Photo of Brooklyn Inn in Brooklyn, NY, US
Photo of Brooklyn Inn in Brooklyn, NY, US
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Brooklyn Inn


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tin ceiling • last night • cash • neighborhood

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  • Photo of Nic Brown
    2 years ago
    This legendary neighborhood bar is ideal for a pint of Guinness on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The Brooklyn Inn is gorgeous to look at, with high ceilings, huge windows, and long, dark oak bar that dates to the 1870s. Cocktails here aren’t fancy, but the neighborhood gossip is great. It’s a fine place to feel like a local over a copy of the newspaper or kick around over a game of pool in the back room.  
  • Photo of Travel + Leisure
    2 years ago
  • Photo of Minka Guides
    2 years ago
    Time Out says: The immense dark-wood bar, bare-bones pool room and old-school jukebox attract an unpretentious crowd that’s more interested in drinking than in flirting. There are plenty of choice beers on tap (and) the Inn dates back to the 19th century.
  • Photo of NY Mag
    4 years ago
    s to the well-perused pile of takeout menus augmenting the twelve taps of high-end brews, unless you’ve snagged a place at the bar or one of the window seats, be sure to order something you can eat standing up.
  • Photo of Edward Foster
    4 years ago
    Grab a beer and check out the pool-table room in the back.
  • Photo of GerryBaron06
    6 months ago
    My cousin, Claudine, said this is her favorite local bar. Now I know why. Everyone's drinks were on point. The interior is classic old bar. Reminded me of an Olde English bar. Check it out.
  • Photo of harryp401
    a year ago
    Yes the bar's architecture and ambiance are great, however, and I am talking from years of experience trying to like this bar; the barmaid is absolutely the worst. She is nasty, rude, mean, unfriendly, belligerent and dishonest. I cant imagine a bar owner permitting her to act the way she does at this bar, she steals from customers and she doesn't follow the New York Liquor Laws; so we are reporting the bar and staff because of that. I have watched her serve drunken customers (friends) while completely ignoring other paying customers who are sober and just trying to get a beer, she does not like outsiders. You will be told the bar is closed while she continues to serve friends even after hours. If you don't mind paying prices for incorrectly-poured drinks or things you did not order (then being treated like its your fault and you won't get more drinks from barmaid because of this), than consider yourself welcome; however if you want to order something, get what you ordered and pay what the menu states it cost, well than you better go somewhere else; because on top of the rudeness from the staff, that is the other problem with the bar, belligerent attitudes from staff who try to upsell you, but call it a mistake, or replacing a cheaper liquor or beer for a more expensive liquor or beer and then when you disagree- you basically are refused any more service at the bar, its really pretty unbelievable that they have not gotten shut down yet over their shenanigans such as mischarging for drinks, improperly refusing service, and my favorite just plain being rude, unfriendly and mean. Do yourself a favor, don't go here you will not enjoy it, its the worst experience because of the nasty barmaid behind the bar. Go to Smith St. Court St. or a really nice bar called the Owl Barn, all of the aforementioned bars have nice bartenders, great environments and they wont try to steal from you; plus they are simply friendly; something that the Brooklyn Inn has no idea about. Consider yourself warned about this dumpy bar, its not a nice place to go.
  • Photo of Dave S
    a year ago
    Has a great old-time (or so I imagine!) bar vibe, with dim lighting and solid darks wood throughout no TV, and cash-only. Several nooks and crannies with tucked-away seating, aside from the bar, window seating, and a pool table in the back. Great spot hidden in the neighborhood!
  • Photo of John B
    a year ago
    We stayed in Brooklyn for 4 nights and came here every night because it is a really lovely looking pub, no TV's, nice dark and mellow vibe inside. However the beer can be really awful, it wasn't good most nights, but the last night the bartender blatantly served me slops from the wrong beer, I mean apart from looking awful it wasn't even remotely the same colour as the previous beer I'd bought - we just walked out. Such a shame that you get people basically trying to steal money from you in such a lovely pub. Oh well! Worth visiting to see, but maybe buy a bottle or something where they can't try and defraud you.
  • Photo of Ruben V
    a year ago
    Una excelente opción para tomar cerveza o un trago en el centro de Brooklyn, la cerveza es de barril. No se requiere de Reservación
  • Photo of Tina C
    2 years ago
    A few reviews refer to this place as the nearest thing to an English pub in NYC. That would be true if those pubs were run by an irrationally negative, unhelpful and unfriendly barman (I'm sure some pubs fit that criteria in UK but I'm yet to meet as toxic a bar person as the one we encountered here). Every question asked was batted back with a scolding and a determination to make the customer feel like an inconvenience. Asked for advice on the beers, as I didn't recognise most, a scrap of paper with the names was slapped onto the bar in front of me with no descriptions. No wifi password, a bizarre refusal to accept dimes, an astonishing lack of ability at talking to people, all added to a dour atmosphere. Far better bars in the area, would avoid.
  • Photo of LCo24
    2 years ago
    I love the Brooklyn Inn, it has a wonderful atmosphere of an old bar, and it's pretty spacious. I believe it's cash only which is a little annoying but wouldn't stop me from going back.
  • Photo of Brian B
    2 years ago
    A great bar with a good selection of Beer and Ales, even English ones! Can be crowded and has a good atmosphere, service can be slow at peak times
  • Photo of Sue F
    2 years ago
    Totally stumbled upon this place walking around as it was too early for dinner. From outside it looked closed but when we entered, it was right up our alley. Old bar with huge mirrors, tin ceiling and small alcoves. If it had a fireplace with peat, I would have thought we were in Ireland. Friendly, reasonably drink prices.
  • Photo of John B
    3 years ago
    Went here for a couple of drinks last night. On Hoyt off Atlantic in Boerum Hill. It is celebrating 100 years this coming week! Old bar very cool inside......tin ceiling, stained glass, old wooden bar, giant mirror behind it, pool table in back. Drinks were $8. Friendly local crowd. Classic rock in the background just loud enough to hear. Easy to have a conversation. Cool place
  • Photo of Altamirosj
    3 years ago
    Este bar, com cara de boteco, fica em uma bairro residencial do Brooklyn e, por isso, é frequentado por muitos locais. Tem vários tipos de cervejas e outras bebidas, além de uma mesa de sinuca ao fundo e costuma ficar cheio. Já vi gente reclamando do atendimento, mas fui duas vezes e fui muito bem atendido. Todo de madeira escura e ainda tem uma jukebox. É o típico bar para tomar um antes de ir a algum lugar ou a saideira da noite!!
  • Photo of Shane C
    3 years ago
    Brooklyn Inn has all the basics and plenty more - good beer, OK wine and well made cocktails. A genuine friendly atmosphere, and the right mix of tasteful music, bar buzz and peace and quiet. But what really sets it apart is the light - dappled in the afternoon, moody early evening and inviting from the outside at night.
  • Photo of Heather M
    5 years ago
    Meet some friends here while in Brooklyn and really like this pub. It was a Tuesday night and there were some regulars in having a quiet pint. There was background music playing but it was not loud so we were able to have a a good chat over a couple of pints.
  • Photo of paulieinBrooklyn
    5 years ago
    While the clientele has changed along with the neighborhood, and the prices too, the bar hasn't. The Tin Ceiling the dark interior........ all the same has it has been for the many years I have been drinking here. Sometimes it gets a little boisterous with the young affluent crowd, but generally one can enjoy good beer and a cheerful chat at the bar. No food unless one sneaks in a bagel from nearbt Smith Street.
  • Photo of andrea_razzini
    5 years ago
    This is a very nice local pub in an old part of Brooklyn. The pool for 1.5 $ a game is a ++. Draft beer collection includes yuengling my favourite. Bring your dog!
  • Photo of Faulentssa
    8 years ago
    Hier wurden Szenen des Films "Smoke" gedreht und das war auch der Grund unseres Besuchs. Das Lokal war sehr gut gefüllt und vermittelte das typische "Neighborhood Bar"-Flair. Würde ich ständig in Brooklyn wohnen wäre es sicher eines meiner Stammlokale. Besonders sehenswert ist auch der riesige Barspiegel.
  • Photo of A TripAdvisor Member
    Great place to grab a beer.

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