Photo of Totonno Pizzeria Napolitano in Brooklyn, NY, US
Photo of Totonno Pizzeria Napolitano in Brooklyn, NY, US
Photo of Totonno Pizzeria Napolitano in Brooklyn, NY, US
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Totonno Pizzeria Napolitano

Italian Restaurant

Totonno Pizzeria Napolitano104
pie • pizza • thin crust • coney island

1524 Neptune Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11224, US
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  • Photo of Alex Calthrop
    a year ago
    Amazing margherita; visited with steph
  • Photo of Minka Guides
    2 years ago
    Melissa says: get the white pie! Closed Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Open 12-8pm.
  • Photo of Eater
    2 years ago
    Slice founder Adam Kuban declares Totonno's the best iteration of coal-oven style pizza in New York. This Coney Island pizzeria was recently closed for nearly five months as a result of Hurricane Sandy's devastation, but demand is as high as ever for the thin-crust wonder that is Totonno's pizza. Mario Batali writes, "I go to Coney Island once or twice a year…just for this pizza!" [Photo: Prince Roy/Flickr]
  • Photo of Village Voice
    4 years ago
    Thanks to what may be the city's most seasoned coal-fired ovens, the iconic shop continues to serve up a true heritage product, with puffy, charred crusts supporting bright sauce and dabs of fresh mozzarella.
  • Photo of Ryan Snelson
    4 years ago
    Wood burning stove, no slices, just pies
  • Photo of Kenji Lopez-Alt
    4 years ago
    The oldest pizzeria in Brooklyn has seen its share of ups & downs, but it's back and business is better than ever, churning out its signature fresh mozzarella-on-the-bottom, tomato-sauce-on-top charred coal oven pies.
  • Photo of John Tan
    4 years ago
    Still great.
  • Photo of We Heart New York We Heart New York
    Cross two things off your list: have some of the city's best coal-oven pizza, and visit one of the city's most iconic neighborhoods, Coney Island.
  • Photo of Time Out NY
    5 years ago
    Pies feature bubbling browned cheese covers a sweet tangy sauce and ultrathin crust, touched with a whiff of smoke from a historic coal oven.
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  • Photo of Grace Uvezian
    5 years ago
    There is no better pizza in NYC
  • Photo of Mak615
    5 months ago
    We visited the pizzeria on a Sunday afternoon around 12:30 and the line was out of the door. We originally wanted to enjoy the pizza in the restaurant but the wait was a min of 45 minutes so opted for take-out instead. The best part of the pizza was the mozzarella cheese, it was delicious. We enjoyed our pizza on one the many picnic tables found inside the Coney Art Walls. Totonno pizzeria is located a short 10 minute walk from the Coney Island subway stop.
  • Photo of mauko13
    5 months ago
    My sister and I shared a large pizza. When we saw them coming out we doubted we would be able to finish it, but we did.We demolished the pizza. It was so delicious. This is a no frills restaurant. You are served with paper plates and napkins but the pizza makes up for that. The owner was so nice. She was playing music and dancing. Telling us stories about the music she was playing. When we were walking here from the subway it seemed a little sketchy to get here but everyone was so friendly and the pizza is worth it.
  • Photo of pamela j
    6 months ago
    I was here about a month ago after a long period and the pizza was great, Just as good as I remember. Thin crust with lots of cheese and great texture, A pizza lovers dream, Do not miss this place it is a landmark.
  • Photo of Tami S
    6 months ago
    I'd read that Totonno's had some of the best pizza in NYC, so on a trip to Coney Island, we found this little hole in a wall place a few blocks from the boardwalk. No frills service, paper and plastic tableware, inattentive service. The pizza was very good! Crispy crust, wonderful sauce and fresh mozzarella. The owner was the bright spot, she interacted with the customers and explained some of the history of the store. Our server was preoccupied with the Yankees game and a delivery. We needed more drinks, got them ourselves and were told we should have waited. Coke bottles are miniature size, order anything else and it's served regular size. Cash only, no slices.
  • Photo of East-mt
    6 months ago
    I loved everything about my visit to Totonno's! First and foremost, the pizza was fantastic. The crust (actually the entire pizza) was amazing. They don't have a large menu: large or small pizzas with basic toppings. What they are lacking in selection is made up for in taste! The store is very clean with an equally clean bathroom. The walls feature many of the honors this small shop has achieved. They only have a dozen or so tables and close early (7PM). They don't have a bar, but have bottled beer if desired. Totonno's in 2 blocks from the Beach. Next time I'm in Coney Island you will find me enjoying a great pizza at Totonno's.
  • Photo of Justin W
    6 months ago
    I finally got to Totonno Pizzeria today after all these years of trying and managed to down an entire large pizza with sausage. Needless to say that the owner was pretty shocked that I ate the whole thing. It was really good. I had to order the large pizza as it was all there was left. All the small pizzas had been sold. So I ordered it with sausage and it was wonderful. It was not exactly thin crusted just more Neapolitan. The sauce was very good but just a touch too much paste for me and the mozzarella was fresh and that made a big difference in the pie. The service was wonderful. I got to meet the owner, Ms. Ciminieri and she told me about the family business that was passed down from her grandfather to her uncle and then to her and she has done an excellent job keeping up standards. The place is spotless. Its in a weird location amongst all the auto body shops but she told me that once upon a time it was an Italian neighborhood. The area around Stillwell Avenue is now being rebuilt so hopefully it will change this part of the island as well.
  • Photo of Tunaidi
    6 months ago
    Gosh... the pizza at Totonno's is amazing. It's undeniable. The catch is, you got to wait to get into the restaurant, and wait even longer for your pizza to be prepared. Service is slightly lacking, and the oven can only bake one or two pizzas at a time.
  • Photo of TravlerFromNYC
    6 months ago
    The pizza here is fantastic. And it's probably the best food in the area but there are many other great pizzas in Brooklyn. If the wait seems longer than half hour, get on the train and go elsewhere.
  • Photo of Melia_Mucer
    6 months ago
    Yes, we waited a bit. Maybe 30-45 minutes but this pizza is worth it. If you are 'into pizza'...the kind of person who is searching for the best pie on a regular basis, I strongly urge a trip here. The flavor and consistency were spot on. The pie was cooked well (golden). It had the right ratios of cheese and sauce. I thought it was delicious. Far better than Grimaldi's pie (if that is a helpful reference for how good I thought this pie was). Cash only. Pies only. Open Thursday through Sunday, 12 to 730 pm. Take out available. I was so busy eating I didn't snap a photo :-(
  • Photo of lc00700
    7 months ago
    Went on a Sunday afternoon, no wait for a table; HOWEVER, tables seated AFTER us were served BEFORE us!!! Not cool. Total wait time for 1 pizza was 90 minutes. When I asked the waitress, her response was "I don't know".
  • Photo of MN29
    7 months ago
    Finished up a day playing tourist in Coney Island to try some of the best pizza in Brooklyn, or so I was told. Wasn't sure what to expect since it was 4th of July weekend, but the line outside was less than 15 minutes. Got inside, ordered a plain pie right away. 15, 20 minutes pass and my friend and I noticed there was no one making pizza anymore and nothing in the oven. Another 10 minutes pass and I ask the waitress, who confirmed our pie was up next ... another 10-15 minutes and the cook returns from wherever he went to start making the pizzas. We were served our pie as the table that was in line in front of us was getting their check. Had we known it was going to be a 40+ minute wait just for the order to make it from our table to the oven we wouldn't have waited (or had we noticed what was happening). No explanation from the waitress either when we asked. When it finally came my friend and I angrily ate what was probably some of the best pizza I've ever had.
  • Photo of Karsar22
    7 months ago
    This place is in business for 93 years. There isn't much to say after this. Be prepared to wait outside for 20-40 minutes to be sited and to pay cash only. The unique phenomenal taste has to be experienced in person though.
  • Photo of Nicole B
    8 months ago
    My husband read many reviews of this place and claimed it was the best pizza in Brooklyn so after a day at Coney Island with the kids we decided to grab dinner. First off we walked in and got in a line, we were a little scattered looking at the drink fridge. This woman very rude barked at us to get in line and if we weren't take out we had to go wait outside. We waited for about 25 mins in the heat once in she barked us to a table, wanted us to know right away what we wanted as she threw paper plates at us. Our pizza took a while and it was just okay. They only take cash also, very old school. Sodas are tiny, no water unless you buy bottled. I would have left after the first bought of rude but the family wanted to stay. I would never eat here again due to the rude unhappy atmosphere. Go elsewhere!
  • Photo of Martysfo
    8 months ago
    Some of the best pizza I've had in NYC. Total hole in the wall with the appropriate Brooklyn style service. Worth the trip and the 40 minute wait.
  • Photo of Vicki K
    8 months ago
    The Pizza is great, try the Brooklyn beer to go with it! We shared a small and it was absolutely loads! As per other reviews the servers are kinda scary but they warn up to you after a while and even cracked a smile when we left. The restroom facilities are much to be desired! All part of the experience - would definitely recommend!!!
  • Photo of Stephanie L
    9 months ago
    Really good pizza. We had a small pepperoni to split between 3 people and it was plenty, if we were hungrier a large would have been a good choice. It takes a while to get in, you might be asked to wait outside because it's small inside and there is no room to wait. Pizza is fresh, dough is soft and chewy, cheese is fantastic. It's cash only. Waitress is brusk, but it seems like it's all part of the charm of the place. Worth a visit.
  • Photo of Thoughful-Traveler
    Well regarded pizza place that prepares a traditional New York style pie. Zagat and James Beard rated, but maybe overrated at that.
  • Photo of Andrew H
    a year ago
    Get some of this pizza! Yes pizza, that's all they make and they do it well Oh so Classic! Great nostalgic vibe. Eat pizza here if you are in NYC!
  • Photo of BrooklynBubbe
    a year ago
    The pizza here is absolutely wonderful. Everything is handcrafted and the pizza is made while you wait. The sauce is fabulous, the crust is delicious and the overall taste is just awesome. We love to eat here.
  • Photo of SCG H
    a year ago
    I visited this place because it was named "the best pizza" place in NY according to the Food Network. For me, the pizza was just okay, I definitely wouldn't call it the best. I've had better in NJ and various cheaper places in NYC. But there is a long history there and it's nice to see a small family-owned pizza place still thriving. So I am glad I went just to support their business. However, for taste alone, I would rather just get a cheese slice in Manhattan at any typical pizza place.

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