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  • Photo of Bob Matsuoka
    3 years ago
    There's nothing that makes fancy coffee taste better than a lack of fancy overhead and pretense, and this South Slope neighborhood spot delivers some of the best fancy coffee -- and chill vibes -- in town.
  • Photo of Michelle Mayer
    4 years ago
    Simple, classic coffee right next to my house.
  • Photo of Jvalliant
    3 years ago
    This is a pretty nice little cafe! It is located on 6th Ave. sort of away from other little cafe's and such. The coffee is good quality and the drinks are well made. The barista was super friendly and sweet. They have free WIFI in the cafe. The cafe gets lots of light and a large amount of traffic. They have a small selection of pastries to choose from. There did not seem to be air conditioning in the place; or maybe they just didn't have it on when I was there. This place is cash only. There are a couple of seats outside in the front.
  • Photo of pupsik
    3 years ago
    Grate capuccions, the only problem they were little small. The place does cash only but will stop by when I am in the area for my coffee fix

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