Photo of Dominick's Restaurant in Bronx, NY, US
Photo of Dominick's Restaurant in Bronx, NY, US
Photo of Dominick's Restaurant in Bronx, NY, US
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Dominick's Restaurant

Italian Restaurant

Dominick's Restaurant14
stuffed artichoke • pasta • shrimp • antipasti

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  • Photo of Nic Brown
    2 years ago
    There's no real menu here; just ask the waiter for a few suggestions based on your tastes, and expect him to bring a few overflowing plates of basic Italian dishes like veal parmigiana, spaghetti and meatballs or spinach manicotti. And don't expect an intimate meal, here, either, since if you're with a small party, you'll end up being seated at a big table with strangers. It doesn't matter, you're all ordering the same thing, you're family now! A la famiglia!
  • Photo of Judy B
    5 months ago
    The food here is authentic Italian. The seating is family style adding to the tradition. They will pretty much make anything you want. The stuffed artichoke was amazing and the amount of veal parmesan on the plate was enough for two. Note that they only take cash here but there is an ATM in the vicinity if you need to get cash. There is always a line here for a reason.
  • Photo of mnicasjr
    5 months ago
    We went in in the middle of the afternoon their slow time before going to see the Yankee game and hanging around Arthur Avenue. I go there a couple times a year for the past 20 years and always get the same thing. The waiter Younger guy maybe new I don't know but I tell him that I want Veal with red sauce and Veal with a wine sauce plus we ordered antipasto salad and their baked clams also Linguine with marinara sauce. The waiter kind of gave me a hard time with the order I don't know if he understood what I wanted or just not too bright. it's not rocket science Veal with red sauce Veal with wine sauce he brings out Veal Parmesan and Veal with a lemon sauce which was very good but not what I wanted. Plus the Veal Parmesan was plopped on top of the Linguine marinara not the way to do it. It's Dominic's and maybe they think they could do whatever they want but this is a special occasion place before a Yankee game for us and I will go there again but if that happens again Finito too many other places to go to.
  • Photo of smiling4unow
    5 months ago
    After some Internet investigating and asking friends we decided to come here as part of a day trip to NYBG and Arthur Ave. This is not a fancy place. menu, prices quoted when a very serious waiter with no sense of humor lists all the choices. Hope you have a good memory. LOL Oh and long tables that you'll share with others and cash only. The good part... very good food. I choose fettuccini penne vodka sauce with shrimp topped with mozzarella. Very good. Had to take half home. Bring plastic bags to put doggy bags in or it will leak. My sister had fettuccini with sausage. A little to spicy but food is different when it's authentic.
  • Photo of Shelly A
    7 months ago
    Wonderful lunch on Arthur Av in the Bronx. Meatballs are enormous and delicious. Homemade pasta every way you can imagine. They don't have a menu so the waiter will let you know what they are serving that day. Antipasto salad for two was more for four. Nice portions and everyone walks out with the excess food. They only accept cash, no cards
  • Photo of alisone97
    7 months ago
    Best smelling spaghetti in town! Small, with tightly positioned tables. Private, large room upstairs with bar but does not serve food there. Cold drinks. No a/c upstairs but very chilly downstairs.
  • Photo of schake24
    7 months ago
    After an afternoon at the nearby & fabulous NY Botanical Gardens, we were taken by our hosts to nearby Dominick's. Packed at 5:00 on a Sat. we were seated after a short wait. No menus available, no prices shown - you sit at shared long tables for 8 which are crammed into a small and NOISY dining room that had a single narrow aisle for waiters and customers to share. One waiter, carrying dirty dishes, got tired of waiting for the manager who blocked the aisle to end his chitchat with diners, and tried to squeeze around him. He ended up spilling sauce on my host. Manager seemed oblivious to everything. Our waiter eventually came, and ordering was surprisingly easy, including 2 vegan meals. (Still no idea of cost.) Delicious bread served allowed us to take the edge off our appetites. Oil with seasonings would have been a welcome touch, especially for we vegans. Food came, and it made up for all the inconveniences. All four agreed - It was fabulous! The terrific food made up for the cramped, noisy space, and the need to stand up and move your seat so a person beyond you could get to the one aisle running through the dining room. BY FAR the worst layout ever, but what great food. If you get get there when it's not crowded, Dominick's is a no-brainer.
  • Photo of K18R
    7 months ago
    Great place to get a real sense of New York. No menus or checks. Pastas with seafood or white clam sauce, Veal Parm, Chicken Scarpiello, sausage and name it. Enjoy. Wait on weekends and quieter during the week.
  • Photo of lisa1bronxny
    7 months ago
    Came to New York from California for my family reunion. Da Bronx is a must for me and Dominick's has amazing and delicious food! Great portions, great service and a great time with family!
  • Photo of kaw001sr
    7 months ago
    Haven't been since 1979. Good family style Italian food Very good stuffed artichoke their meat gravy (aka sauce) is excellent Too much to eat Took a bunch home
  • Photo of Foxtripper
    8 months ago
    First of all you don't get a menu. It's posted on the back wall next to the kitchen if you want to get up and read it. Consequently you don't really get the entire list of offerings nor do you get the prices. The waiter may or may not give you a complete list. The people next to us were given a different recitation of entrees than we were. The wait staff is quite indifferent. After he listed the entrees and I didn't make an immediate choice he said "you think about it. I'll be back. " it was quite a while before he came back. The seafood salad we shared as an appetizer was quite good. The entrees we were rushed into selecting were mediocre at best. The folks next to us had much better entrees but we weren't even given those choices. To top it all off, this is a cash only establishment and I have the feeling that they charge whatever they want and "regulars" get a better deal. Skip this place if you want a good Arthur Avenue experience.
  • Photo of Peanutsyark
    8 months ago
    There's no menu, but the wait staff will help and recommend different dishes. Must get the mussels and at least one pasta! Dunk that delicious bread! Worth the wait, in case there's a line. Finger-licken' good!
  • Photo of MikeEcsedy
    8 months ago
    We had a similar experience to Mike G's review as far as no menus, no checks, no butter. Anyone going to this restaurant should also know that it's no credit cards, cash only. We were directed to a room upstairs where there was a bar until a table opened but we didn't have to wait long. We were seated with a family with 2 children, which was fine. There is hardly any space to move around. There is one aisle in the center of the restaurant for any movement to occur. It was indeed a very popular place, many families appeared to come from the Yankees game that had just ended judging by the number of men and young boys wearing Yankees jerseys. The crowd was diverse, some families with children, some older couples. The wait staff seemed too busy to be personable. They did what was required of them for their jobs, but they seemed more interesting in interacting with each other than with customers. I agree that it was a little "bizarre", but I guess I chalk it up to the local culture.
  • Photo of Mike G
    8 months ago
    So me, my wife and our daughter were visiting the Bronx Zoo and went to Dominick's on the recommendation of a friend. It was the most bizarre dining experience we ever had. We arrived for an early dinner (5 PM) on a Friday and were"pointed" to the last table at the back of the restaurant. The place was almost empty at that point. All tables were set up to accommodate 8-10 people with 2-4 tops being pushed together. We took the 3 seats closest to the wall thinking maybe they would pull the other 4 top from our table to accommodate another party. They didn't. A waiter immediately came over, dropped a basket with bread (no butter or oil) and asked us what we wanted to drink. Unsweetened iced tea - didn't have it, chocolate milk - didn't have it, regular milk-didn't have it. After settling for drinks they had our waiter asked us what we wanted. When we explained that we had not yet seen a menu, he advised that there wasn't one and he would tell us what they had. He started with appetizers/salads and when I ordered a salad, he said he would get that and come back to tell us the entries. Meanwhile, the table adjacent to us was told a slightly different appetizer list by their waiter. They were also told that the menu is written on a chalkboard outside the bathrooms and that they should go take a picture of it if they wanted to know the entries. Most of the table got up to see the chalkboard when we overheard someone say the menu was online. We looked and it was. We ordered from the online menu and received our food quickly. Just as our entries came, they seated a family of six at OUR table and asked my wife to move her purse from the chair next to her so that one of the other group could sit in that chair - awkward!They were doing this with all the tables as they started to fill up. This family had an infant and a 3-4-year-old and the restaurant did not have highchairs, booster seats, etc so the father ended up holding the infant while the mother held the 3-4 year old on her lap. We made a little small talk and they were a nice family but were as surprised and uncomfortably with the situation as we were. Our entrées soon arrived and were good (not great) and plentiful. The pasta was store bought - not homemade, and the sauce was basic (fortunately they had garlic powder, crushed peppers, etc. on the table to help with this). The strangeness continued when we finished our meals and asked for the check. We were told they do not give checks, that our bill was $43 and that they only took cash (no credit cards). After paying the bill we were then left in uncomfortable position of asking the family next to us (who just received their appetizers) if they could get up so that we could leave. As we left, they began to flip our part of the table and would undoubtedly be disturbing that family again in a few minutes to seat other strangers with them. I saw many reviews which describe this restaurant as "old-school", "old world" or words to that effect. There is often a reason why things are no longer done the way they once were. I believe this to be one of those situations. We will not be returning.
  • Photo of CarolinainDallas
    8 months ago
    We had a late lunch here on a Sunday afternoon. We were seated right away and given a pitcher of ice water which was so needed on a hot day! We had ravioli with meat sauce, eggplant parmesan, and lasagna with house salads and an antipasto salad to start. The cheese ravioli was very tender. All were delicious, and we would order again. We took part of the eggplant parmesan home, and it heated nicely later. Service was excellent. It was attentive and friendly but not intrusive.
  • Photo of ddecicco6
    9 months ago
    Dominick's is a great place to eat. You sit with other people like family. I had never sat 'next to any one who was not friendly. You get to talking and it's really nice.Love the baked clams, Cold Antipasto with the salad. On Sundays not fish, Try the Lasagna or the baked chicken.
  • Photo of Gregory R
    10 months ago
    Second time here . It won't be long before I go again . The chops and peppers on Sunday is unlike Anything I have ever had before ever. Pastas on point . Great crowd of people everyone so happy to be there and grateful they don't have to choose what to eat. Prices acceptable service acceptable food off the charts .
  • Photo of Beachshop
    10 months ago
    There were four of us for dinner. No wait on a Friday night, which was a great thing. We shared a salad with meat & then an artichoke. 3 huge steaks and a pork chop. The staff is friendly and funny. Try it out. No menu & cash only.
  • Photo of herb h
    10 months ago
    4 of us had lunch. the tables are shared with our diners but still very private. no menu al though there is one on the wall and my wife took a photo so we knew what to order even though the waiter tells you about the food. i had veal parm and spaghetti and even though it wasnt the best i ever had it was good. the portion was way too much much for me to eat and i took home half of it. basically , we all did. the food comes out very quickly and while waiting they give you a large basket of the best bread. no bill is provided. the waiter just tells you what the cost was. lunch for 4 of us was $57. very reasonable . cash only. no credit cards.
  • Photo of Eventdirector21
    10 months ago
    Ok first you have to understand that I have been taken to or gone myself to this restaurant for over 45 years. It has never failed me. This tight spaced family style seating restaurant is a cornerstone of Arthur Ave. There are No Menus. If you want something you ask, they make it. Oh boy do they make it! On Friday we ordered Clams oreganato, and mussels as appetizers. The clams were perfectly seasoned and cooked and the mussels in a red garlic sauce was to die for. For main courses we had the Branzino broiled, the flounder broiled, the shrimp Parmesan fra diablo over linguine and the Eggplant Parm. Suddenly there wasn't a sound. The portions are large and the food is a 10. Considering the value and quality 4 people with a bottle of reserve chianti 200$ is very reasonable. No reservations, no coat check, no standing at the bar. Just food done right! Mangia, you will thank me!
  • Photo of chobrien5
    a year ago
    Went in on a busy Saturday evening and was seated with a large group. No menus but the waiter (a charming veteran of many meals) offered some suggestions. The stuffed artichoke was super as well as the rigatoni Ala vodka. The chicken parm was very disappointing. It reminded me of my college days cooking chicken rondelets from Weaver with a covering of Ragu.

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