Photo of Motorino Brooklyn in Brooklyn, NY, US
Photo of Motorino Brooklyn in Brooklyn, NY, US
Photo of Motorino Brooklyn in Brooklyn, NY, US
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Motorino Brooklyn

Italian Restaurant

Motorino Brooklyn24
pizza • pie • salad • meatballs

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  • Photo of Julian Colucci
    2 years ago
    They fired me and I still think the pizza is unreal
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  • Photo of Bedford and Bowery
  • Photo of Elisa L
    6 months ago
    Very good pizza and very nice staff. We ordered the lunch menu - a salad and a pizza (I shared with my daughter). We were not very hungry and it was enough for us.
  • Photo of MBuenoArruda
    a year ago
    This cozy place serves a great pizza! Margherita and Don Dom flavors are highly recomended. Perfect for families and couples!
  • Photo of KailinaM44
    a year ago
    Arriving here at 5:30PM meant that no one was out for dinner yet, so we had exceptionally diligent service from the waitstaff. They were friendly and helpful while we were there. They had a perfectly mixed Dark and Stormy on their cocktail menu. We started with the octopus appetizer, which had a great sauce to give it flavor but was a little rubbery. As for the pizzas, the clear winner was the SOPPRESSATA PICCANTE. It was heaven in my mouth! And if you're worried about it being too spicy, don't be! I don't have a super high tolerance for spice, and this was just the right level for me. We also tried the PROSCIUTTO DI PARMA and DON DOM, which both tasted fine. The DON DOM was a very basic pizza, so if you're looking for something close to a plain cheese pizza, this would be a good choice. All the pizzas had thick, fluffy crusts that were spectacular. The only problem was the price. It's definitely not cheap to eat here! That being said, I would definitely come again if I were prepared to splurge.
  • Photo of melliefriez
    a year ago
    The puffy neopolitan crust. The rich saucy pies. The fresh creamy Mozz. The refreshing salads and the cozy ambiance. This pizza joint straight kills it every single day. On three visits I have not been disappointed as this is some of the best pie on the east coast!!
  • Photo of BernardPFife
    a year ago
    Motorino is an attractive little spot with marble tables, a nice little bar and a big, wood-burning pizza oven in the back. The pizzas are exactly what you'd expect from this type of oven--thin with just a little burn on the outside crust. Their tomato sauce is simple and tasty, and the mozzarella is fresh. While they offer a pretty wide selection of white and red pizzas, I can only comment on the reds because I'm not a white pizza fan. The soppressata piccante pizza is a winner. I'm not usually a big salad fan, but I've had a few here, and they're always good. Pizza is one of my favorite foods. And Motorino serves some of my favorite pizza.
  • Photo of Lars Christine R
    We made a stop for drinking only. Motorino seems like a nice place. Possible to sit outside. Kitchen looks like making good pizzas
  • Photo of BrooklynSteve
    2 years ago
    Not just for pizza! Best meatballs ya ever tasted. Sadly, they also had the absolute best Cesar salad that is no longer on the menu! Note to owner: please bring back Cesar! Highly recommend the clam pizza.
  • Photo of sunnyweather25
    2 years ago
    Nice wood burning pizza. Good vibe in this trendy spot. Value lunch included salad and any pizza $14. Very reasonable on weekends. Good service. Enjoyed a nice glass of wine with lunch. Easy on street parking. Would return.
  • Photo of Flo W
    2 years ago
    If you are in the neighbourhood you absolutely must try Motorino. The staff are very friendly and helpful and the pizza is some of the best I've had. A fabulous find!
  • Photo of Madeleine S
    2 years ago
    We went here for takeaway, ordered two salami pizzas. Salami is hot and spicy as promised, topped with mozzarella cheese that is not overpowering. Tomato sauce is flavourful and the base is the right amount of chewy and crispy. Not to bad reheated for breakfast! (Did I just admit that!?)
  • Photo of EnlaceCA
    2 years ago
    If you are looking for a very good pizza done in a brick oven, this is the place. They have a lunch special 11:00 am to 4:00 pm for $14 include a green salad and any pizza...A good deal I recommend this place
  • Photo of CoolNYCChick
    2 years ago
    We got hungry, found a parking space, and went in here for lunch on a sunny, spring Sunday afternoon. Our young waiter told us that each pizza (all approximately 12") came with a salad, so we ordered 4 pizzas for 5 people: 3 margarita pizzas and 1 with prosciutto. All delicious, tasty, fresh, with a great sauce that's different from any sauce you've had before. Fresh, not sugary or sweet...just full of flavor. The crust was also perfect --- light, fresh, and just the right amount of crispy in all the right places. I sorta wished I had some olive oil to dip the crust in at the end!! Don't expect a cheese overload's not *that* kind of NY pizza. It's more like you'd expect in Italy. Plus, bonus: a sweet Brooklyn neighborhood to walk around afterwards.
  • Photo of R S
    2 years ago
    My husband and I decided to drop in here for lunch during our biking expedition to Williamsburg. It is conveniently located on a plaza, at the foot of the Williamsburg bridge. We had sea salt pizza! Wow. Very tasty. And burrata with peppers, green salad and meatballs. All pretty good. This is NOT your $5 a slice joint, be warned. I highly recommend it.
  • Photo of DiBo_from_NY
    2 years ago
    I love Pizza and have had thousands of pizzas in my life. I have also built a Naples style pizza oven in my back yard. to cook and enjoy pizza. My friend who is even a bigger pizza snob than i am came in to Motorino's just after the lunch crowd and had the place to ourselves. Paulo was on duty making pizzas and turned out a margarita pizza that may be the best wood fired pizza i have ever had. It was fantastic. Only negative was that the sign outside is small and has a hardware sign over their sign so it is easy to miss when you are driving by.
  • Photo of J M
    2 years ago
    It was our first time here and we got take out. Wow, that pizza was so yummy!!! We will definitely go back :-)
  • Photo of Jen D
    2 years ago
    I have been here a few times when this location first opened, and they had to have been in the process of learning their wood-burning pizza oven because everything came out soupy/undercooked in the middle. But I can happily say that they have finally figured it out.
  • Photo of Mario18119
    2 years ago
    I have been here a couple of times and their is no balance to the pizza. We had the we had the Margherita pizza. Too much crust, no taste in the sauce and the mozzarella di Bufula was over powering. The servers were pleasant, but didn't care at about us being there. We were hoping for a lot more.
  • Photo of minfag
    2 years ago
    Don't go here, the pizza was tasteless, with too much cheese, and too thick. Not a good experience, we had very high expectations.
  • Photo of Stine L
    2 years ago
    Tasteless, dry pizza and way to expensive. The place is nice, but the food is not. I had one bite and the waiter didnt even ask me if everything was okey, they ignored it. Bad service.
  • Photo of Rob A
    2 years ago
    This is the best in the city. Hands down. I got the "Soppressata Piccante" Pizza. Me like-a da spicy! But the pizza my coworkers got we're all fantastic!

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