Photo of AGAVA Restaurant in Ithaca, NY, US
Photo of AGAVA Restaurant in Ithaca, NY, US
Photo of AGAVA Restaurant in Ithaca, NY, US
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AGAVA Restaurant

American Restaurant

AGAVA Restaurant24
brunch • burger • tacos • flatbread

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  • Photo of Morgan Greene
    3 years ago
    Great atmosphere, perfect for large groups
  • Photo of Peter Roach
    3 years ago
    Great restaurant to get your fill of that south western cuisine and ambiance. Plenty of Cornell professors frequent this strategically located restaurant after a long day on campus.
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  • Photo of Babci_13
    3 months ago
    Stopped for brunch during a visit to see my daughter a student at Cornell. We often go here and it never disappoints. Service was excellent and friendly. We sat outside, I thought it would be cold but it was an absolute pleasure.
  • Photo of Sanford S
    3 months ago
    Went here on a recommendation and it was WORTH it. Excellent food and service. Wish there was one closer to us and not five hours away. Will be back again.
  • Photo of paulmullen8
    3 months ago
    We have dined at Agava before. Right out of the gate we made happy hour! Great Margaritas! We did small plates for dinner shared among three people. The dishes ranged from sautéed Brussel sprouts to Chicken Taquitos. We also had their chicken wings and a guacamole with chips. All was properly prepared and served by happy workers. I am big on enjoying the whole experience and we felt welcome and unrushed. If you are in Ithaca this is a must dine place. If you are a student learn about this place as a freshman and it will be a frequent stop over 4 years.
  • Photo of anavidpalate
    3 months ago
    Comfortable service from both the bar and kitchen/oven make this a relaxing place for friends to pass the evening.
  • Photo of Patrick M
    4 months ago
    Visited this restaurant three times - once for a meal and twice for drinks. Food was really good Texan / Mexican inspired and decent portions. Very wide ranging menu and veggie options. When I ate here I sat outside and the staff were incredibly helpful when I asked to move to a different part of the restaurant. Great potion size and tasty food. They have a scheme whereby locals can get discounts which while of no interest to anyone reading this, gives a sense of the sensibilities of this eatery. They do discounts on a Monday for anyone who works in hospitality which is I assume the world’s cheapest ever scheme for interviewing great local staff from competitors. They have an open mic evening on Mondays but I did not attend any of those. They have a hard core happy hour 3-6 where various drinks are half price. The bar staff are really friendly and chatty. They can make recommendations without pushing the most expensive options. Their website says: “Featuring a wood-fired oven for sensational flatbreads; seasonal menu cooked from scratch; only the freshest farm-to-table ingredients; and a warm, fun, community-minded atmosphere for whomever walks through the doors. “ ..which apart from the bizarre lexical choice reflected in the word ‘whomever’ is a pretty fair reflection of what they do. This was the first place I ate in Ithaca. In terms of location, menu and accessibility it is nothing like the rest of the city. In terms of friendliness, quality and food it is amongst the best in the area. Oh and for reasons which are too complex to explain here, they have a salsa dancing evening. And who could possibly complain about that?
  • Photo of Timothy W
    4 months ago
    I ate here and had the ShortRibs. The potatoes were hot and the plate was hot, but the ShortRibs we not even warm! It was like they were sitting out on the counter for hours - and I'm not exaggerating! The salsa for the chips come in a bit larger container than a thimble LOL! It's kind of ridiculous because you can't dip the chip into it and have to break the chip into little pieces to get any salsa on it, and after 5 chips you need to order more salsa. Anyway, what saved the day was when the Manager came over and apologized for my meat being cold - and not only giving me a free beer but taking the one I already had off my bill! That was really nice, so I know they really care about their reputation and food quality!
  • Photo of Krav1
    4 months ago
    We had a wonderful lunch. The food was superb and so was our waitress Jessica. She was very friendly and helpful. The selection of choices on the menu were amazing and the ambience of the restaurant was fun. I will definitely be going back.
  • Photo of desireepanlilio
    4 months ago
    The food is fresh and fun. The tacos were amazing. Great vibe. The wait time was short even with it being move in day for the schools. The staff were great at offering recommendations. Can't wait to go back.
  • Photo of trishsc
    5 months ago
    They have a really good mimosa, and the food was good, especially the cinnamon rolls (my son was disappointed in their size though--not big). We will be returning again for dinner.
  • Photo of rhumane
    5 months ago
    Nice assortment of food, walking distance from Best Western. The veggy enchiladas were very good. Fast friendly service.
  • Photo of sallymNewYork
    5 months ago
    I have been to Agava a couple of years ago and loved it. This visit did not disappoint. The food is fresh and delicious. Try the tacos , brussels sprouts w/ chick peas (LOVED) or any of the salads. Chicken wings were a favorite too. The service was A+++ especially by Angelica- who was friendly, attentive and helped us out with the split drink bills. The place was super busy but they honored our reservation immediately. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. .
  • Photo of W H B
    5 months ago
    The food was very good. The menu had a relatively short list for dinner.The atmosphere was rustic but quite good. This restaurant is recommended.
  • Photo of Mary F
    6 months ago
    We went here because we were given a gift card. Frankly, we always looked westward, towards Ithaca downtown, for most of our dining. We loved the food at Agava and the service was wonderful. We will definitely be back.
  • Photo of chris k
    6 months ago
    I think this place survives because it's the only place in town that servers southwestern food and the college kids like the bar drinks. It's really noisy as the walls and floor are bare . i try to time my visits to be early - before the crowd - or late, after the crowd has left. the vegetables have been underdone since the place opened and it never gets better. someone in the kitchen must have read that al dente is desirable but doesn't have a clue how much to cook them to achieve that result.
  • Photo of blanquita79
    6 months ago
    This was a cool place with a farm to table food. They have a good cocktail menu, with an excellent selection of Margaritas. The drinks were strong too. The food was excellent. The only downside was the service...hopefully you don't get our waitress. She walked past our table like 4 times before she actually stopped to greet us. Our appetizer even came out before our drinks.
  • Photo of rmody26
    6 months ago
    We enjoyed a casual meal on the covered deck in the rear of the restaurant. The menu was varied and fresh. Nice outdoor seating..... Away from the crowded area and almost in the middle of a residential area just about 2/3 miles from downtown.
  • Photo of prasan68
    6 months ago
    We loved the food here and celebrated my son's 22nd birthday here. The food service etc was all very good. They even allowed us to bring his birthday cake from outside.
  • Photo of tadak
    7 months ago
    Everything at Agava was amazing - from the guac and chips, to the fun drinks, and all of the small plates we ordered. It is more than your average Mexican restaurant, as this is New York State farm-to-table food, expertly prepared by creative chefs. Especially notable were the sweet peas and sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts - which were super fresh and flavorful, and the perfectly charred octopus and excellent smoked chicken wings. The kids really enjoyed their dishes too.
  • Photo of EarlofTraveldom
    7 months ago
    We enjoyed a casual meal on the covered deck in the rear of the restaurant. The menu was varied and offered our vegetarian friends ample selections. The salmon was prepared well, moist yet cooked through. The salads were nicely done with tasty dressings. Service was a bit slow but acceptable. The interior of the restaurant was welcoming as well. We left satisfied and would be happy to return.
  • Photo of Justin M
    7 months ago
    Brought my little Yorkie to Cornell University Hospital for surgery:( thanks to all at Agava Restaurant for treating us so well.) Thanks Estha, Eric, Cory, Hannah, and Brittany for treating us so special. I love Tequila and this place has them all. Of course, all were Anjeo:)Cabo Wabo, my favorite. Hornitos,Los Azulejos, Partida. The Food, i was ruined for Brussel Sprouts as a kid but the Sprouts at Agava with Chick Peas, Chili Honey and Herbs doused the Demons (Fantastic.)Unfortunately I do not live up in Ithaca, however if I did I would be here every day. Thanks Guys.

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