Photo of Gordon Ramsay Steak in Las Vegas, NV, US
Photo of Gordon Ramsay Steak in Las Vegas, NV, US
Photo of Gordon Ramsay Steak in Las Vegas, NV, US
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Gordon Ramsay Steak

American Restaurant

Gordon Ramsay Steak34
steak • beef wellington • bread • sticky toffee pudding

3655 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109, US
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Gordon Ramsay Steak has 23 Tips

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  • Photo of Amanda Flores
    a year ago
  • Photo of David Cooper
    3 years ago
    Amazing Bar Service and full menu at the bar, ask for Lis and Amanda
  • Photo of Steven Doherty
    4 years ago
    Only the best cuts of meat here, like prime beef dry aged for 28 days in a himalayan-salt room and Wagyu with a marbling score of 9 or higher.
  • Photo of aventuramty
    5 months ago
    Great food , we tried the salad , the Rib eye amd the mushrooms .. all was cooked really good, you can find many flavors on the dishes , the meat was very well cooked but the best thing was the desert .. we ordered the pudin with caramel on top and ice cream .. it was delicious ! Prices are fair for the food quality . Yes ..if its too crowded you can eat at the bar area ..they offer the same menu .
  • Photo of SusanT602
    5 months ago
    Visited here for my anniversary my husband had booked it for four in my name had been before and loved the tasting menu decided to try the menu this time arrived on time but to my horror 30 minutes after our time stated and my daughter going up and asking they come and tell us that it was booked for two there fault no apologies so we had to wait for a table but I have to say the food was lovely and so was the staff but I'm sorry Gordon Ramsay you need to address this situation as we've travelled thousands of miles from Scotland not to be disappointed money isn't everything
  • Photo of Jonathan  K
    5 months ago
    Very disappointed got the rib eye $70+$14 baked potato steak was full of fat for the price would be expecting better cut off meat the wife got the New York was nothing special either, service not great had full bottles off beer when paid the bill and they asked if we would drink our beers outside wanted rid off us once they got there money would not return
  • Photo of LALyndaD81
    5 months ago
    We make reservations for this restaurant every time we visit Vegas. The quality of the food and service has not diminished one bit since we first visited several years back. We've tried the Hell's Kitchen tasking menu to get a feel for the meals served at Hell's Kitchen in Los Angeles. Though a bit pricey, the whole experience is always well worth it! The complimentary bread sampler and volcanic salt butter were so yummy and a great start to our culinary journey here. This time we had the 2 recommended appetizers; Crab Cakes & Beef Carpaccio. Both were absolutely delicious! For entrees, I ordered the Beef Wellington with a side of Foie Gras. My husband ordered the chicken with a side of cauliflower. Everything was cooked to perfection. They feature a full bar along with an extensive wine selection and custom-made cocktails. I recommend sitting upstairs to get the full view of the restaurant and enjoy the whole electricity of the restaurant. We are lifelong patrons!
  • Photo of Raymond M
    5 months ago
    The soups and appetizers were fantastic. The beef Wellington was very good, however I was very dissapointed with the salmon. It did not have much flavor. We came here as part of our 28th wedding anniversary, we were dissapointed when the waitress told us they do not do anything for any occasion. My husband and I got married in Vegas in 1989, this is why we continue coming to a Vegas to celebrate our anniversary. This is the first time a restaurant in Vegas does not acknowledge any celebrations. Our bill was $425.00 not including tip, we won't be coming here again for any celebration.
  • Photo of gingergleds
    5 months ago
    I visited Gordon's steak house in the Paris last week while on holiday with my wife. We really like Vegas and this is our 3rd visit in three years. Each year we book at least one really nice restaurant while we're there. We've enjoyed the Stratosphere a couple of times and have visited the restaurant in the foot of the 'Eiffel Tower' within the Paris. This visit we chose GR steak as the majority of reviews were good and the food looked amazing. I have to say my first impressions of the restaurant weren't great, upon telling the girl on reception we had a reservation we had to just loiter outside for a few moments until she could seat us! No official waiting area, only a minor let down but could have helped that first impression. Anyway after being lead down the 'tunnel' we were lead to a booth table upstairs, initially I thought oh great here we go tucked upstairs out of the way. Anyway the waiter introduced himself and took our drink order, of which there is a great choice across the board, then came back with the steak trolley! This is a display stand which he explains what kinds of steak they sell, and I have to say that they are all impressive. Anyway our order was taken and we relaxed into a small selection of breads. By the time we were soaking up the ambiance and actually realised we were in quite a good place. My wife chose the half lobster to start and I opted for the half dozen oysters. Again when they arrived the waiter explained they were from two different oceans and a selection of sauces and oils joined the starters. Amazing, tasted fantastic. Then for main I opted for the beef wellington which as you can see is cooked to medium rare and was spot on. My wife plumped for a steak, which as you can see from the photo was pretty big. Both dishes don't really come with any sides so we both ordered a potato dish each (wish we hadn't), nothing wrong with the taste just too much. One side between us with the mains we'd chosen would have been fine. Overall the ambience, drinks and food were spot on, first impressions completely changed, loved the experience. Not cheap, all this cost about $350, which did include beer and wine, but well worth it. We would definitely consider going back. Cheers Gordon (I'm sure you cooked my meal 😉).
  • Photo of Shweed2223
    5 months ago
    We had a reservation and were seated promptly, at a table beside/under the main staircase. We asked to be moved as did not want dust etc, falling on our food from people using the staircase. The waitress had a bad attitude about it, and we did ask politely and were willing to wait. We were seated upstairs,which was nice. The ambiance is well, not there. It certainly could use some upgrading considering it should be on the fine dining side. On a positive note, the infamous Beef Wellington was delicious. On the not so positive side, the steak, unfortunately , was decent. My husbands steak was over done to which it was replaced without question to, again a steak that was not outstanding. In waiting he ordered a Caesar salad which did not arrive until after the new steak, which defeated the purpose as I had my meal already. The menu says the Wellington takes up to 40 minutes and was fine with that, yet it arrived in about 10 as they had an extra one? Having eaten at numerous famous chefs restaurant steak places in Las Vegas and would not recommend this restaurant for the steak. I could recommend many others but, this is about Gordon Ramsays Steak.
  • Photo of dunnkedeshia
    5 months ago
    I am a huge fan of Gordon and I have been looking forward to this dinner for a very long time. Wasn't worth the wait. Steak was salt salt salt and more salt. Never going back,
  • Photo of David B
    5 months ago
    Have always wanted to eat here and finally got the opportunity on my most recent visit to Vegas. We didn't have a reservation but luckily showed up at a time where they were able to seat us right away. The ambiance is great and our waiter was very friendly and helpful. The experience started out with our waiter wheeling over a display cart of many of the awesome steaks they have to offer. I wanted to order one of each. We ordered the Scallops as an appetizer and I have to say they were some of the best ones I've ever had. I'd highly recommend them. I didn't go with a traditional steak because I have always wanted to try Gordan Ramsey signature Beef Wellington. The Wellington was really good but after trying some of the steak from my table mates, I really wish I had gone that route instead. Overall had a great experience and will definitely come back again.
  • Photo of Jacmac00
    5 months ago
    Went together with a group of colleagues, 12 in total and were given a lovely board room style table upstairs. We had a wonderful meal, yes it's slightly more expensive than normal but the meat was so good, we would definitely go again if we have the chance!
  • Photo of jojones85
    5 months ago
    Like my title said, it's the best meal I've eaten yet. That good in fact, we went again a few days later. Wish there was somewhere like this closer to home. Will make this a regular on all of my future visits.
  • Photo of Marlene V
    5 months ago
    We booked in advance for this restaurant as we knew how popular it is. We were seated on time and had a very good waitperson looking after us. Steaks were superb - New York Sirloin (bone in) was huge. Two had the 8oz filet and I chose the Beef Wellington which was a disappointment. I found the meat to be over cooked and dry and the pastry soggy. Our appetisers we shared were excellent. Prices are expensive but the overall experience was good.
  • Photo of Fllblueguy
    5 months ago
    I really wanted to give them a better review. I travel A LOT. We go to the best Restaurants around the world. Always surprised by how small and unheard places always surprised us and big celebrity owned Restaurant disappoint us. I am a Gordon Ramsay's fan, so I was looking for it. I had already tried his burgers at his other places. I came two days before our reservation and told the very nice lady outside if we could get a table upstairs by the balcony. She responded really sweet,,, " yes, we will try". The day of our reservation at 9 PM..we arrived a little early, around 20 minutes and told the young lady outside with a gentleman about our 9 PM. She didn't even smile. Just told us to return at 9 PM, the time of our reservation. Not even offered to go and seat at the bar while waiting. We decided to stand right across from her until our time. At 9:10 PM someone else came and asked us who we were... I told her about our reservation. She asked the young blonde lady and she responded ... " I totally forgot about their table..just give them any table available, I gave their table to someone else"... We could hear everything. I was so upset. When I told her we heard what she said... she totally denied it and ignored us completely. The place was really busy, except for the bar. We had a table in the first floor. The two guys who served us, John and Johnny were amazing. Great service.. but a little slow. it took a while to get served. We ordered the Wellington for two... the pork belly to start and another meat just to try. I wanted to try everything ... I was at my favorite celebrity's restaurant after all. The pork belly was great... very flavorful. We had a very nice red wine and cocktails. The meal took a while and it was almost cold. The Wellington was very soggy and with no flavor at all. (and I don't eat with salt) The other steak was way over cooked. I was close to the kitchen so I saw the food standing there for a while... maybe reason why it was cold. After dinner we order the delicious sticky dessert. To make the story short... the place is nice. The experience outside did not help. The service is very nice but a little slow when they are busy. You basically are paying for the Celebrity name, because the food is was just ok. Way over priced for the quality of food. We tried the food at MESA, across the street (Booby Flay) and it was very flavorful. I don't care to pay good money for good food... but.. GOOD FOOD. If I come back again??? Not sure. I wanted to try their ribeye, but not sure if I want to spend another $500 and get crappy attitude before even entering the Restaurant. For good service and good food, I will pay anything. For attitude and ok meal ..I would not. :-)
  • Photo of Amirda06
    5 months ago
    If you would like to combing good food and food experiance you should find some time to eat at Gordon Ramsay Steak. Enjoy !!!
  • Photo of caroline a
    5 months ago
    The table was balanced on napkins as we found out when my husband leaned on it. The worse thing of all the chewing gum under the table. My husband found it - yukky. The staff just pulled it off with another napkin and left us at the table, So we carried on sitting there until I found the next lot of chewing gum, this is so dirty and we were going to walk out but they changed our table to one where the chairs were too low for the table but it was clean. My starter was very good except for the hard boiled quail egg, very over cooked. The puree potato was slop and everything was under seasoned for the main meal. As this was to be a special treat we had not eaten since breakfast so hungry and stayed we really should have walked out. No discount at all and a really expensive meal. I honestly would have been happier drinking dirty banana cocktails at my hotel
  • Photo of Barbara B
    5 months ago
    The staff treat you like you should be grateful to be there then serve garbage I wouldn't give to a dog. I ordered the short rib because when I've had it elsewhere was melt in the mouth fall off the bone delicious but this was vile! The first bite was all uncooked fat which made me want to vomit then it was too dark in the restaurant to try to cut around to find meat so I gave up after a few horrible bites! No one came to check how the food was and when the water waiter came to clear plates he didn't seem surprised that I hadn't eaten anything and certainly didn't check if there was anything wrong. I've had better food and service at a fast food restaurant! A bill of $200 plus $30 tip (totally undeserved by the waitress!) for 2 entrees was a major ripoff! Ramsay shouldn't be putting his name on this trash!
  • Photo of Derickbo
    5 months ago
    Had a table of five . Had the signature shellfish starter for the table - was very good although they had to make up replacements because they didn't have enough, ordered the filet all around and was excellently cooked for all. Side dishes although they say there is enough for two - I would call the servings a bit mean (not really sufficient for two). Decided to order french press coffee. They actually brought it twice and both times unfortunately it tasted like dishwater. Really not up to the standard of restaurant of this type. That part was really disappointing and the other guests even noticed as the coffee was poured it seemed very weak. A few other comments. Sommelier not very talkative or attentive. Probably too many people around the front desk and not attending to guests with reservations in a timely fashion. I expected to pay the price I paid which was just over $1000 for 5 but was disappointed at the end - but still generally food was good.
  • Photo of Rado l
    5 months ago
    I was visting Las Vegas for the first time as my Wedding Anniversary. We decided to try out and experience the "World Famous" Gordon Ramsey Restaurant. However we were extremely disappointed in the overall experience. Mainly our bad experience came from our Server. Every, time we asked for her we would get very nasty looks and eye rolls. We ordered Steak, which was highly recommended and supposedly one of a kind. When I received my steak it came out very salty and I wasn't able to even taste it. I called for my waiter and she looked at me like I was about to ask her for the whole bill to be free or something. She ignored me so I asked for the manager. The manager arrived and was telling me that the most important thing for our guests is to experience the positive atmosphere .When I told him about my experience thus far, he went on to defend the server, that she was a professional and a mother of two. I understand, and feel for her, however this is not a way to treat any customer, especially ones that are there for the first time. Then he went on and said that he will take care of my stake and offer us deserts. I got my new stake and tried to enjoy it to the best I could. Thereafter, we got the deserts and finished our meals. Even though I was not very satisfied with the experience I was happy that the manager would take care of us. Only to find out that I was charged for my stake and it was never taken care of. When I called the manager, I asked him about the bill, and he said, "I took care of the one that was salty, but you have to pay for the new one" At which point I was totally blown away by this response... This caliber restaurant to do such thing...? Come on... I have been al around the world and I have never seen anything like this, let alone for this Type of Restaurant. I JUST WANTED YOU TO BE AWARE AND STAY AWAY!!!!
  • Photo of briz39
    5 months ago
    I was looking for a flaw, but it was perfect. Fantastic burger, and the milk chocolate shake with creme brûlée was too good for words, best shake I've ever had!
  • Photo of Michael D
    6 months ago
    This is truly one of the best steak houses in Vegas. Everything is ala carte so it can get expensive. The steaks are outstanding.

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