip (thank goodness!) but is far, far better than both of those things. It's a wonderful, cosy place to catch up with a friend and a delight to sit in. The aromas wafting from the kitchen are intoxicating and the breakfast offerings, croissants and such, are the best to be had in Tribeca. The warmth and charm of the scene is an absolute delight! Don't miss this delicious gem!
  • Photo of Wenovo
    a year ago
    For the holidays and really at any time of the year if you like to indulge in sweet goodies. We had three pies for the Thanksgiving dinner purchased here and hand delivered across the state lines :) They were the traditional and delicious Apple, Pumpkin and Pecan pies. Some people think the prices are high because it is Manhattan, but in the summer at Cape Cod each fresh fruit pie at the famous Marion's Pie Shop was about $25, so about the same here. I think it is well worth it for a special treat during holidays, great idea to give the host a break from baking. Our whole family enjoys their chocolate Ganache cake also..... We are back in town next week and looking forward to stopping by....
  • Photo of Yosuke M
    a year ago
    Its an unassuming establishment in a nice neighborhood - but it has managed to stay at that location thanks to loyal clientele. The prices are expensive for pretty much every item throughout the store, but for select items, they really do deliver. My favorites are the brownies and the lemon ring dings. Brownies of similar quality can be found elsewhere but the lemon ringdings aren't as common and delicious - not overly sweet, just the right texture of white chocolate coating and nice moist inner layer. Also they do an impressive jobs with holiday cookies and its a goto place for superbowl parties as they do logo cookies for the two teams playing in the game.
  • Photo of Tribecaguy_me
    a year ago
    This bakery produces good everyday pastries. Their cheesecake is superb, dense but not heavy, and their not torte is great, too.
  • Photo of 0Fernando0
    2 years ago
    This is an average bakery with nothing particularly exceptional about it. The prices are about average by New York standards. The service is good, and it's located in an interesting section of NYC.
  • Photo of Lara A
    2 years ago
    Pastisserie de primeira linha em Nova Iorque, comida de muita qualidade e pessoal muito gentil, vale apena uma visita nesse local.
  • Photo of Татьяна И
    Очень достойная кондитерская ! Безумно вкусная выпечка и пирожные. Выпекают на вынос, но можно скушать прямо здесь. Условия позволяют. Одни из лучших пирожных здесь !
  • Photo of FrankFromNYC
    3 years ago
    It's a bakery, the best bakery ever, but you can also grab a seat at one of the patisserie's two tables and enjoy a tasty treat (I often see moms in there doing just that with their kids, and the looks of joy on the faces of those children are priceless). But I've mostly just ordered to take-away. The team at Duane Park Patisserie is very accommodating and service-oriented. If you can dream of it, they will try to build it, with flour, milk, eggs, sugar ... and love. My favorite is the mixed berry torte, which I've ordered for the past five Thanksgiving and Easter meals, along with the very creative laser-printed holiday cookies. Be careful, it's very easy to load up your basket with lots of goodies, and you might end up with a little 'sticker shot' but that kind of pastry art can't be cheap.
  • Photo of WEQueen
    3 years ago
    Love their desserts and the convenience of taking young children for an afternoon treat. A neighbourhood favourite for desserts for in home events or for stops to warm up from the cold after an afternoon at Washington Market Park
  • Photo of Wenovo
    4 years ago
    Picked up the best chocolate cake here for a wonderful ending to a birthday celebration at the Roc restaurant. The whole family enjoyed it, it was just so rich and melt in your mouth wonderful. Delicious! Very different than the "sheet birthday cake" kind. We had this cake before, so getting the "sure thing" made it easy! We only wish we lived closer!
  • Photo of Frank G
    4 years ago
    Had a 35th anniversary party and requested a rainbow of colors for petit fours which were wonderful! The service was professional and the shop although a bit hard to drive to within a maze of one way streets was easy to park near.
  • Photo of ascevit
    4 years ago
    locale molto piccolo e dall arredamento particolare anni 50 , la scelta dei dolci non e'ampia ma i cape cake sono molto buoni vale la pena passarci.
  • Photo of vista4u
    6 years ago
    a wonderfully exquisite bakery at 179 duane street. having arrived an hour early for a wtc memorial visit i walked a several blocks north to this tiny storefront with 4 cafe tables and pastries that will please your palatte. i enjoyed a steaming latte and cinnamon pinwheel for $5, pure heaven. visit their website and see for yourself what awaits! note: from there i walked south on greenwich to the washington park outdoor market and found ambrosia apples, west on chambers to the hudson river for a stroll, and then south to the winter garden (which has public bathrooms) before crossing over to the 911 memorial park.

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