Photo of Crepe & Expresso Bar in Brooklyn, NY, US
Photo of Crepe & Expresso Bar in Brooklyn, NY, US
Photo of Crepe & Expresso Bar in Brooklyn, NY, US

Crepe & Expresso Bar

Italian Restaurant

Crepe & Expresso Bar14

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  • Photo of Michelle Mayer
    4 years ago
    The crepes are amazing, and they have Stumptown Coffee--perfect.
  • Photo of Ozum83
    a year ago
    A relaxed atmosphere with a counter facing the street. Great to feel the beat of the neighborhood. We had a breakfast sandwich, tastes very good and had to pack half of it. Crepe decent. I actually liked the coffee. We really had hard time continue our walk. The rhythm of the place is very well.
  • Photo of japantravelerNYC
    3 years ago
    After a depressing visit to a patient at a nearby hospital, I stopped at this small cafe for a cappuccino to cheer myself up. It was very tasty and decorated prettily. The staff was very friendly. I didn't eat anything however but I must say a tiramisu crepe sounded interesting....maybe another time.
  • Photo of Jvalliant
    3 years ago
    Kinda surprised by all the really good reviews for this place.....First, online it says they open at 8AM. My husband and I got there at 8:25AM and it was still not open. After waiting a few minutes outside we knocked on the door and they said they needed a few more minutes. They opened around 8:45AM. So that started them off on the wrong foot. Then we had to wait an extra 10 minutes for them to get ready to heat everything up to make food, so I ordered an almond milk latte in the meantime. This was the most sickly sweet latte I have ever had. I did not ask for any sweeter so I have no idea what made it this way. Maybe they used vanilla almond milk? Not sure. We finally ordered our crepes which were just ok. My husband got the asparagus, mozzarella, tomato, and balsamic and I got the Ricotta, honey, and jam. It did not have jam in it but at this point I just wanted this breakfast experience to be over so I didn't say anything. The crepes were just ok. I probably wouldn't go back here for crepes or coffee.
  • Photo of bklyntraveler609
    3 years ago
    The crepes are delicious at this place and a decenr value. The servers are very friendly. However, the coffee... not that good. a while ago there were people there who could make a decent macchiato but not anymore - they don't hire experienced baristas. Once I though I'd give them a chance and asked for an espresso.... Big mistake. Some time later I saw a man taking a sip from a small espresso cup while stepping out of the restaurant - he swallowed, gasped, and exclaimed: "This is terrible!" So get the crepes only unless you're desperate.
  • Photo of Tagy I
    3 years ago
    Coffee and Crepe was delicious. The place is relatively clean, service is OK. Location is great! Thank you!

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