Photo of Bamonte's Restaurant in Brooklyn, NY, US
Photo of Bamonte's Restaurant in Brooklyn, NY, US
Photo of Bamonte's Restaurant in Brooklyn, NY, US
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Bamonte's Restaurant

Italian Restaurant

Bamonte's Restaurant44
pasta • potatoes • tiramisu • hot antipasto

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  • Photo of Nic Brown
    2 years ago
    A meal here feels a little like walking into the set of The Godfather; the place is complete with tuxedoed waiters, white tablecloths, low-lit chandeliers and a decidedly old-school Brooklyn-Italian crowd. The food's not as fancy as some of Williamsburg's newer, hipper Italian eateries, but the classic pasta dishes are more than serviceable; try the homemade ravioli or rich fettucini alfredo, and you'll stay full for days.
  • Photo of Citymaps
    2 years ago
    Episode 8: Dev breaks Rachel’s grandmother Carol out of her retirement home when she begs to go to this classic red-sauce Italian joint in Williamsburg.
  • Photo of Dennis Rainaldi
    4 years ago
    Gerry gets whacked here while having dinner with Silvio in season 6 however this Brooklyn restaurant has been a hang out for mobsters for decades.
  • Photo of Dennis Rainaldi
    4 years ago
    The Sopranos showcased Bamonte's mussels when Gerry gets whacked there in season six. However in reality Bamonte's has been home to real life mobsters forever.
  • Photo of alanlubin
    4 months ago
    Before relocating, I ate here monthly. I have been away from Ba Montes for close to 38 years. Tonight we returned to Brooklyn for a family and friends dinner. Everything we ordered was superb. More importantly from the parking lot attendant to the waiters, host and hostess, to the men bussing the tables , had a positive friendly and delightful personality. The price was about $40 per person with some drinks, some desserts and coffee. This is a must try....
  • Photo of Susan T
    4 months ago
    Great service but unfortunately the food is no longer good. My pasta special last night was awful. Slimy portobellos and a yiky sauce. My sister in law has pasta marinara. And when an Italian restaurant has poor red sauce .... Need I say more. We need to find a new place for family dinners. Sorry Bamonte's. You are such nice people but we come for good good.
  • Photo of oakleafm
    5 months ago
    I was staying at the Hotel LaJolie, right next door - so initially went to Bamonte's because it was close - and I'm very glad I did. As I was by myself I decided to sit at the bar which was not very crowded. Eventually, I was sitting next to the co-owner, who was enjoyable company. His sister, the other co-owner, joined the conversation from time to time, making me feel like a valued guest. The food was excellent. I had the clams casino as an appetizer. It was a nice and simple preparation without any breading that is sometimes too much filler in other preparations. My main course was eggplant parm and it did not disappoint. I didn't know any of the history until I arrived. Well worth a visit. I would surely come again if I were back in Greenpoint/Williamsburg.
  • Photo of Mima600
    5 months ago
    My husband and I were at Bamontes for an early Sunday dinner. We started with zuppa de clams in red sauce which were big, sweet and tender. They were perfectly prepared. My shrimp parmigiana was excellent. The shrimp were extra large. My husband's veal parmigiana was a bit of a disappointment. The meat just wasn't tender enough. All main dishes are served with potatoes ( boiled and then roasted - a bit watery ) and very well prepared green beans. The bar drinks were generous. I know we will return to this old Brooklyn standard.
  • Photo of ljmantovi
    6 months ago
    This is the restaurant I miss most since moving to Arizona. Exceptional food! From seafood to the best veal chop in the city. And have. Cordial on Anthony Bamonte. You will not be disappointed! If you are, send me the bill and I will reimburse you!
  • Photo of Cathy L
    6 months ago
    Great local restaurant! Red sauce can't be beat! Tons of local Italian flare! Was not disappointed. Recommendation came from niece that lives in Williamsburg.
  • Photo of ebean
    7 months ago
    we have each lived in nyc since 1981 and finally got to Bamonte's. A 3 person birthday dinner - we landed in the world of Williamsburg - hope of the insanely hip and overly-tatooed ...had a sweet walkabout and then went to dinner. as we are leaving, an older couple came out and told us that they come every week from jersey and he always orders the same chicken dish! It was as expected - way better than we expected and not fancy new gourmet. It's old-school and done right. Good waitering and one of the owners came by several times to check on each table. We seek out the old 'red sawce' joints and some of them are not very good anymore. Will your pasta be al dente? probably not! will you get a lovely plate of chicken francais in a small pool of white wine, lemon and butter with a slightly charred slice of lemon on it and a side of 'we know how to do this' broccoli rabe? you bet you will. my husband's osso buco was cooked perfectly.i haven't eaten a dessert for about 2 years now and i caved at the italian ricotta cheesecake. i would have preferred a drop less vanilla and a drop more citrus but the texture was perfection. we had a great time.
  • Photo of devanb
    9 months ago
    I was attracted to this spot because I had heard the name before from locals and read about it in travel guides. Nice people, waiters, host, etc. Maybe those " in the know " order the best things here. Very plain presentation and basic dishes. Cannelloni was creamy and plain tomato sauce. Veal dish was tender but sauce not properly smooth. Salad was poor, but was basic iceberg lettuce that tasted wet. Sorry for being picky.
  • Photo of Timothy L. C
    9 months ago
    Went here because an old paramedic partner used to rave about this place. I was not disappointed, the waiters are dressed in tuxedos and the restaurant is decorated with items from the 1930's and 40's! Loved it! Had their grilled mushrooms and roasted peppers for an appetiser with a bottle of Chianti and was not disappointed! Had probably the best eggplant rollatini ever! The only disappointment was the string beans which were totally over cooked. Finished the meal with a great cup of cappuccino ! All in all it was a very good dinning experiences!👍
  • Photo of Amy D
    9 months ago
    What a great evening! We enjoyed our dinner here so much! This is definitely off the tourist track and is a favorite of locals - you can tell that their customers have been coming here for years. We actually had dinner here with friends who are also visiting New York from Texas and a resident of New York and the food was delicious - the eggplant appetizer was phenomenal - everyone enjoyed the appetizers and the dinner. The waiter we had was so interesting and friendly and helpful. Really completed the experience. We will plan to come back on our next visit to New York.
  • Photo of Judy S
    9 months ago
    If you are looking for a "hipster" style restaurant in Williamsburg, Bamonte's will not be your cup of tea. This is a classic old time restaurant serving traditional Italian food. We ordered lasagna, salmon, gnocchi. All were very good. Waiters in tuxedo, linen tablecloths & napkins. I felt like we were in an episode of the Sopranos only to find out several episodes were filmed here. Service was good & attentive without being obtrusive. I would recommend this restaurant if you are in the neighborhood.
  • Photo of dimndgal
    9 months ago
    My husband and I wanted an authentic Italian restaurant experience. We came on a Thursday night and got a table immediately. The waiters were in tuxes and were so polite and attentive. We never had to lift our own wine bottle to fill or glasses. The food was wonderful. We tried the fresh mozzarella and tomato appetizer along with the asparagus parmesean. Both we so tasty with relatively large portions. My husband opted for the spaghetti and meatballs which were fantastic and I had the veal parmesean which was one of the best I've ever tasted. The pasta and sauce, both meat and marinara, were out of this world. The cappuccino and dessert was incredible, as well. Must see. So much history with an old Brooklyn/Italian feel.
  • Photo of Kelly B
    10 months ago
    Family owned and ran... such a cool fun place, something right out of the godfather. Yummy food too. Wait service really fun and kind.
  • Photo of Jaseandvicky
    a year ago
    Table for four. Slow to get served, even a drink. But when they did serve we all opted for the homemade menu and wasn't disappointed. The spaghetti and meatballs were exceptional. Difficult to understand at times that NY American/Italian accent, but all with good banter. Open since the year 1900 and plenty of old photos to show.
  • Photo of nottoohappy2016
    a year ago
    This place has been around for a very long time. It still serves really good Italian food. Prefer eating here than travelling into the city. Food is great.
  • Photo of markfalcoff
    a year ago
    Yesterday was my first experience here. We had gathered to celebrate a friend's birthday. The restaurant is in the wilds of Brooklyn but we rented a car to take us out there, and it was worth it. How can I describe this place? First of all, the atmosphere--it looks like a scene from The Godfather...waiters in tuxes, old fashioned fittings, lots of red plush. Then there is the food. Enormous portions and first-class cooking! Even the salad was extraordinary. The atmosphere is robust and friendly; there were a number of birthday parties taking place in the dining room! And the serve is very professional. Our waiter told us he had been there for 41 years! One of my most memorable dining experiences in New York.
  • Photo of vegetarian-girl
    a year ago
    We were a party of 10 dining here on a Wednesday night. Even on a cold January weekday, the restaurant is hopping. The well dressed staff, the old timey pictures on the wall, & the appetizing aromas remind me of one of my favorite Billy Joel songs. So I enjoyed the atmosphere very much, more than the dinner itself as I found the eggplant, potatoes, green beans & fried zucchini lacking salt. Perhaps the restaurant does this to accommodate patrons with dietary needs and those who wish can use the shaker to their delight. Only I didn't see salt or pepper anywhere. Nor did we get crushed peppers or parmigiana. But that's ok. The dinner was a lovely experience & I felt like we were in a truly Brooklyn establishment.
  • Photo of 620barbr
    a year ago
    You might imagine that after more than 100 years in business, and being the setting for a few meals in The Sopranos series that Bamontes would have sagged a litte or even a lot. It hasn't. The service is respectful and professional. The food is better than average american italian - nothing over sauced, veg cooked properly, enticing desserts, and decent prices. The regular clientel are definitely old neighbours, out for a night with family and friends. I enjoyed it more than some of the very high end places we've tried in New York. I'd definitely go again.
  • Photo of Scud1952
    a year ago
    Interesting family-owned, around corner from our hotel. Went about 3pm on a Friday, so not prime time. Had clams casino, one of the soups, wine and a bloody mary. Pretty basic, service was a little slow, prices reasonable for NY.
  • Photo of bluetiki13
    a year ago
    Consistent service, style & quality. Like you are at a relatives house, there is no rush. Entree order was taken after all appetizers cleared. Our party of 10 was given A+ service. Water glasses kept full & overall service personally accommodating. Gratuous after dinner drink & complimentary Sambuca with dessert is a nice touch to a overall good time had by all. Save yourself for dessert. Ricotta cheese cake is worth navigating the BQE.

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