Photo of Roots Cafe in Brooklyn, NY, US
Photo of Roots Cafe in Brooklyn, NY, US
Photo of Roots Cafe in Brooklyn, NY, US

Roots Cafe


Roots Cafe15
brunch • latte

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  • Photo of Michelle Mayer
    4 years ago
    Easily my favorite coffeeshop in Brooklyn.
  • Photo of Sarah L
    7 months ago
    I love this little neighborhood cafe for breakfast. Friendly, funky, amazing food and coffee. There is a patio in the back. The opposite of a chain restaurant. Just go!
  • Photo of MzSmitty1
    10 months ago
    Had been to a poetry reading in Fall of 2016. Got back to have lunch April 2017. So glad i did. The people are so nice, the food was great: tasty, healthy, satisfying. Coffee fabulous~dessert phenomenal !
  • Photo of RayneMercy
    a year ago
    Roots cafe is a very cozy cafe with excellent service. Delicious vegan and gluten free options. Wished I found it earlier, that's my fault not theirs.
  • Photo of Trine N
    a year ago
    Super coffee, great creative vibe and good food. This place literally has a graphic sloth theme on the walls. Go, go, go!
  • Photo of Shila S
    a year ago
    Lovely staff and service ❤️ Try the little back porch with a good cup of coffee or chai tea. Went there every day for a week!
  • Photo of Brenda O
    a year ago
    We were directed here by a young woman at a wee cafe that didn't serve food by the F train station. It was a bit of a walk from where we got off at 9th St, but man was it worth it! Groovy, warm, homey with art of all sorts on the walls. Filled with locals, bawling moms and babies who ask for avocados on their sandwiches. This makes me long for the years we lived in the city and walked everywhere with the kids in tow. Every restaurant was great, and the people über cool and just fit for framing!
  • Photo of Proffnerd
    2 years ago
    Ventured from Manhattan to check out the breakfast. The interior was very informal, deliberately shacklike. Most tables were occupied by young people "working" on their latest staurtup idea on their Macs. Staff was great and we really liked the food. They have som really tasty breakfast burritos. Coffee was good too and the value excellent. Definitely worth a visit!
  • Photo of Kyle R
    2 years ago
    When I think back to all my experiences at Roots, I remember it like it was at a loved one's home. Roots cafe fosters a greater sense of community than any coffee shop should be capable of. Wonderful coffee. Wonderful staff. Cheesy grits. What more do you need?
  • Photo of liesjegeel
    2 years ago
    During our four day stay in Brooklyn we went here twice. Good coffee and fresh juices. There is not a wide range of options but everythng we tried was nice, especially the granola. It is a small but cosy little breakfast spot,with a small outdoor area, perfect for warm summer mornings.
  • Photo of Jwiseman24
    2 years ago
    Since we were staying at a hotel nearby and needed a delicious breakfast we stumbled on this place. The bowls for breakfast - amazing! And the pumpkin pie latte was perfect. No pre-made syrups here! They had actually made the flavouring from scratch. If you are staying in the area or are nearby this is a MUST STOP! I wish we weren't just visiting because otherwise I would be there daily!
  • Photo of fromtxtoma
    3 years ago
    We stopped in here a couple of times during our stay in Brooklyn earlier in the year.The espresso was outstanding in the braces really knew how to prepare a latte. We had some pastries and one day had a sandwich. All the food was great.
  • Photo of Baltoborn
    3 years ago
    After brunch at Korzo we headed up the street for some special coffee drinks at Roots. What an interesting place and great coffee! The four of us each got something different and delicious!
  • Photo of Angela D
    4 years ago
    This place has a great atmosphere. The food is fairly priced and very tasty. Definitely check out the patio; IT IS GORGEOUS. They did a really great job creating a beautiful environment. It's a great place to grab coffee with friends. There's a lot of seating and although they get a lot of foot traffic, it is usually not too crowded.

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