Photo of Empire Fulton Ferry Park in Brooklyn, NY, US
Photo of Empire Fulton Ferry Park in Brooklyn, NY, US
Photo of Empire Fulton Ferry Park in Brooklyn, NY, US
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Empire Fulton Ferry Park


Empire Fulton Ferry Park24.5
world trade center • walking paths • shake shack • enjoy the view

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  • Photo of Sophie L
    a year ago
    Brooklyn ice cream factory near by
  • Photo of Nic Brown
    2 years ago
    Pilates with The Fitness Guru every Tuesday at 7pm
  • Photo of Stephan G
    5 months ago
    The Empire–Fulton Ferry section of the park is 1.8 ha of waterfront parkland which is directly adjacent to Main Street This part of the park was formerly a state park, but was incorporated into Brooklyn Bridge Park in 2010 This part of the park offers a pretty large lawn with picnic tables and a boardwalk with perfect views of the East River, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge and Lower Manhattan. Subway: "A" and "C" get of at High Street.
  • Photo of Thomas V
    5 months ago
    The old port areas have been reclaimed and turned into a lovely and much-used recreation area with some of the best views in New York. Huge success.
  • Photo of M1chtopher
    a year ago
    We didn't come here to intentionally go to this park but it was a nice surprise after lunch. It is located just outside the West Elm store on the corner of Main St. and Plymouth St. Easy access and a great walk along the water. I loved the views of the bridge and the city. Would be great to visit at different times of day to get the many changing views.
  • Photo of TryppAdams
    a year ago
    The green grass here begs to be laid on in the nice weather. The city sits in front of you, The Brooklyn Bridge over your left shoulder, a Carousel and the Manhattan Bridge off to the right. Grab a pizza, bring a blanket and have a picnic. If you are visiting the city, take the subway out here and enjoy the view of Manhattan.
  • Photo of gboi77
    a year ago
    ​One of the best places in Brooklyn to view Manhattan's famed skyline and the iconic Brooklyn Bridge and the lesser known Manhattan Bridge. Easily accessible by subway. Visit in the morning or around sunset for the best photos.
  • Photo of Bradenton14
    a year ago
    New York has much better places and the only reason for visiting this place is walking or cycling the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • Photo of LAFAMILLEG11231
    2 years ago
    During the week is the best time to go weekends are crazy here. Too bad Bubby's closed was nice to make a stop.
  • Photo of RB133
    2 years ago
    Stroll along the river with the best views on Brooklyn bridge and Manhattan on the background. Must do when visiting NYC.
  • Photo of David F
    2 years ago
    My first stop on the Brooklyn side of the river to enjoy this iconic landmark. Very sad at the obnoxious orange sculpture that ruins all of my pictures of the bridge. I guess that's why there is Photoshop!
  • Photo of Riddoch88
    2 years ago
    As part of your Brooklyn visit, you should definitely include this park - a short stroll from DUMBO and a great spot to sit relax and enjoy views of Manhattan.
  • Photo of bsandrs
    2 years ago
    Strolling around Brooklyn on a glorious November Sunday we came across this Park and spent some time enjoying the Iconic Views so often seen in films and photographs. Apart from the two bridges and the views of the Manhattan skyline, there is the added bonus of Jane's Carousel. Excellent restrooms and good coffee nearby added to the trip. If you have not visited cross the Bridge and do it now.
  • Photo of Bradt255
    2 years ago
    This a nice park for walking around and relaxing. It's a great park for views of Lower Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge, and World Trade One. On a clear day it's great for some terrific photos as well as a great place for night photos. They've done some repair work on the walking paths to improve the experience. There is paid parking about a mile away. It's also accessible via subway. There is also food around including a Shake Shack.
  • Photo of BusabaS
    2 years ago
    My husband and I went to Brooklyn for some business. We decided to walk to the Empire Fulton Furry for our treat. We found parking garage around Gold Street. If you go there before 10 am. The parking was $12 for all day. It's only 1.5 miles from the parking to the ferry. You can find many good spot at the ferry and in the park to take a nice picture of World Trade Center, Brooklyn Bridge. If you walked to the left along the river, it will be Brooklyn Bridge Park. If you walked to the right along the river from ferry, it will be DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass). It's a nice park. However, you will see a lot of construction on some part of the walking paths. So don't be disturbed by the construction, Once you get in the park, it's nice and beautiful.
  • Photo of lobaker1
    3 years ago
    With the completion of the new World Trade Center, and the big white sheet off the Brooklyn Bridge, this place is amazing for relaxing, photography of the city day or night. We ate at the Shake Shack for Lunch and then back to the Park to take a ton of pictures. We took the Subway back and night, closest stop is York St or High St in Brooklyn. We went back at about 8:30 for a night shot of the city, which to my surprise there were dozens of others people there taking night pictures as well. Bring a tripod if you want the best picture possible. I attached my favorite picture of the evening.
  • Photo of product-of-canada
    I’m surprised there are so few reviews of this park. I think it’s one of the best views you can get of Manhattan – and Hollywood movies have capitalized on this location. We took the subway across to Brooklyn, then walked to the park. It’s a photographer’s paradise! There seems to be a lot of construction going on by the park, so it was a bit confusing trying to access the park from the west, and bypassing the construction. We had already walked across the Brooklyn Bridge on a previous trip, so thought this would be a unique alternative. If the weather is good, and you’re up to a long walk, you could pair the two – walk the bridge from Manhattan, then visit the park once in Brooklyn. You’d have to be up to it, though.
  • Photo of rvs-ru
    3 years ago
    This is one of the best spots to enjoy the view of the Brooklyn bridge, as well as other bridges and downtown Manhattan.
  • Photo of Leo F
    4 years ago
    This small park has a great view of the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge, and part of the Manhattan skyline. It is quite good for a short stroll or photography. During the evenings when the Manhattan skyline lights up, it becomes a romantic spot.
  • Photo of LouieMcGoo
    5 years ago
    This is a great green space under and to the south of the Brooklyn Bridge. Take a walk along the boardwalk, play frisbee in the open spaces, or just lie in the sun. The view of Manhattan is great, and the Statue is visible. Lots of action with ferries and water taxis, this place is worth a visit after a walk over the bridge. On a good day, take a picnic.
  • Photo of IrvineTraveler71
    5 years ago
    The park is closed from 1 AM-6AM, but I went in at about 5:45 AM to take sunrise photos. The view from this park provides for photos of lower Manhattan with the Brooklyn Bridge in your foreground. I brought a tripod and cable release. It worked out well. There is also a Merry-Go-Round in the park enclosed in a glass building. I saw several early morning joggers in the park but no one else. Small park with current construction underway.
  • Photo of Mike T
    5 years ago
    Very cool park. There is a merry-go-round that is open every day but Tuesday until 7pm. The park is located right between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges with great views of lower Manhattan.

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