Photo of Blank Cafe in Brooklyn, NY, US
Photo of Blank Cafe in Brooklyn, NY, US
Photo of Blank Cafe in Brooklyn, NY, US
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Blank Cafe


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  • Photo of Bennett C
    10 months ago
    I miss when it was dead in here! Now you can't even get a seat! That's selfish, I'm glad to see these folks doing well because they're extremely nice and run a beautiful cafe. Though it's gotten a lot busier in here, it's still a great place to crack the laptop open and get a little work done over an excellent cup of coffee and some small Japanese bites.
  • Photo of misopiso88
    a year ago
    A colleague and I were staying near Blank so we stopped in for coffee before heading to work. What a wonderful little cafe! Great ambiance with plenty of room to sit and relax. Coffee is excellent! Highly recommend if you are nearby.
  • Photo of Gothgirlie
    3 years ago
    A small cafe close to the Williamsburg Bridge - comfy seating with a couple of couches im the back. Awesome coffee!!! Cash only though.

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