Photo of Bargemusic in Brooklyn, NY, US
Photo of Bargemusic in Brooklyn, NY, US
Photo of Bargemusic in Brooklyn, NY, US
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Fulton Ferry Landing
Brooklyn, NY 11201, US
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  • Photo of StevoHughes1
    6 months ago
    We made the trip to Brooklyn on a Sunday afternoon not quite knowing what to expect. What we got was an hour and a half of great classical music (Mozart Piano Quartet, Mendelssohn Piano Trio, Bach) played by amazing classical musicians on a gently rocking barge. The backdrop was the skyline of Lower Manhattan. Stunning enough but no match for Mark Peskanov, Vladimir Mendelssohn, Edward Aaron and Jeewon Park and their stellar playing. A real gem. New York continues to amaze. Book ahead.
  • Photo of Csymphony
    6 months ago
    This place was so beautiful. My boyfriend brought me here for my birthday to hear Handel and Beethoven sonatas. I'm not really good on boats so at first the swaying bothered me. Once I focused on the performance I was fine. It's a recital atmosphere. Very quaint and musical. I loved it.
  • Photo of Larry C
    8 months ago
    Some of the finest classical musicians perform at the intimate Barge Music venue at ticket prices that are a fraction of concert halls prices. We Brooklyn locals and some savvy tourists know that this gorgeous space offers air conditioned views of Manhattan -- particularly striking at sunset -- in an atmosphere much less formal than a Carnegie Hall. Prices range from $15 for students, a bit more for Seniors up to a maximum of $35 for adults.Arrive a bit early to take advantage of open seating. Remember this is a floating barge, unlike the pile mounted River Cafe across the pier -- so expect the occasional gentle motion. Note: occasionally on weekend free performances are offered at 4:00 PM The performers are world class -- this is not amateur hour or subway musicians. .
  • Photo of tangomamma
    9 months ago
    This was our first experience at Bargemusic - what an unexpected treat! Having attended numerous classical concerts, we had heard through friends how Bargemusic was presenting high-level, quality artists. We were impressed with the intimate and romantic setting it offered. The artist featured last night (Saturday) was the pianist Marika Bournaki. What an unbelievable artist! Her program presented mostly romantic composers; the musicianship, which she demonstrated particularly in the Beethoven sonata, was simply mesmerizing. I am certain we will hear more about her in the coming months and years. We felt fortunate to be there since the concert was sold-out.
  • Photo of robcurtross
    a year ago
    One of the joys of NYC is to take a water taxi from the Upper East Side south to Brooklyn Bridge Park, eat an early dinner at one of the very good restaurants in or near the park, attend a concert at the Barge, and if you are lucky have drinks afterwards with the musicians. The fellow who runs the Barge is really dedicated and deserves support; my companion and I both have him on our donation list. And we enjoy the experience a couple of times a year.
  • Photo of Ann F
    a year ago
    Visited end October with a lovely autumnal vibe in surrounding Brooklyn Bridge Park. Great location for River Cafe and Ice cream factory. Wonderful backdrop to hear the Manhattan Symphony play Beethoven amongst others. Just a little different to everything else on offer. Great experience.
  • Photo of Jodie K
    a year ago
    I took a friend visiting NYC, it's a nice change from all the touristy things, very local. Amazing musicians and music and gorgeous views of the city and Brooklyn.
  • Photo of golem67
    a year ago
    On the Brooklyn waterfront, inside a barge which sways to the water currents, this is a venue which promises innovative musical efforts. Not for the close minded classical in heart.
  • Photo of jaseaton
    2 years ago
    Parked just under the Brooklyn end of the Brooklyn Bridge, Bargemusic is, in fact, a barge that can accommodate an audience of about 60. It offers stunning views of Manhattan, exquisite music, and an atmosphere of quiet, unpretentious pleasure. Either before or after, you can stroll to any of 30 or more terrific restaurants. On a beautiful evening, nothing can match it.
  • Photo of Ann S
    2 years ago
    Such a lovely setting for chamber music. The audience was friendly and the players really connected personally. The view is lovely. It is a bit disconcerting that the barge rocks and rolls on the water throughout the evening. If you are prone to dizziness or motion sickness this could be a problem. Another problem is that there is only a single bathroom stall for the entire audience, so that makes for a very long, slow line. Nonetheless, a fantastic venue I will go back to in the future!
  • Photo of Sal L
    3 years ago
    It has been years since I last visited the Barge Music. The area has become a beautiful setting with plenty of restaurants. The music at the Barge is top class. The barge was an actual coffee barge that was converted into a classical music setting. Located right below the Brooklyn Bridge with a romantic view of the NYC skyline. Seating is limited to about 150 so reserve before going. Prepare to hear wonderful performers.
  • Photo of Thom S
    3 years ago
    Sitting on a boat, enjoying the most beautiful classical music with 60 or 70 other people, gently swaying on the river is an unique experience. Visited a Barge concert for the second time (first time was five years ago), and it was another great pleasure. To walk outside during the break and watch the environment makes it even more beautiful.
  • Photo of VeryTraveler26
    3 years ago
    One of the few places to hear classical music on a Sunday evening, Bargemusic offers world-class musicians in an unusual place. While the views of Manhattan through the windows are nice, the lack of any terracing means that if you're in the back, you can't see the musicians. If you don't care about seeing them, then the setting is just fine. It's intimate and the music wonderful.
  • Photo of Matt W
    3 years ago
    Who would have thought that you could enjoy chamber music while floating on the East River overlooking the Manhattan skyline at dusk? This barge provides the ultimate view of New York City while giving you the chance to listen to some of the city's best performers play a great variety of repertoire. Don't miss this!
  • Photo of Harold J
    3 years ago
    It's an easy subway ride on the F to the first stop in Brooklyn in a wonderful area known as Dumbo. Fabulous view of the Manhattan skyline in back of the stage while excellent chamber music is performed. Highly recommended. Details can be found on Warning to people with motion issues, the barge rocks gently with the tide. There is also a nearby park and carousel plus cafes, restaurants and packed pizza joints. Almost forgot the mandatory delicious local chocolate store. Unforgettable.
  • Photo of ScottishStuart18
    3 years ago
    We attended a solo piano recital on a Friday evening. We were warmly welcomed and shown to our seats. Beautiful music and a unique setting. We were staying in Manhattan but it was easy to get here and tickets can be purchased from the website in advance. A good programme of music for everyone. Highly recomended.
  • Photo of Valentina L
    3 years ago
    My family and were lucky enought to be in NY to attend a concert in Bargemusic. The music was great, as well as the view. It's a lovely experience.
  • Photo of Caspette
    3 years ago
    Breath taking setting at the base of Brooklyn Bridge with the Manhattan Skyline in the back ground. Music was melodic and soothing to the senses. Quirky and fun thing to do in NY.
  • Photo of Kenneth B
    3 years ago
    I attended a concert here recently in which a group of musicians visiting from St Petersburg performed a number of lighter pieces. The show was excellent with the music enhanced by the slight rocking motion of the barge. The atmosphere is refreshingly casual and I found myself chatting amicably with those around me, as well as a young composer, one of whose works was being performed that night. The location isn't just a gimmick, it really does add something to the overall experience; an oasis of gentility amidst the ceaseless chaos that is New York.
  • Photo of dougredcnoe
    4 years ago
    We have been going to Barge music for over 25 years. The first time was with our 5 year old son. Olga asked if he was studying violin, which he was. When she heard that, she had him sit on the stage with the musicians "so he would feel the vibration". We have heard amazing performances here including Steven Beck on Christmas Eve. The St. Petersburg String Quartet is outrageous. (I don't use the word lightly.) The atmosphere is very informal with Ivan, the new director, doing a great job and always playing to a very high standard. We are about to move to Montana. Leaving Barge music will be very sad.

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