Photo of Craftsteak in Las Vegas, NV, US
Photo of Craftsteak in Las Vegas, NV, US
Photo of Craftsteak in Las Vegas, NV, US
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filet • potatoes • beef • salads

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  • Photo of Steven Doherty
    4 years ago
    The meat menu here is dominated by genuine Wagyu beef options.
  • Photo of Jennifer S
    3 days ago
    I have only rated one establishment with one star, but having visited several steakhouses, this one is by far the worst one that we have ever been to. While most every steakhouse we have dined at is considered $$$$, with that the food is almost always worth the price. Not here. We ordered the tasting menu and the waitress asked if she could pick our selections. My husband being more open to this type of thing than I, we agreed. We started with lobster bisque which was cold and lacking lobster, a prosciutto dish, burrata and a salad. The salad was good, the two others were fair and we were very disappointed with the cold soup that was served with minimal lobster. We were then served two different cuts of steak. One was a rib-eye, which we understand is typically fatty, but this one was almost all fat, and the porterhouse, which was so tough it could barely be chewed, including the filet side. Neither steak had any flavor and they were both served cold, which made it even worse. With the steak we were served some type of soupy potatoes, which also came out cold and were tasteless, Brussels Sprouts, which were cold and had a very burnt wood taste and cold, truly tasteless mushrooms. (Did I mention that everything was served cold?) Once they cleared the meal, which was obviously not enjoyed since there was so much of it still sitting there, they brought out several desserts which we barely touched, because after the poor dinner experience we had no interest. We saw our waitress when we ordered and then not again until she brought us the check. We were never asked if we enjoyed the food, or how everything was. We paid our $370.00 check and left with no intention of ever returning again to this restaurant that is overpriced for the quality of food served and has sub par service. The only pros to this establishment are the bus men who quickly clear the tables between courses and the atmosphere.
  • Photo of vegasguy2015
    7 days ago
    we always have a trip to Craftsteak when visiting Vegas. Food is always great and this trip no exception. We did have some trouble with server upon seating at 5:30. I think we started with one person and got another assigned but that was not communicated by the first server, so we sat for like 5 to 8 minutes then waved over a person to ask where our server was, first time this ever happened over the years but kind of a blemish for this trip. Friend had the filet mignon(rare) and I had new York strip(medium) plus we ordered fries and carrots for our sides. The sides can easily feed two people so plan accordingly. We love a seasonal corn they have but this visit we were too late into the year to get it (more of a summer offering). Their fresh baked bread is so good, hot and salted on top plus the butter...YUMMM We each had a glass of red wine with our meal, reasonably priced for a steakhouse. Total came out to $280 with tip, pretty common and in line with most nice Vegas steakhouses now
  • Photo of crisorear
    8 days ago
    The meal was divine, service was impeccable and an intimate atmosphere if you're dining in one of the booths. Great place to catch up and linger over the spread they bring out. We had three, which was perfect. Even f you don't do the tasting menu, share the sides, everything is a family style portion. Seriously the best chefs tasting menu ever!. Meats were tender and flavorful, sides were prepared to perfection, desserts to die for.
  • Photo of anduain
    11 days ago
    Food here was pretty good, the side dishes are enormous. I had the 10oz filet mignon and it was well seasoned and reasonably tasty however it was tepid at best. The server was quite impatient with our group and despite the food being good, none of us would return.
  • Photo of Allison T
    14 days ago
    Very good steak. We were able to walk in and sit at the bar for dinner even though the wait was over an hour to be seated. All items are a la carte and the dishes are served with enough to share. It’s an expensive, but very tasty meal!
  • Photo of Mathias L
    15 days ago
    This was the best steak I have had in a really long time. The staff is friendly and the service is excellent.
  • Photo of Joe L
    16 days ago
    Overall a very good meal. The salads and sides were fantastic! The short ribs were great as we're the brussel sprouts and grits. Steaks we're good but not great and a little over priced.
  • Photo of takevtr1
    17 days ago
    Celebrated a 30th wedding anniversary at Craftsteak. Service was excellent as well as all the food we had. Prices were inline for a hotel restaurant with a big name attached to it. The atmosphere was very nice, but the one thing that I did not like was the background music they played. It was a pinch on the loud side and I think (if I remember correctly) was like 80's rock music. I did not find that appropriate for a higher end steakhouse. While I would probably return again in the future, I still think the music was not enjoyable.
  • Photo of Mike H
    18 days ago
    This is a quality, high end, steakhouse. Great Service. Was treated well the entire time. The steaks are all ala carte. However, the sides are served family style and are quite good. The brussell sprouts were delicious as was the onion dish. Oysters on the half shell is not my thing but my son raved about them. The spinach salad is huge so make sure you leave room for the entree. Same with the Caesar salad. Now, the meats: I had the filet and is was perfect. My son had the 22 Oz bone in rib eye and loved it. Everyone raved about their food. I have been a lot of places and this compares very well with the best of Vegas. Oh, and the ambience is very nice. We had a group of six and all were quite pleased.
  • Photo of GaryRagu
    21 days ago
    We ate here for our anniversary. Steaks were huge and tasted amazing! Had lobster risotto as a side which was perfect. We declined dessert but they gave us fresh baked chocolate chip cookies as an anniversary gift. It’s pricey but worth it!
  • Photo of BizPleasureTravel54
    Craftsteak is very similar to the common high-end steak chains. The food, service, decor, and general atmosphere are all very good. However, while it's certainly priced higher than a chain, it really isn't any better in any one particular aspect or even overall. I do want to emphasize it was definitely a great experience. But everyone in our group concurred we've had the same experience elsewhere at a better price. As a tip, the sides are quite large. We wished they had mentioned the size when ordering as we each ordered a side and at the end of the meal 2/3rds of each remained. They are definitely portioned to share. Overall, the food was delicious, most of the staff were excellent, and the restaurant is beautiful. If you don't mind paying extra for the Tom Colicchio name, you will have a great experience at Craftsteak.
  • Photo of Neal T
    24 days ago
    The main thing to look for is a restaurant that knows how to look after its guests. The whole team are well oiled at Craftsteak, from the host, to the manager who checks on you and the main server who spends extra time with you, ensuring that everything is to your liking, tweaked for maximum enjoyment. Yes Chef Colicchio over sees the menus and Executive Chef Chapman focuses on the delivery of quality dishes. But the front of house team play their part. In this case, they were fantastic. Our table of 8 made them work, from different drinks and wines, to mixed starters and entrees. At no point did anyone miss a beat. The food was quality, as you expect. Of the first course dishes, one that did make its way around the table was the Wagyu Steak Tartare, melt in the mouth, perfectly balanced with finely chopped capers, red onion and scalliion. A luxury starter that was delicious. The second course was dominated by Ribeye and Filet Mignon from the table, with sides shared family style of mushrooms, potato puree and asparagus. But the dish that generated the most conversation was the smooth creamy Diver Sea Scallops, cooked to perfection in a lemon butter stock, and shaved fennel. Delightful! Chef Tom Colicchio says that you have to know the classics to cook modern food, but you also have to know how to surround it with a crack team. Oh and for a predominately classical Steak themed restaurant, those Scallops were off the charts.
  • Photo of Maurizio_and_Jill
    We came here on a recommendation from a colleague who raves about their Wagyu skirt steak. We decided to give it a try, and indeed that was the most flavorful and sweet steak I’ve ever tasted! Absolutely not to be missed, we went back two nights later for that steak and once again didn’t disappoint. It’s completely unique and absolutely incredible, like nothing I’ve had before, must try. Service is ok, ambience so so, but that steak is the prize.
  • Photo of Veruca S
    a month ago
    Has reservations (recommended) for 5:30pm dinner on a weeknight. Good service. We got the $130 "beef" set tasting menu. Mozzarella good (I had better at Caesars), salad and bread were tasty, I couldn't tell a difference between the prosciutto served and what I buy at the grocery store. The filet and steak were good cuts of meat but way undercooked. We ordered medium and got rare-medium rare. We kept getting asked if we were on any time constraints for shows and although we repeatedly said no, it felt like they were trying to cook the meat to the bare min in order to get you out the door and turn the table. Excellent raspberry sorbet. Monkey bread good. Told fruit and cheese would be on the dessert tasting menu but only got fruit. Other irritant is that they do not serve granulated or raw sugar. I had to use sugar syrup for my ice tea. Two dinners + one tea + one beer+ tax and tip was $350 for two people. For that price it needed to be perfect and it was not. Ladies, one final note... they have photographer that takes photos for purchase. We ended up purchasing two photos in a frame for $45. I wish I had know this in advance. I would've gone to Drybar to get my hair done.
  • Photo of Mona C
    a month ago
    Business trio to the MGM with multiple options for a dinner spot. Tom Colicchie’s Craftsteak had menu items that rivaled a big hug. I ordered braised short ribs, without hesitation, and my friend ordered the chicken dish. We share a pot of creamy, to die for, mashed potatoes. Accompanied by a glass of Kim Crawford made for a meal made in heaven. Yes, a little pricey, but consistent with fine dining on the Strip. We both loved our meals, along with the ambience and first class service. If you are near the MGM, stop by.
  • Photo of Sarah C
    a month ago
    4 appetizers, 4 steals, 4 sides and 6 desserts put us over the edge of satisfaction. Service was splendid. Each bite was magnificent. I love to bake and usually find desserts fall flat in comparison to homemade but not this time. Sorbets sang with flavor; the mousse cake and carrot cakes were divine. My only complaint was that they had outdoor woven vinyl placemats. All else was wonderful.
  • Photo of Jenise S
    a month ago
    The steaks were awesome. I had the Filet and it was a good 2 inches thick. The side dishes are good size portions and very shareable. Service was a little slow but we were waiting on someone so that may have been why.
  • Photo of John F
    a month ago
    Craftsteak at the MGM Grand is where I've had the best steak of my life. This review is based on a visit with a business party of 12... fortunately the business paid the bill! This is a pricy fine dining restaurant but you get everything you expect; high quality service, accurate recommendations, exceptional food, and a price tag you don't want to see too often. We had the Chef's Beef Selection Domestic Wagyu Surf & Turf (three course menu). We added the Maine Lobster Bisque (3/5 surprisingly), the Lobster Risotto (5/5), and a bunch of vegetable sides (4+/5). We were brought a selection of all five Domestic Wagyu cuts; New York Strip (4.5/5), Ribeye (4.5/5), Skirt Steak (the best steak I've ever had), Filet Minion(5/5), and Flat Iron (4/5). The lobster was also great, but we couldn't pass up the steaks. There was more than enough of everything and we had five take out boxes. I'm not sure I would pay $195 for the Chef's Beef Selection Domestic Wagyu Surf & Turf, but if I did I would certainly not be disappointed with the quality of food. As a size note, you have a good chance at seeing celebrities here - especially if there's a UFC card that weekend.
  • Photo of gt8059a
    a month ago
    Ate here on a Saturday night during a convention. Restaurant wouldn’t pull 2 tables together to accommodate our party of 8 so some couples had to eat separately. Steaks are priced ok. Everything is a la carte. Wine list is ridiculously overpriced. $20+ per glass. Steak was undercooked. Sent back and still came back underdone. Flavor was ok, but not as good as Gallagher’s in NY NY. Next time I’ll believe the reviews and spend my $$ somewhere else.
  • Photo of Richard T
    a month ago
    We just had a very expensive meal, and the service was quite good. We shared saute spinach, risotto, seafood platter, Kobe skirt steak, mushroom assortment. What struck me about the entire meal is that every dish was good, but not a single dish evoked a reaction of OMG. They were all tasty, but not a single one was truly impressive. For these elevated prices, you expect to have a reaction that is truly delicious, and it just wasn't there. Even the complimentary bread was sorta ordinary, not nearly as interesting as top steakhouses. (for example, SW Steak at Wynn has a really impressive bread offering). The Corkage was $50 for one bottle, which I consider to be a real scam. That is insulting. So, in summary, a very nice ambience, good service, beautiful restaurant, expensive, and not impressive enough on the palate. I will admit that I did not have a normal American corn fed steak, and they might be better. My mistake was getting the Wagyu skirt steak - that was a very unimpressive taste.

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