Photo of Belvedere Castle in New York City, NY, US
Photo of Belvedere Castle in New York City, NY, US
Photo of Belvedere Castle in New York City, NY, US
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Belvedere Castle


Belvedere Castle34
turtle pond • great lawn • weather station • central park

Mid-central Park At 79th Street
New York City, NY 10024, US
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  • Photo of hello sitter
    2 years ago
    A fully functional weather station at Belvedere Castle, where you can borrow free birding discovery kids during warmer months.
  • Photo of spoiled NYC
    2 years ago
    What could possibly be more enchanting and romantic than a castle right here in Gotham? The Belvedere Castle is a Romanesque and Gothic cathedral that will have you feeling like you're in a fairy tale or in the Europe of centuries past. 
  • Photo of Aaron Rudenstine
    3 years ago
  • Photo of TravelTea
    4 months ago
    Pleasantly surprised to stumble upon this castle in the middle of the park. Worthwhile to walk up the narrow steps to take in the views of the pond; the Shakespeare theatre; the open grass area. The stairway leading up are very narrow (in width) & twisty & only room for 1 person going up or down. If it's really crowded; you will have a wait to make sure it's clear for you to go up or down.
  • Photo of Manuel M
    4 months ago
    Nice, impressive and historical. Was under renovation when we visited but from the outside it looked so impressive. The castle presents a good photo taking opportunity and it overlooks a great area of the park Swing by if ur in the park and enjoy the nice walk !
  • Photo of JohnsGirl87
    4 months ago
    An interesting and surprising thing to come across in Central Park. Got some great pics from here. But no real history other than monitoring weather.
  • Photo of CTManny
    4 months ago
    Walking or biking in Central Park? Why not swing by Belvedere Castle? Centrally located within the park. Really nice to look at.
  • Photo of ersigal
    5 months ago
    A nice spot in central park with nice view. When traveling with children you need attractions. Central park in one of those. Adding a known location from a movie, adds to the excitement. For small children, Smurfs movie and Gargamel are an attraction, giving Belvedere castle bonus points.
  • Photo of RGSOUNDF
    5 months ago
    The castle, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, the same architects behind the entire concept of the Central Park, was built in the late 1880s. The structure itself doesn't present anything exciting, but the views are unparalleled. Be ready to wait a few minutes, for the very narrow spiral staircase allows only for one way ascend or descend, regulated by the park rangers. There are two levels in the main tower, each of which offering breathtaking views of the area, but the upper deck is, of course, the best and ideal for taking memorable photographs. 15 minutes is the longest time one might want to spend there. The admittance is free. A must and an inherent park of any tour to the Central Park.
  • Photo of 4buttercups
    5 months ago
    A visit to the central park was part of our guided tour. We stopped there for a short while and found this beautiful castle. The view was good and we had a good time there.
  • Photo of kellog7771
    6 months ago
    My son knew the castle from many movies we've seen, so it was a must stop during our hike through the park. Worth a stop for that sake and a few pictures.
  • Photo of CTS_Knows
    6 months ago
    In the middle of Central Park is a castle. Excellent views from the roof of the castle. The staircases are a little difficult to walk at times if there are crowds.
  • Photo of Stephan G
    6 months ago
    Thats about it, beautiful view... Belvedere Castle is a folly in Central Park in Manhattan. It contains various rooms for exhibitions and has an observation deck. Since 1919, the folly has also been the location of the official Central Park weather station. Belvedere means "beautiful view" or "panoramic view" in Italian.
  • Photo of TP1111
    6 months ago
    Easy to get up and had the best views on the park. What was of most interest was the plaque regarding who originally funded etc and the history of those that made NY their home in that time.
  • Photo of Molly S
    7 months ago
    I was very impressed of the views of the park and city skyline. I spent less than an hour soaking in the sites. The only thing that stinks is that the windy staircases inside to get to the top are very narrow, and only one person at a time can go up or down them. It wasn't too busy in the middle of the day when I was there. They have a little gift shop and information guide inside.
  • Photo of BigoBoca
    7 months ago
    Walking to this location will take you through an amazing part of New York City .......and that's Central Park.
  • Photo of Amy B
    7 months ago
    This little castle hidden in the vast area of Central Park is a great place to get up high and see wonderful views of the park. We went when there had been a massive snow storm the day before and it was a little icy and treacherous, so take care in winter.
  • Photo of Samantha L
    7 months ago
    The Belvedere Castle is another great stop while walking through Central Park. It's absolutely beautiful.. can you imagine what it would be like to live can dream can't they. Lol
  • Photo of OnlySane
    7 months ago
    A castle in the park, in one of the world's most urban landscapes! The Belvedere Castle is one of the best stops within Central Park and I always bring friends and family who are visiting to this location. The castle itself is fairly small, but provides for great backdrops and photos for visitors. The span of view across the northern part of the park is just stunning, from the top of the castle. There's much to do nearby, including Shakespeare in the Park and lawns for picnics and sporting activities. This is also a great meeting point for people when you're trying to get everyone situated.
  • Photo of Paige J
    7 months ago
    Wow, a little hidden gem within Central Park. A must see when touring around the Park. Easily accessible and sign posted. A great place for views of the lake and some great photo opportunities.
  • Photo of JEATS1
    7 months ago
    Cool little place to visit. When we were walking around you can see the top of it and that’s what made us go there. No charge to go in, there are some tight stairs so please be patient. The view was great. It was a fun little off the beat place to stop in. You can sit outside on the lower level. And it has a couple of paths that go around.
  • Photo of garyrichmond
    7 months ago
    Best approach to Belvedere Castle, which overlooks the pond and the stage for the Shakespeare Festival, is by walking through the Rambles. Keep asking for directions (or pick up a Central Park map) as its tricky to find. Walk down the stairs from the Castle to a small but lovely terraced garden, and from there to The Lake.
  • Photo of worldlywise2009
    8 months ago
    Went for my cousins wedding last weekend. Stunning setting and a lovely day. Was everything my cousin hoped for and they were so helpful rearranging the time after a slight limousine hiccup !!!

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