Photo of Fu Run Restaurant in Flushing, NY, US
Photo of Fu Run Restaurant in Flushing, NY, US
Photo of Fu Run Restaurant in Flushing, NY, US
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Fu Run Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant

Fu Run Restaurant34.5
pork • fried rice • spare ribs • their specialty

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  • Photo of Alex Díego
    3 years ago
    some of the best Chinese in a neighborhood famous for its crazy good Chinese food. be brave and push your boundaries here. it's well worth it.
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  • Photo of Hannah Marianne
    3 years ago
    Muslim "lamb chop": a rack of lamb ribs braised until fall-apart tender, blitzed with cumin, sesame seeds, and ground chili to set your mouth on fire, battered, and deep fried.
  • Photo of Dennis Rainaldi
    5 years ago
    Fu run is hella fun. And like no place you've ever been.
  • Photo of Arnie C
    6 months ago
    The windows have pictures (large) of the food. You have to ask for water, noodles, mustard, are you getting the picture? The food is OK but service needs some fine tuning.
  • Photo of D0nly1
    6 months ago
    My family and I went to the Nike outlet at the flushing mall,we were hungry and went in search of food upon leaving the mall.I saw this restaurant 5 mins from the mall and we decided to go,we were seated,the staff was pleasant unlike Chinatown. Good service, the prices were excellent and the food was really good.I would eat here again for sure! I think the photos will speak for themselves.
  • Photo of BillyTeddy
    8 months ago
    Like pickup trucks in a BBQ joint you know you are in the right spot when you have to talk slow and point to the picture menu of items to order. Authentic Avoided the monster lamb dish ( go hungry for that ) but enjoyed every bite of sweet, sliced fish and sizzling ( careful, it really comes out hot and sizzling to the table ) beef and vegetable dish. Meat was tender and delish. Side of pork fried rice had nice pork included. Slightly overlooked but good. Food and service is FAST. very casual, just off Main Street and good spot when you are stuck at LaGuardia and have to stay at Sheraton east in Flushing. Or, the Beijing of NYC. Wine by the bottle only. A few common beer choices.
  • Photo of Henry C
    8 months ago
    The restaurant specializes in the cuisine of Northwestern China, with meaty dishes and spicy noodles. It is a comfortable sit down place with great menu items and about right prices. The foods are authentic, tasty, and the portion is about right. The chef’s recommendation is pretty much to the point so they are a great starting point. We ordered green bean sheet jelly with red chili oil and it was wonderful. A popular dish is the beef bone with meat and marrow and it is wonderful for those are in for an adventure.
  • Photo of markbN1062UT
    9 months ago
    Second visit to Great Neck location. First was during 'soft opening', most recent after several weeks in business. Similar impression each time: staff were eager, yet very uncoordinated. Inconsistent service, even by 'Flushing Chinese' standards. Several dishes (both visits) had similar issues: good quality ingredients with little flavor and little integration of various flavors within a dish. Case in point: hot & sour soup was nicely presented in a small 2-3 portion tureen ($7.95). Mild black or white pepper note, no 'sour' [vinegar] tones at all. Almost no other taste or seasoning notes (no scallions noted, bean curd and mushrooms minimal flavor) in dish. Special chicken casserole nicely presented in it's own crockpot; cubes of solid chicken in a generic brown/soy sauce liquid. Main flavor note was mild saltiness, not complex melange one would expect. Ingredients didn't seem to merge. Another vegetable dish (Potato's and peppers) billed as spicy consisted of filly julienne potato strips with strips of hot pepper mixed in. Potatos were oily with slightly underdone texture. Only flavor note was individual strips of crispy pepper (almost raw/barely sautéed). Flavors remained as two separate ingredients which happened to share a plate, not as a unified dish. Pork dish was another exercise of several ingredients which veggies were undercooked (pork well cooked) in such a way that there was no melding of flavors. It seemed that all ingredients were left to fend for themselves, not being allowed to join into a greater presence as a unified dish. Overall impression is that good quality ingredients were thrown together in dishes which never got the chance to reach their potential. Seasoning was too understated to be noticed, and many expected flavor notes were lacking. Underwhelming food coupled with scattershot service in a nice setting. Prices high side of reasonable, hard to justify for underwhelming presentation.
  • Photo of lonelychair
    9 months ago
    Had the pork fried rice, fried pork with salt & pepper, and the chicken & mushroom vermicelli noodles......which was quite tasty.
  • Photo of merrytripster
    9 months ago
    The crispy fish with cumin and the lamb with cumin were exactly like the Uighur food I had in Beijing. Very authentic. I hate regular Chinese food but this is delicious. Not gloppy. If you want a totally different dining experience from American "Chinese" I fully recommend this place.
  • Photo of Stephanie C
    a year ago
    We stopped here today on a recommendation from a facebook friend. Incredible meal.... We had the fried fish in bean 'pasta' which seems to be a bean paste sauce. Absolutely fantastic. We also shared potato and pepper, and a cold cucumber dish. We dine in Flushing pretty often, being big fans of more authentic Chinese food. Can't wait to return...GO!
  • Photo of heWhoIsAlwaysHungry
    Fu Run was the last stop of our Flushing food crawl. I had to try the Muslim lamb chops. This was my first time eating that dish and wow was it a good first impression! The "chops" or rack of rib absolutely mouth-watering! The outer part is coated with herbs (lots of cumin) while the meat was soft and very tasty. The meat pulls off the bone easily and is well seasoned. When combined with the layer of herbs it simply pops in your mouth. I think I ate about 75% of the rack by myself. I'd highly recommend stopping by to give this place a try.
  • Photo of Checkitout123
    a year ago
    We stayed close to here mainly to be close to Flushing Meadows. I had no idea how may quality food options we would have. We left the tennis to come eat! You have to order the lamb chops. It's spicy but I will bet you have never tasted such depth of a spice. Hard to explain, but you can't miss this. We also had the cabbage and pork dumplings, shrimp lo mein and fried rice. We had our kids and wanted to make sure they ate. The dumplings were made to order and fantastic. Enjoy
  • Photo of Ed0379
    2 years ago
    We may have been the only ones in this restaurant that did not speak Chinese. The menu was mostly in Chinese, but did give a short English title for each meal. All of the adjacent table conversation was in Chinese, even the TV broadcasted a Chinese station (from China with military propaganda – from what I could tell). I ordered the sizzling beef, and my colleague ordered shrimp and cashew. I expected both to be tastier, but I thought both were bland. I guess we were expecting “Americanized” Chinese food. The facility is small, but the place was packed with people waiting for tables. The experience made up for our disappointment with the taste of the food.
  • Photo of Nadia T
    2 years ago
    First time in Flushing New York we went to eat at an authentic northern Chinese restaurant. Very different and very good fresh food. Service is excellent, not everyone speaks English though LOL! The whole street makes. You feel like you are in China really!
  • Photo of annechansen79
    2 years ago
    Unfortunately our waiter spoke very little english which made figuring out what was good and ordering quite challenging, slightly annoying when we later discovered that several of the other waiters spoke excellent english and made exciting recommendations at other tables. Nevertheless the food was really tasty. And cheap.
  • Photo of v0yageur22
    2 years ago
    Fu Run is a pleasant restaurant serving the cuisine of North East China (Dong Bei) so the menu is different from more run-of the-mill Cantonese or Szechuan restaurants. The menu is large, but many of the dishes also have photographs accompanying them. The food can be a little heavy and oily, but if you pace yourself you'll have a deliciously different Chinese meal. The service is pleasant and the surroundings are a little roomier than other places in the neighborhood.
  • Photo of SMF2_On-The-Go
    2 years ago
    Thanks again Trip Advisor! Very authentic meal options! Menu filled a folder with tons of pictures. We enjoyed several dishes and hot tea. Dishes came out as they were ready, which allowed for sharing. But watch out if you need gluten free menu items, none here. Location is very small and on a side street.
  • Photo of DAVID S
    2 years ago
    I came to this restaurant after reading many reviews. Their specialty is food from North East China. I am always looking for different foods and flavors-and this place did not disappoint.. Don't let the simple decor of the place deceive you. This is authentic, well-prepared food. The portions are quite large and generous. Even the pot of tea they give you at the table has a wonderful taste. I went with two other friends. We ordered the "Muslim Lamb Chop"(house speciality), and I saw other people eating a dish from Manchuria which we ordered-glass noodles with sour cabbage and pork. To complete the meal, we ordered the beef stuffed pancacke (I read it was good), and, flounder with wood ear and zucchini. Sauteed chinese watercress rounded off our meal. The Muslim chop, though pricey, was worth every penny. The meat was not lean to be sure, but the taste was wonderful. Spicy, with a strong cumin taste, it was delicious. The fish dish was absolutely spectacular. The glass noodle sour cabbage dish was equally delicious, and the beef pancake was crispy on outside and succulent and juicy on inside. This was a wonderful meal. For more adventurous, and, perhaps if you have friends from China-there are many unique dishes on the menu: Spicy duck tongue, pork intestine with blood, etc. I will definitely go back and try more dishes. If you're like me, you want to eat more than the usual Cantonese, Hunan, or Szechuan food. Xi'an foods and Biang are good, if you like something different from the city/region of Xi'an (strong flavors that are spicy and full of star anise). But Fu Run explores a different, largely unexplored part of Chinese cuisine, and is worth trying. I would highly recommend this place without reservation.
  • Photo of John B
    2 years ago
    Went to Fu Run Restaurant on Prince Street prior to US Open last night. In the "Chinatown" section of Flushing. Typically casual place. Bigger than most on Prince Street. Sat immediately. Hot tea on water served. Extensive menu with lots of photos of the dishes. We had fried rice, chicken with broccoli and a spicy shredded pork. Some of the best Chinese food I've had in awhile. My spicy pork dish was especially good. Had cilantro in it which gave it a great flavor. My wife's chicken with broccoli was really tasted and that is typically kind of a boring dish. I plan to go back.
  • Photo of lejaceman
    2 years ago
    The food here is quite tasty and unique I must say. Here's a few entrees I recommend and the ratings. Order these dishes and you'll get a global view of their unique cuisine and BTW so delish & yummy. 1. Muslim Lamb chops(A+) 2. Beef Marrow bones(A+) 3. Country Style Green Jelly(A) 4. Deep Fried Boneless Spareribs(A) 5. Country Style Pork(A) 6. Conch w/scallions(A)....these are items that all are must eats. 7. Squid w/ginger & scallions (A) 8. Sauteed pea stems or watercress w/garlic(A) 9. Ma Po Tofu(A)....these are items that are safe and can go along with any of their specialty dishes above. Happy Eating and I'll see ya around these tables!
  • Photo of Ree N
    3 years ago
    This is not a fancy restaraunt with fancy tables and servers. You come here for 1 thing only- the Food Specifically: 1. The Cumin Lamb - If you like lamb and you like the flavor of heavy, strong cumin this is the dish for you. I'm not a huge fan of lamb or cumin so found this dish to be just Ok 2. Tiger salad - I love cilantro, spicy foods, and shrimp this light and spicy salad is the happy marriage of all of those things 3. Orange Chicken - This is not your run-of-the-mill chinese take out Orange Chicken, this is what Orange chicken in Canton would taste like. So good you won't want to share it with your mom
  • Photo of Linda K
    3 years ago
    Fu Run had been on our food radar for several years, but regrettably we only today got to Flushing to try it! Like so many others, we had to try the Muslim Lamb Chop ($25.95) which is actually roasted lamb spareribs with a wonderful cumin chili dry sprinkle on top. The ribs were cooked perfectly, crispy but juicy and soft inside. To accompany, we decided on the Spicy Noodles with Pepper Sauce ($6.95) which is excellent with a meat and chili sauce, and the Tiger Vegetable ($7.95), a fresh herb, scallion, sesame oil salad. For the two of us, it was too much food and we took the remainder of the lamb and noodle home for another meal. There were many other interesting items on the menu which we will be back to try! Though it takes some time to get from Manhattan to Flushing (go to the end of the 7 subway line), the walk to the restaurant is only two blocks.

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