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Photo of WTF Coffee Lab in Brooklyn, NY, US
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WTF Coffee Lab


WTF Coffee Lab25
barista • latte

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  • Photo of Raja H
    2 years ago
    Tiny space, but take your coffee to go and walk to Fort Greene Park
  • Photo of Michelle Mayer
    4 years ago
    Come study and meet some great locals at WTF
  • Photo of Tampa_Dude2
    2 years ago
    Fantastic tiny Neighborhood Coffee and Sandwich Shop. We had a breakfast sandwich and cappuccino. Ate every bite of the freshly made egg sandwich on a croissant. Cappuccino was excellent. You get the impression that every meal matters here.
  • Photo of Mariya1981
    2 years ago
    I accidentally stumbled upon the Coffee Lab and it didn't disappoint. The barista was very knowledgeable about the different sorts of beans and cooked up a mean pour-over. The chia seed pudding was quite delicious as well. It was nice to see people engaged in a lively discussion rather than staring at their phones. Neat little spot!
  • Photo of Margesty
    2 years ago
    I take everyone who is interested in (obsessed with) coffee. I like a filter or cafetiere or aeropress or pour-over. My friends are all latte/espresso/flat white kinda folks. Not only do I never get attitude abour the kinds of roasts I like, but whoever is working seems to get psyched to deliver to me what I seek. What a novelty in coffee-world! This place above all others seems entitled to the angry barista who has no time for the customers. On the contrary, the staff is chill and warm and friendly and into what they do. They do not require you to be really into it as well, nor do they require you to feign hipster indifference. They are simply good and friendly.
  • Photo of Paul S
    2 years ago
    Master chef Christian cooks up a mean latte. Great stop when ever you're in the area. The owner was in Zoolander! Highly approve 👌

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