Photo of Golden Fried Dumpling in Brooklyn, NY, US
Photo of Golden Fried Dumpling in Brooklyn, NY, US
Photo of Golden Fried Dumpling in Brooklyn, NY, US
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Golden Fried Dumpling

Chinese Restaurant

Golden Fried Dumpling24
dumplings • flavor • order • cash

192 Duffield St
Brooklyn, NY 11201, US
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  • Photo of Amy D
    4 years ago
    Cheap! The dumplings are tasty, however the sesame pancake is a tad bready.
  • Photo of Sandi Lippel
    4 years ago
    Yummy dumplings!
  • Photo of easterndaze
    6 months ago
    We haven't had any cleanliness issues there though it doesn't seem to be the most pristine place ever. However I'm willing to take the risk for dumplings that good (they're really good, especially considering vegetarian, cheap dumplings are hard to find), always fresh. I can't vouch for the rest of the food but the dumplings are great, and you can see them being made in front of you, cooked in front of you.
  • Photo of LHOVancouver
    7 months ago
    This is a traditional Chinese Dumpling place with both boiled and fried dumplings in the Chinese Style. Staff are gruff as lineups can be long. A few tables to eat there, but just as easy to take away. Pricing average in the $8-12 range for dozen or so. Good luck and enjoy!
  • Photo of Keon M
    a year ago
    If you enjoy roaches(YES I SAID ROACHES) in your food. Then PLEASE order and eat from here. I'm writing this review about two minutes after spitting out te noodle soup and dumplings I bought less than half an hour ago. Three bites in I notice there is full adult roach corpse swimming between the noodles in my soup. Absolutely DISGUSTING AND UNACCEPTABLE. I will be going back for my refund.
  • Photo of jmoonesq
    2 years ago
    I walked here from the Indigo a block away. the food smelled pretty good but tasted horrible. I had asked for the pancake or dumplings and they were out of both so I went with fried rice and the Noodles in peanut sauce. The noodles had no Thai peanut flavor and instead were like buttered noodles, only saturated in grease and with no flavor. The fried rice was basically a few carrot strips and a bunch of onions, again, soaked in grease. The prices were very cheap, both came to $5.50. But, I at least want my food to be edible, and this was bad by New York standards. I want to try the dumplings since people seem to rave about them on here, but am also scared to eat here again. Inside, it is not the cleanest looking place either. I will say they were very friendly and working very hard which I applaud. I'm hoping I just caught them at closing or an off night.
  • Photo of SleeplessInVirginia
    Exceptional fried dumplings. They are cooked to order, and the smell is so fragrant as to make you drool. If I had the time, I would have tried everything on their menu. If you like dumplings, then this place is a must. So. Damn. Good.
  • Photo of 571dbailey
    2 years ago
    Believe the reviews! Hidden gem in Brooklyn, steps away from the Sheraton. Delicious dumplings, splurge the 50 cents for extra sauce.
  • Photo of jazzedup1
    2 years ago
    Straight to the points, tasty, hot, and inexpensive meal. You can request a larger order (100 dumplings for $35) with two days notice. Good: -Fried Pork Dumplings -An order of 10 cost $3.50 (very filling) -Orders come out within a few minutes of ordering -Great for the lunch time rush Bad: -Cash only -Language barrier can be frustrating if you are doing more than just ordering from the menu
  • Photo of aysem_duygu
    3 years ago
    The dumplings are delicious, hot and sour soup is OK, noodle is mediocre. If you are around and want a quick bite this is the place. And it is cheap. Extremely cheap. I was planning to go to Chinatown for delicious dumplings thanks God I found this place.
  • Photo of Yulia F
    3 years ago
    I love this place! It is small and modest, but offers the least expensive hot meal option in the area, with an exception of plain greasy pizza, truly a diamond in the rough. Since I have to stick to low fat diet I usually get Mixed Vegetable Noodle Soup for $3.50 or the same thing with Chicken dumplings for $4.50 where you get a full bowl of chicken noodle soup, with Chinese cabbage, bean sprouts, carrots and 5 large chicken and cabbage dumplings. I also sometimes get boiled chicken dumplings for $4.25 or juicy buns for $2.50 (these are made with roast pork and are a little fattier than chicken, but they are steamed, not fried so it’s not too heavy). If you have a healthy digestive system, you could try their very affordable Chive and Pork Fried Dumplings! They are only $1.25 for 5 pieces and if you get two orders, it’s a full size meal that will cost you $2.50 and is full of flavor. Prices are the same during lunch and dinner time and you can have two full meals for under $7 and they are open till 9:30pm too. Remarkable but true!
  • Photo of Fabrizio C
    3 years ago
    I had chicken fried rice and pork and chive dumplings, delicious and generous servings, very cheap as well, great place!!
  • Photo of AnaisB1981
    3 years ago
    Went here to grab a quick bite on a Sunday night. Was staying at the Indigo hotel and didn't want to go far. I got 4 dumplings, fried rice and a small soup for $7,50! Large portions, tasty food and quick service. The restaurant isn't very pretty (so steamy in there, counter is dripping with condensation) but the food is perfect for a quick bite to eat. They were making dumplings when I went in (8:45pm on a Sunday) so it's all home made for sure. Fried rice was amazing, although a little heavy on the Napa cabbage. All in all, a great choice!
  • Photo of Haimar
    3 years ago
    8 vegetable dumplings and noddles with chicken for just 8 bucks! Meal is served in plastic dishes (they sell more to take away by far), fine if you stay in a nearby hotel. Food is good and they cook fast. The place has a small spáce with tables to eat there but if you stay there more than 5 minutes your clothes willsmell for ever like a chinese kitchen.
  • Photo of Christine98407
    3 years ago
    We found this restaurant by accident. It has a very small area for dining in. Most customers were take out. We were staying in Downtown Brooklyn for 9 days and ate there twice. I had the Beef fried rice both times. $1 for a can of soda. When I go back to Brooklyn, I will stop by and eat there again.
  • Photo of nycastle
    3 years ago
    Loved the dumplings (pork) and the noodle dishes (bean and meat). Delicious. A local friend suggested this place, which I would have never known about or even noticed. It's nothing to look at, but the food is really tasty and the price is (very) right. Check them out!
  • Photo of havingfuntraveling
    How about 10 dumplings for $4.95, and they were great. Highly recommend. Staff very friendly. People eating noodles at the next table, seems very happy with their choice as well. Have fun
  • Photo of Lucie P P
    3 years ago
    We loved the dumplings, every flavour we tried was delicious and prices were quite reasonable. Well worth a visit.
  • Photo of Danne79
    3 years ago
    Took the "Pork and chives". Excellent and cheap. Ten dumplings for $3.25. Crazy. The dough is almost like pasta.
  • Photo of joe_d_alexander
    4 years ago
    Make sure you bring cash. I eat dumplings and buns whenever I see them. These are nearly the best I've had.
  • Photo of James P
    4 years ago
    This place is Awesome! They have a limited menu and don't speak much English. If you want to have some of the best Dumplings at a super low price this is your place. Cash only and it take a few minutes because the food is prepared to order. Place closes at 930pm and no need to dine in. The food works well as take out.
  • Photo of ClanRan
    4 years ago
    My wife and I noticed a lot of local workers, college students, etc. were standing in line at this place and we decided to go check it out. We ordered several different types of dumplings and brought them back to the nearby Brooklyn Sheraton where we were staying. Wow! This place is the real deal! Some of the best dumplings we have ever had. Go there, go there now!!

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