Photo of Black Brick Coffee in Brooklyn, NY, US
Photo of Black Brick Coffee in Brooklyn, NY, US
Photo of Black Brick Coffee in Brooklyn, NY, US
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Black Brick Coffee


Black Brick Coffee34.5
great coffee • cold brew • williamsburg • neighborhood

300 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11249, US
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  • Photo of Raja H
    3 years ago
    Was early for brunch, so I stopped by Black Brick. Just realized there's an incredible backyard, which is where I sat to finish my cold brew. The entire decor of the place is so post-apocalyptic, and none of it feels silly. Love it.
  • Photo of Rune Pedersen
    3 years ago
    Amazing small coffee shop. True to the Williamsburg hipster spirit.
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  • Photo of Kate Findlay-Shirras
    Very cool industrial chic interior... And Dough donuts!!
  • Photo of Rainer P
    8 months ago
    Sehr schönes kleine Café in Brooklyn. Junges Publikum. Zeitungen zum Lesen. Und: top Kaffee! Der Latte war super! Die Keks und Kuchenauswahl ist hingegen begrenzt. Nur zu Empfehlen! Gern wieder!
  • Photo of Serrata
    9 months ago
    Im Black Brick gibt es perfekten Kaffee. Und es gibt Cappuchino, der in den meisten hippen Läden total out ist und von Filterkaffee und Cold Brew verdrängt wurde. Der Style des Ladens ist auch toll, z.B. der Boden aus Beton und Holz oder die Decke aus Vintage Holzkisten. Mein Favorit Coffee Shop in Williamsburg
  • Photo of Hilary C
    a year ago
    This place has great coffee at a good price and is a nice place to hang out. I go to Black Brick every Saturday and Sunday to get my coffee fix after trying everywhere else in the neighborhood. A large cup is $2.50 which is a much better deal than the rest of the places in Williamsburg and the coffee is delicious. I usually get my coffee and go because I am coming from the gym, but its definitely a place I would hang out if I were not all sweaty! They also have designated no computer tables so that there are always places to sit and read and they always have a paper available. They have donuts and some pastries for food which look amazing but I can't say for sure since that would counteract my time at the gym.
  • Photo of BrooklynRed1
    a year ago
    I needed a cafe near me that was open later in the evening, and my friend found this on Yelp. Open until 8 PM, on Bedford Ave in Brooklyn. We sat down to catch up - I can't remember what she got, but I got the jasmine tea. It was sooo good, very likely going to go back and get the same thing. The decor is comfy and relaxed. Only downside is it's a bit expensive for coffee/tea, but then again this is Williamsburg. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a quiet place to read, catch up with a friend, or just relax (so long as you don't mind the prices).
  • Photo of Loes v
    a year ago
    Great place for coffee and a pastry! Nice staff, great coffee, cosy ambiance and the patio is a nice surprise! There are areas where laptops are not allowed (the patio included) but that's what makes the place a pleasant mix between chatting friends and people typing behind their laptops.
  • Photo of mr-maido
    2 years ago
  • Photo of Iara P
    2 years ago
    Não sei se realmente tem poucas opções para comer ou se foi porque cheguei perto do horário de fechar. Mas pretendo descobrir, pois pretendo voltar. Só o café e o ambiente rústico e descolado já valem já valem a pena.
  • Photo of Vaneska K
    2 years ago
    Great ambient, excellent coffee, not the cheapest, but well made. The decor is rustic and comfortable and people are pleasantly minding their own business. There is free paper on the community table and it's ideal for working.
  • Photo of Jonathan B
    2 years ago
    Stopped in for a chance to do a bit of work and had a macchiato. I was very pleased with the stump town single origin offering and the atmosphere was perfect. Will definitely return!
  • Photo of kie_in_ny
    2 years ago
  • Photo of Sabine O
    2 years ago
    Nice and relaxed people, very quiet atmosphere and good coffee! Especially the cold brew was very interesting to try.
  • Photo of PBoier
    2 years ago
    I only tried the Latte. And it was just amazing. Definitely the best I've ever had - and that alone needs five stars. Cool Brooklyn-Williamsburg-ish deco with wooden floors and ceiling along with brick walls and not too bright lighting. Seemed cozy and filled with locals and their MacBooks.
  • Photo of Tessa2309
    2 years ago
    Seen from outside Black Brick isn't anything special, but if you go inside you will find the cosiest coffeehouse in Williamsburg. I was unfortunate enough to have ordered a Cold brew, which is (to my big surprise) cold coffee in a jar. The latte was fine though :) The cafe is relaxed and low key. The atmosphere is warm and calm and the clientele is mostly young people. Some are studying. Some are hanging with friends.
  • Photo of Kametaro5555
    2 years ago
  • Photo of MommyOragami
    2 years ago
    Stopped in for a cuppa joe and got a latte that was both delicious AND awesome barista art. Tables and wifi for hanging out and don't miss out on the delightful secret garden through the cafe and then through a side door to the back. Great treasure on Bedford.
  • Photo of ParksideMac
    3 years ago
    Really enjoyed the neighbourhood feel of this place. Coffee was perfect. Barista seemed to know many of the people coming and going. Friendly, welcoming. Dark but quiet on the inside. Discovered a back garden at the end of my visit. Imagine it would be nice to sit out there.
  • Photo of lola11n
    3 years ago
    We stopped here one morning before heading off for some sight-seeing. The coffee was okay. The barista made hearts in the foam of the lattes. Cute.
  • Photo of mattaprylhaynes
    3 years ago
    My wife and I walked here and loved it. Quick service. Very good Cold Brew and double-shot latte. Laid back atmosphere. We will come here again.
  • Photo of Kendall B
    3 years ago
    Stopped here for a mid-afternoon caffeine crunch. All three of us enjoyed our coffees, and we split an oatmeal cookie since they looked so fresh. The seating was full - so many people working on their laptops - but the staff was friendly and they let us stand around the bar and admire the ceiling, made of multi-colored crates. If I lived in Williamsburg, this would be my cafe of choice. Rich, rewarding coffee with a relaxed atmosphere!
  • Photo of Frank D
    3 years ago
    While exploring Williamsburg with my wife, we stumbled upon this gem of a coffee shop. Excellent choice to relax and have a cup of your favorite coffee. Vintage interesting decorations abound. Don't miss the courtyard out back which is a lovely haven when the weather permits.

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