Photo of Crossgates Mall in Albany, NY, US
Photo of Crossgates Mall in Albany, NY, US
Photo of Crossgates Mall in Albany, NY, US
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Crossgates Mall

Tourist Attraction

lord and taylor • apple store • anchor stores • specialty shops

1 Crossgates Mall Road
Albany, NY 12203, US
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  • Photo of Steve T
    2 months ago
    Good. Bowling alley. Food. Coffee. Beer.Great day in the Albany area. I never built a bicycle good but most importantly I think that things are better today.
  • Photo of Bjlaskdrf
    2 months ago
    I went to Michaels to get one thing. Took 20 minutes. 2 cashiers and very slow. I asked the male cashier (Thursday October 12 afternoon) if there was another cashier. He gestured to the other cashier and said “Yeah right there.” Was he being sarcastic or just stupid? I’m certain it was the latter. Never going there again. There were 5 people lined up behind me because there were only 2 cashiers and at least one of them was working way above his Peter principle.
  • Photo of NYCaliKara
    2 months ago
    I grew up in the Capital District and this was always THE mall to come to. I'm old enough to remember the mall before the expansion 20+ years ago. I used to go to the movie theater wayyy back when it was up on the third floor! It's safe to say this mall has grown quite a bit over the years. I moved away from the Capital Region to SF, LA & South Florida. I was curious to see how the mall would compare to the other "fancy" malls I have visited in these larger population density areas. Crossgates is a more mid-range mall, you don't have the higher end stores (Nordstrom, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co) that you would find in more affluent areas like the NYC metropolitan area. That's ok with me, just pointing this out. I noticed a LOT of new businesses in this mall such as 5 Wits, Dave & Busters, Vera Bradley, the fancy bowling alley and a few others. I was really impressed that the mall had little vacancy. I'm not sure if the mall has had a face lift since I moved, but it was all very bright and clean. The tile flooring looks newer, but that might have been there when I left. The food court looked a bit smaller than I remember it. Luckily the mall still has a good amount of sit down restaurants, Unos Pizzeria & Grill is still my favorite. There is a large movie theater down near Macy's. CVS isn't too far from the movie theater incase you want to sneak some treats in your coat pocket. I visited mid-day and spent some time on the wifi. I thought the internet connection and speed was the best down by JC Penny.
  • Photo of Jeremy J
    2 months ago
    It’s a fine place. Food court is nice. Store selections neat. It’s a good place to waste some time. Some neat attraction stores. Would be great on a weekend date
  • Photo of BigMerk
    3 months ago
    We visited here for the cinema but ended up walking thru a large part of this huge mall. There is plenty of free parking and an amazing range of retailers on offer. Just watch you don't get lost!!!
  • Photo of Brian D
    4 months ago
    Great mall. Didn't expect to find such a huge mall in Albany. Tons of stores, including many that aren't easily found in other locations. Includes an in-mall Best Buy, a ThinkGeek and everything in-between. If you need a pharmacy, there is a CVS right in the mall as well. If you enjoy shopping and have a couple of hours to kill while visiting in Albany, this is the place to go. This mall is a throwback to the old days of large, indoor shopping malls before they all closed up. This one appears to be alive and well. Lots of free parking and a good size crowd, but not overwhelmingly crowded.
  • Photo of eluper
    4 months ago
    It certainly is the biggest mall in the area, which offers lots of choices when it comes to food and stores, etc. I happen to like Colonie Center better, though. I just find it's more relaxing. Not sure why, maybe it's the hugeness of it all. That being said, I find myself at Crossgates often because they have certain stores I do need, Apple, Dick's, etc.
  • Photo of silent_21
    5 months ago
    WHat a huge mall with so many stores. Staff at disney store very nice and loved walking around for the whole day which it will take lol
  • Photo of John N
    6 months ago
    Stopped here today to kill some time and it was very good. Lots of store options as well as a huge movie theater and 2 separate escape game experiences. Wish we had more time to have done them. Got some shopping done and killed about 2 hours or so. Coming from Long Island and having Roosevelt field mall, this was good enough but with fewer eating options.
  • Photo of Jagoda A
    7 months ago
    Had a Fantastic afternoon here. Parking was easy and mall personnel super helpful when looking for specific sizes or items. All in all a good experience!
  • Photo of sheilal921
    8 months ago
    Shopping options are minimal in Albany for this relocated New Yorker, so the sight of so many boarded up stores in this Mall greatly saddened me. Yes, they have signs that this or that store is coming soon, but there are so many unrented spaces that the Mall in general is looking sad. The recent renovations made the Mall look fresh and inviting, but you need stores to bring people to the Mall. Hopefully they will fill the spaces with exciting choices for consumers, but I'm more apt to take my shopping to Colonie Center in the future if they offer the same shops. I know rentals often close after the Christmas season but it's April now and there are few replacements at Crossgates Mall.
  • Photo of Saviojoep
    9 months ago
    Nothing fancy about this mall. Mall is huge with lots of shops. The big challenge is to find what you are looking for. There needs to be floor plan displayed for ease.
  • Photo of Gring0bill
    9 months ago
    Beautiful mall. Wonderful place to kill a few hours when you're stranded in Albany, or just to do some shopping. The stores are beautiful in the mall is open, airy and friendly
  • Photo of ajmuzz
    9 months ago
    This mall has everything you need! Good anchor stores - a big Macy's, a nice JC Penney, a new Lord & Taylor, plus Dick's & Best Buy. Many stores are youth-focused with the usual brands - Apple, Hollister, A&F, American Eagle, Athleta, but they also have stores like J. Jill, Vera Bradley, The Limited. The two levels are easy to navigate. It's not so large that you'll get exhausted shopping. If you do, there are plenty of places to rest and get something to eat, both sit down and fast food. It also includes a full movie theater, comedy club and Dave & Buster's. Many entrances and good parking available. There is a large bus stop if you take public transportation.
  • Photo of stosito
    9 months ago
    This mail has these dollar stores, and 5 dollar stores, for example where one can really buy quality souvenirs, gifts, ect had very low price
  • Photo of damarist436
    10 months ago
    Free parking lot. The food court could be better. The mall is big and offers good store options and brands for the customers! You can find great deals. Easy to walk around. It is not crowed.
  • Photo of yatri23
    a year ago
    Probably best mall in Albany area. Quite nice to stroll through. You will find most high end stores and quite few nice restaurants.
  • Photo of Langlokt
    a year ago
    Plenty of stores to choose from with a clean atmosphere. Lots of food options available as well. Would go again!
  • Photo of Grannus
    a year ago
    Perhaps one of the few malls that isnt dead. Infact this mall even has a new line of stores in the mall that makes this worth a visit, besides the countless clothing stores there is an Imax theater, a Disney store, an old video game store, Think Geek, Best buy, and a number of other shops that are worth coming for.
  • Photo of Frank L
    a year ago
    It's a typical suburban mall. It has plenty of the national branded shops along with a number of specialty shops that were worth looking into. I found they had a couple shops dedicated to older gaming consoles which I've never seen in the malls around NYC. Even the temperature was pleasant. (Which is actually important since I can't stand the malls here that have a tendency to crank the heat to much. The food court... well... it's a food court, don't expect much. Although there are some sit-down chains as well (Pizza UNO and the like.) In all, not a bad experience.

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