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Hotel Delmano


Hotel Delmano114
seafood • speakeasy vibe • hip • williamsburg

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  • Photo of Emma Taylor
    2 years ago
    Cocktails and nice vibe
  • Photo of Travel + Leisure
    2 years ago
    Upon first glance, this unmarked Williamsburg watering hole appears to be gated up, but an entrance around the corner reveals a gorgeous, weathered bar, a romantic hideaway where cocktails include house-made syrups and infusions, and offerings from the raw bar arrive on antique platters.
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  • Photo of Citymaps
    2 years ago
    Episode 3: Dev grabs drinks with his friends at this cozy Williamsburg cocktail spot (from the owners of Union Pool) and tells them he has tickets to a secret Father John Misty show. 
  • Photo of Kate Findlay-Shirras
    Love the atmosphere. Killer creative cocktail!
  • Photo of Ramy
    3 years ago
    This is not a hotel. Romantic and classy cocktail bar with decent snack options. The Rattlesnake is a great option.
  • Photo of Candice Cheesman
    3 years ago
    Outdoor deck!!! Amazing views!!!
  • Photo of Aaron Rudenstine
    4 years ago
    Lots of absinthe drinks
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  • Photo of Christen Clifford
    Secret entrance off the avenue- beautiful clouds painted on ceiling and $$cocktails.
  • Photo of Brenna Cammeron
    4 years ago
    I'm pretty sure they put alcohol in the air, because I feel intoxicated just walking in
  • Photo of Dennis Rainaldi
    5 years ago
    Super cool. Great cocktails.
  • Photo of Dennis Rainaldi
    5 years ago
    Bad ass in every way. Killer cocktails, awesome location, great charcuterie, professional people watching.
  • Photo of Chris W
    7 months ago
    My son recommended this to us, basically given that he said they probably did the best cocktails in Brooklyn and based on the two we tried - a San Francisco hand shake and a Capri 19 - he is probably right. Those got the evening off to a good start ahead of what was then a good meal eaten at an outside table where we were also able to see the world walk by. We went with simple fare, the staters being snow crab legs and a shrimp cocktail followed by a shared cheese and meat plate, all of which were washed down with a few glasses of decent wine. The quality was good as was the service which added to what was a very good evening. As my lad lives in New York, we would definitely aim to visit again what is a trendy, friendly but laid back venue in a quiet part of Williamsburg.
  • Photo of superchillsoul
    10 months ago
    I love the setup of this place and the drinks were tasty. The crowd is a bit eclectic and the staff was friendly.
  • Photo of mich202
    a year ago
    Was good to order a cocktail that the waitress could tell you specifically what it was like. Service was prompt even though they were full. Good start to our evening!
  • Photo of townsend416
    2 years ago
    Have been here several times and its always a good experience. All the classic cocktails plus some new versions; very chill vibe and great service. A short walk from the train makes it easy for those outside Williamsburg, but its close to other spots if you want to bar hop.
  • Photo of ofglass
    2 years ago
    Great Gatsby/speakeasy vibe in a beautiful old setting. High speed bartenders mixing bespoke cocktails at a white marble bar. I found the place quite charming, and the staff was wonderfully friendly. Even on a busy Saturday night it was a very nice time.
  • Photo of Stephen L
    2 years ago
    With an unmarked off the main street entrance, and a antique interior that is both classic and a bit run down, this is a very Brooklyn bar. The cocktails are delicious and sophisticated, the crowd is hip, and the atmosphere lively without being too much. Highly recommended
  • Photo of Ken S
    2 years ago
    Old timey French bistro vibes, oysters, seafood and intriguing cocktails seem to be the main game here. Felt a lot like Maison Premiere but with a smaller oyster selection. The staff were all very polite and responsive.
  • Photo of Mpeart
    2 years ago
    Great seafood, fresh and interesting with a good wine list and some really good whisky based cocktails in a classic NY setting.... Dark and moody
  • Photo of pritisr
    2 years ago
    The guy made fun of my national ID card from India, which clearly had my photo and birthdate on it. Even the TSA acknowledges it and have let me fly within the States on numerous ocassions. But this guy probably has never been outside of the door at Hotel Delmano. And on a freezing winter night refused to let me and my friend in for a drink after we had bothered to uber there from Manhattan.
  • Photo of maple_leaf_expats
    My buddy (a local BKer) took me to Hotel Delmano in July 2015 for cocktails and oysters on a Saturday evening. Really enjoyed the laid back atmosphere, ambiance and drinks / food - definitely worth a visit if you're in the area. If you're looking to get fired up for the evening, try the "Three Amigos".
  • Photo of Heidi L
    3 years ago
    We can here early evening on July 4 and sat outside in the glorious sunshine. Enjoyed a cold glass of white, a lovely oloroso and a delicious cheeseboard. French charm and atmosphere in the heart of Brooklyn. Totally lovely.
  • Photo of Markus_Ldn
    3 years ago
    Went here for some cocktails and snacks. The cocktails were excellent and something really special. Also the crostini and the cheese and meat board were excellent; while relatively pricey. Shame that they only have smaller snack style food rather proper portions. Unfortunately, the service was pretty bad. The 2 waiters / hostesses were most of the time standing next to the bar and chatting rather taking care of their guests. Pretty annoying and considered via a small tip.
  • Photo of holidaybug2010
    3 years ago
    So this is a hipster bar, don't go expecting anything other than a hipster bar. If you go with that in mind you'll have a good evening. The barman knew how to mix an amazing cocktail, seriously some of the best I have had. The service was a little surly at first but as we were sitting at the bar he started to warm up and then we had a really nice evening. The food was really fresh but light so don't go on an empty stomach (as we did) or you will end up quite tipsy (as we did!)
  • Photo of Amaka1
    3 years ago
    If being transported back to a 1920's interior, surrounded by teenage looking kids with mustache's throwing oysters down their throat with top hats on whilst listening to reggae is your thing...........then you've come to the right place! The service is fantastic and the bar tender knows his stuff, the cocktails are quickly put together with fantastic precision and taste great. Can Brooklyn be too hipster? Who knows but this place is just too hipster for me - the try hard vibe flattens the atmosphere and although people watching is totally hilarious the cons do out way the pros, I doubt I'll return and probably still feel unwelcome if I did.
  • Photo of Robert M
    4 years ago
    The atmosphere and prices were pretty good but loses points for terrible service. We did enjoy our specialty cocktails but after that it was pretty rough. We ordered some small plates but were given no utensils, napkins and it took so long for our server to bring them back we started snacking with our fingers.
  • Photo of ArtemisLDN
    4 years ago
    Great bar, great cocktail list, great atmosphere and vintagey retro interiors that doesn't appear to be trying to hard. Service was good. Raw bar looked amazing, but we only had some small plates with aperitif.
  • Photo of WereTravelinLight
    The cocktails are beautifully crafted. We didn't eat but worth the visit to this quaint bar. They also have a raw bar and from what I saw others order it looked amazing.
  • Photo of rbravo
    4 years ago
    I really liked this bar; it is probably one of my favorites in NYC. The atmosphere is highly original - hip but unpretentious. It reminded me of an old world bar. They have a very good selection of cocktails, wines and spirits. The service was good. Their prices are slightly high, but reasonable. Since the place is kind of small, it may be necessary to wait to enter over the weekends (usually 10-20 min). I highly recommend a visit to this exciting place!
  • Photo of RebbaReb
    4 years ago
    Tucked away just beyond the hustle and bustle (obnoxious pretentiousness) of Bedford Avenue, this unmarked spot always takes me away to another time and place. The cocktails are amazing, and their raw bar offering is just perfect to go along with it. The service is always great and the decor is just beautiful. Actually one of the most attractive (actual, physical) bars I've ever seen in the states. Good for friends, has also seen me through a fair share of first dates.
  • Photo of Tate M
    4 years ago
    great cocktails and raw bar in the heart of williamsburg. and they nailed the rustic/speakeasy vibe. just go in expecting a wait, hipsters galore, almost always miserably rude staff, a "bouncer" on weekends (i.e. go on weekdays).

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