Photo of The Melting Pot - Albuquerque in Albuquerque, NM, US
Photo of The Melting Pot - Albuquerque in Albuquerque, NM, US
Photo of The Melting Pot - Albuquerque in Albuquerque, NM, US
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The Melting Pot - Albuquerque

American Restaurant

The Melting Pot - Albuquerque14
fondue • salad • brownie • potatoes

2201 Uptown Loop Ne Suite 1A
Albuquerque, NM 87110, US
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The Melting Pot - Albuquerque has 21 Tips

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  • Photo of Karina Stepanova
    4 years ago
    Fondue for two, please! This place is packed on V-day, and I know why. There's just something sexy about a chocolate fondue.
  • Photo of kktk
    5 months ago
    Upon arrival, unfriendly pretentious hostess informed our party of 5 that there would be a 10 - 15 minute wait. No problem considering we didn't have a reservation, though restaurant was nearly empty. After waiting for 40 minutes for a table, we were finally seated by another equally snobby host. Cheese fondue only filled about 1/2 the pot and bread was stale. Main entree a disappointment as well. Steak tough and chicken tasteless. My daughter was really looking forward to the chocolate fondue. Unfortunately they were just as skimpy, with only about 1/3 of pot filled with chocolate. Overall experience poor.
  • Photo of Carolyntraveler
    6 months ago
    My Husband suggested we go to the Melting Pot for a fun couples dinner. It was relatively enjoyable, for the most part. My biggest complaint would be that it was too dark to enjoy the food. Part of a wonderful dining experience would be for me to be able to see the food I am eating. In addition, the tables are really cramped and the booths are low or tables too high. We had fondue years ago, and I do not remember this dark cramped space. The bar area however is quite spacious and light. The food was good. Enjoyed the traditional Alpine cheese for the first course. The salad was a non starter. Very bland. I would skip it. The main courses were great, we had the spicy Caribbean broth in which we cooked our food. For desert, We ordered the bourbon chocolate with pecans, and the peanut butter cheese cake which I highly recommend. Our server was polite, but we could not understand him. We sat so low and he dropped his head and mumbled so we had to ask him several times to repeat himself. He didn't offer water which would have helped tremendously. With some minor changes this place would be great! For the money spent, I would go to Ruth Chris which is near by. At least you can see what you are eating!
  • Photo of bruce p
    8 months ago
    Always great food and great atmosphere. GREAT for a date or special celebration. Awesome and friendly service, the staff really seems to enjoy their job. Food is divine and very plentiful. It's fondue style that you cook yourself, but the process of the apps, entrees and dessert is the fun part. They bring service to a new level too, they really get to know you. I've enjoyed times here with my family every year since they've been in town (from their old location to this new one) and have a great time whenever I'm here. Prices are high, but it's worth it. Wouldn't come here jsut for dinner, it's more for special occasions. Very Clean and high class ambiance.
  • Photo of P2005UYmaryb
    8 months ago
    My husband and I ordered a cheese fondue for two which "ran out" when we still had half of our bread and vegetables left. We then requested a SINGLE cheese fondue but the waitress brought a double one--we noticed the error when she poured the wine into the pot and said, "Wait, we wanted a single portion." She clearly had no idea how to undo her mistake so we told her to go ahead and make the double. This second fondue (supposedly the same as the first) had at least twice as much garlic in it and was so bitter we ate little of it. The manager came by later because the waitress let the bottom of the pot run out of water and it smelled. He asked how everything else had been and we told him. He took one of the fondues and my husband's wine off of the bill.
  • Photo of FandFH
    10 months ago
    We celebrated our anniversary at the Melting Pot as we had done 20yrs earlier (different location). Our waitress was very knowledgeable, offered suggestions for our order. The great thing about the Melting Pot idea is you have to eat slowly and enjoy the evening as the food cooks. We had the shrimp, chicken and filet meal. The cheese starter was very tasty too. Only two complaints, it is too dark to read the menus (at least initially) and the potatoes took a while to cook (they are par cooked, but guess it is a fine line). Desert was just milk chocolate with the assorted cakes and that was fine. The manager gave us a champagne toast with our desert and it topped off a very pleasant night. Thanks!
  • Photo of Crista2010
    a year ago
    I love to fondue - and it is fun to sit at the table and have an interactive meal. However, my husband and I came to this location for our 18th wedding anniversary and asked for a 'romantic table'. We were seated in the darkest and most remote corner of the restaurant. I wanted an additional glass of wine to go with the cheese course - and gluten free bread, - these arrived 30 minutes later, and now our cheese was congealed and hard on the edges. The rest of the meal was mediocre, the service was almost nonexistent, and the bill over $150 was a shocker. I have been to Melting Pots in three other States and had almost always had a great experience. This location has also changed their swiss cheese fondue in a way that makes it far less appealing. The Happy Hour has few choices for food or beverages.
  • Photo of FastEddie_NM
    a year ago
    We have eaten at this Melting Pot location previously and have found the service to be consistently very good. While the food was good, it wasn't exceptional, however, the food is priced as if this was one of the best restaurants in ABQ, it isn't. If I go back, I will have a cheese fondue and a chocolate fondue and will skip the entree as they just aren't worth the price (especially since I am doing my own cooking in this context).
  • Photo of David O
    a year ago
    The Melting Pot was listed as one of the featured restaurants for Albuquerque Restaurant week we thought we'd give it a try. Our server didn't know what on the special menu meaning his management hadn't told him at start of shift. I swear our food was "off" because we both felt ill after eating. Service took a very long time for a nearly empty restaurant on a Monday evening. Our water glasses we never refilled. The regular bill would have been $118 but the restaurant week special was $70. Not worth the money at either amount. I do not know how this place has four stars on Trip Advisor. I would not go back here for a second chance to get sick.
  • Photo of italianmama1951
    a year ago
    WE have eaten at the Melting Pot a number of times and have always enjoyed the dining experience. This time was no different, the food was good and our waiter was excellent ;as always.The difference this time was ;although there was four of us only three of us were eating the main course. We had no problem paying extra for the cheese fondue but when we got charged extra for oil on the main course we had to simply shake our heads. The melting pot is a pricey place to start with and add a nice bottle of wine, a few drinks and your bill for four is definitely going to be over $200.00. The fact they needed to charge extra for the oil, without explanation has us thinking we will be dinning somewhere else in the future.
  • Photo of Michael C
    a year ago
    I took my lovely bride to the Melting Pot for Valentine's Day. Upon arrival, we discovered that they had messed up our reservation. They had us down for a completely different day and time! As I had made the reservation over the phone the first day they were accepting reservations for Valentine's Day , this should not have happened. The manager found us a table and from then on we had a very pleasant dining experience. Our waiter, James, was very good. The courses were brought out in a timely manner and dirty dishes were cleared quickly and effortlessly. The food was excellent! It had been many years since we had been to the Melting Pot and we had forgotten how much fun it could be! The fixed price menu for Valentine's Day was a little pricey but we were not disappointed in the food or the service.
  • Photo of Crystal C
    a year ago
    I absolutely love coming to the melting pot! Their food is always amazing and the experience of fondue is very cool! It's on the pricier side but the experience is worth it!
  • Photo of laurie b
    a year ago
    This was a great idea on behalf of the Melting Pot. I took my four year old granddaughter. We had a fantastic lunch and afterwards we went to the room they had set up for children to decorate cookies, rice crispy treats and strawberries. We had a blast. Great servers and friendly staff. We will have to make this a annual event.
  • Photo of golobos
    a year ago
    For the amount of money dining here costs I expected much better service. Drink ordered and never received (but included in the bill). Celebrating a kid's birthday, but when they brought out the plate with happy birthday on it, it had the wrong year she was turning (although they asked how old she was turning and it was included in our online reservation). Food was decent but not great. Considering this is a "special event" type place I felt very let down. Won't be back anytime soon.
  • Photo of Gregory G
    a year ago
    Christmas Day meal-I had a reservation at another place nearby, but couldn't get seated quickly. I called Melting Pot and asked them if we could come right over and be seated quickly. The young lady I spoke with said yes! She said we will see you in 15 minutes and we will seat you immediately! Everyone was so friendly. Our server was excellent. The Christmas meal was excellent. I don't think I've ever had better customer service anywhere. The restaurant was immaculate and beautifully decorated for the holidays. The value for the money was impeccable. You should go!
  • Photo of MomOf4Kidlets
    a year ago
    The menu was confusing to me, but the waiter helped to sort it out. Very fancy and expensive, but fun for a treat.
  • Photo of glmorgan
    a year ago
    Great service, friendly staff. Lunch menu was wonderful. Love the cheese fondue. Chocolate fondue was wonderful. We had free entertainment from a couple behind us - they were hysterical.
  • Photo of Heather T
    a year ago
    We made reservations on a Friday evening for 5 people. We arrived about 15 minutes early and was able able to be seated right away. With the restaurant setup, even though they were busy, it was a very intimate setting and we were never interrupted by other guests. Our server was spectacular, he was very friendly and knowledgeable. We had never been to the Melting Pother before, and our server never appearred to be frustrated with our questions and having to explain how the menu or the service would work. The course were delicious and they all complimented each other well, we had time between the courses to chat and never felt rushed. I, personally, was a little frustrated with the main course as we had 5 people cooking our meal at different times, so it was rather confusing for me to traverse, when I go back I would prefer a smaller group. I only felt this way for the main course, it wasn't a problem with appetizers and dessert. I would plan on spending 2 hours rhere if you are interested in the 4-course dinner. The only negative I have, would be with the floor manager when I tried to pay a compliment on our exemplary service. He was very disinterested and was very adamant in brushing me off. But aside from him, I could not have asked for a better experience to celebrate a 30th birthday.
  • Photo of Tom W
    2 years ago
    I do not recommend the Melting Pot in Uptown Albuquerque. Unless you really like the idea of average food, cooked poorly, over a very long evening in a drab, uninteresting building, skip it. There are very many better choices in ABQ. The staff was friendly; the service was slow. The food was not very good and it was very expensive for what we got. Nearly $60 per person, without alcohol, including tip. The experience for our table of three took 2 and 1/2 hours, mostly waiting, waiting, and more waiting for someone to come by and attend to us. We made an on-line reservation for a weekday evening dinner. The manager greeted us and within a few too-many minutes we wound through poorly-lit, depressing, hallways of isolated tables, mostly unoccupied, to our own isolated table, with a hot-plate in the middle. The menu is ridiculously complicated, except for the alcohol offerings. The three (3!) menus dedicated to booze were at least 2 too many, especially where 2 out of 3 at the table were clearly underage. (FYI, the wine list is long with poor, common, over-priced bottles.) The wait staff push the four-course meal consisting of bread and veggies to dip in melted cheese, a tiny salad, meat or fish to cook-it-yourself in boiling oil, and cake to dip in melted chocolate. The novelty is that you cook your own food at the table, and it wears thin very quickly, with the smell of burning food, splattering oil, and amateur chefs. Unless someone really wants to go there and you know what you are getting into, make another choice.
  • Photo of Josh R
    2 years ago
    This was my first time visiting the establishment and I was impressed. The service was great and food delicious. Overall great experience to celebrate our 1yr anniversary.
  • Photo of Grisel G
    2 years ago
    It's a different experience but good. Actually is a chain of fondue restaurants. They give you a cheese fondue, entrees of meat and seafood with dipping sauces and oil or broth to be cooked in and at the end they give you a chocolate fondue. Even though for me wasnt that taste i enjoyed it since it was a diffent experience. I think is a must for a special occasion.

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