Photo of Lulu & Po in Brooklyn, NY, US
Photo of Lulu & Po in Brooklyn, NY, US
Photo of Lulu & Po in Brooklyn, NY, US
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fort greene • dishes

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  • Photo of Summer Kamigaki
    2 years ago
    Octopus is a must try here.
  • Photo of Emanuele T
    10 months ago
    Esperienza da fare. Locale molto carino, servizio ottimo e cibo davvero eccellente. Non andateci per togliervi la fame, ma per assaggiare ottimi piattini e un buon bicchiere...
  • Photo of Maurizio P
    a year ago
    L'avevo già notato al nostro arrivo a BRK proprio davanti a casa pochi tavolini in ferro battuto con candeline accese sui tavoli. Ci siamo andati a cena cibo particolare al nostro gusto italiano ma molto buono e curato. Sono rimasto sorpreso per il conto 20% di servizio pari a 45$ praticamente il prezzo di un commensale in più. Non abbiamo bevuto viso assolutamente fuori mercato lambrusco da 10 € proposto a 42$
  • Photo of Shannon G
    2 years ago
    This is my go to Fort Greene spot when I want to treat myself to an evening out. The room is intimate, the staff are wonderful and the food is excellent. One of my go to dishes is the Lamb Tartar with house made harissa and served with homemade potato chips. My mouth is watering just writing this. Another is the Spanish Octopus. Always prepared to perfection and never chewy, it is served with a cilantro jalapeño sauce. Lastly, I order the Hamburger with carmelized onions and goat cheese, which is the best in the neighborhood. It must have something to do with the space, because the restaurant that was previously at this location, Abistro, used to have the best hamburger in the neighborhood. If it's on the menu, and it is this summer, the Laganelle Pasta shouldn't be skipped. It's prepared with butternut squash-apple purée, we can never seem to order just one. Delicious! It's a tapas style restaurant, so it's great to share plates and to enjoy as many of the flavors as one can.
  • Photo of BRIAN T
    2 years ago
    "Hey, lets go try something new!" says my friends every time we go eat. 25% of the time they're great, 50% of the time they're acceptable, 25% of the time they're a total bust. Lulu & Po, i'm sorry to say, was a total over-hype and at the end of the meal I wish I would have eaten at the Chipotle two blocks down instead. The initial assessment of the establishment was promising, high Yelp reviews, high ratings, cool. Small restaurant, six tables, and a bar with an open kitchen, awesome. Then the downhill ride from there on in was at an angle greater than of a hill in San Francisco. The two waitresses seemed overworked for a small place, the waiting time for just about anything was quite jaw dropping, and although the food was visually pleasant, I think my corner Halal cart for sure would have done a better job seasoning their food. If I wanted to eat with my eyes, I would have bought myself a ticket to the Museum of Natural History and spend my three hours there instead. Yes, it took three hours to finish from the time we sat down to the time we stood up to leave. Quite honestly, I would have probably liked the food at the museum more than at Lulu & Po. The menu looked very promising and had so much potential. Tapas style, large wine selection, and limited menu. But that is the only thing they have going for them, presentation 10/10, food 2/10. Each individual dish has aspects that over-powered the main thing. The lamb tartare was overpowered by the amount of olive oil on it, the chicken was overpowered by the sweet chili sauce used, and the burnt scallion fish, I know it's in the name, but the scallions were quite literally, charcoal. These are but a few examples out of the 11 tapas that were ordered but all of them followed the same trend. The tipping point in the scale though, was not the food, nor was it the slow and inattentive service. The tipping point in the scale was that they charged us $3 a place setting to cut and serve our own cake. A cake that was brought to celebrate a birthday and not purchased at their restaurant. A practice long abolished in New York, was practiced today in Brooklyn. I understand uncorking fees in restaurants that charge a set amount per bottle (usually no more than $10) but I have never been charged for them to bring out our own cake ever in my life, not in high end restaurants, not in Asian restaurants, not in Western restaurants, not anywhere. At first, we insisted that we cut our own cake but since the waitress was so adamant in her attempt to persuade us to let them cut the cake, we let her. It wasn't until we received the bill at the end that we understood why that was. I will not be returning to Lulu & Po ever and will only recommend this place to my worst enemies.
  • Photo of walker M
    2 years ago
    Small, chilled with a sense of flavor. Not many places get the octopus right. Tender with a nice bite. They are known for their burger and its fine but skip it for the fish, the squid etc. Not the best area for tourists. Williamsburg and even Brooklyn feel less safe this last year or two and thats a shame
  • Photo of CRL1966
    3 years ago
    It's a tasting menu, so the food just keeps coming. We were sad, but satisfied, when it was over. There was something for everyone, and we had teenagers with us. Homemade flavored sodas and vodka were inspired.
  • Photo of BobMinchak
    3 years ago
    For a small restaurant, Lulu & Po deliver big flavor and interesting dishes. The grilled octopus is one of my favorites along with the bone marrow taco's. Who would have imagined bone marrow taco's? Oh, and they are sooooo good. Being a small place, the wine list isn't big, but there is always a couple good bottles that will compliment all their dishes. The service has always been a notch above, relaxed, warm and friendly. When the weather is nice, they have a couple tables outside that are the spots to be had on a warm evening.
  • Photo of viroesa
    3 years ago
    This restaurant was recommended to us by our AirBnB host, who is a foodie herself. We cannot thank her enough, because it would have been easy to walk by without noticing this place, hidden on a leafy street that is typical of Fort Greene. Lulu & Po is very tastefully decorated and, on a Monday night, full of locals - a great way to experience Brooklyn if visiting from Europe. Friendly service, delicious cocktails, and very, very tasty food. Highly recommended!

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