Photo of Brickyard Pizza in Albuquerque, NM, US
Photo of Brickyard Pizza in Albuquerque, NM, US
Photo of Brickyard Pizza in Albuquerque, NM, US

Brickyard Pizza

Pizza Place

Brickyard Pizza14
pizza • breadsticks • crust • delivery

2216 Central Ave Se
Albuquerque, NM 87106, US
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  • Photo of Karina Stepanova
    4 years ago
    Get whatever you want, but DO NOT skip the lobo breadsticks. You will regret missing out, I assure you.
  • Photo of A TripAdvisor Member
    Our flight arrived after 11:30pm. By the time we got our rental car settled and were on our way into town, it was after midnight and we were hungry. Our searches for restaurants in Old Town showed no places still open. We called our hotel for a recommendation of where we could get food at that hour as and they couldn't name any places still open and serving. We finally found the listing for Brickyard and gave it a shot. The pizza good and the calzone was great (apparently rare for NM) and the local beers on tap were also excellent (although this is commonplace throughout NM). The bartender was extremely nice and pleasant to talk to. Very glad to have found this place, after thinking nowhere in the entire city was open past midnight.
  • Photo of ShandyNM
    6 months ago
    We ordered a custom pizza. It was NY style, meaning very flat, but very good. Also got a small salad which was very fresh and tasty. I'd be happy to order from them again. Pizza arrived still hot.
  • Photo of Heidi P
    a year ago
    We were staying in the Hampton Inn and had a late-night pizza craving. Lucky for us, the 6 or so pizza places I tried calling before Brickyard were closed, otherwise, we would've missed out. What a shame that would've been because their pizza was DELICIOUS...and I know pizza! The crust and breadsticks were like fresh, homemade bread. My only issue (and it's minor) was that there was just a tad too much crust around the outer edge - As good as it was, "too much of a good thing" is real. Would I order from there again? ABSOLUTELY! Would I recommend them to others? POSITIVELY!!
  • Photo of Ajreaper
    2 years ago
    Nothing fancy, just a comfortable clean atmosphere, good food and drink at a reasonable price! As others have mentioned it is located very near the university but having attended in early July it was very much crowd free but while school is in session I can see how crowds could be an issue.
  • Photo of Schofield1956
    2 years ago
    The food is good and the service is good. But be warned that this eatery is next to the UNM college campus. Clientele is mostly students and it is EXTREMELY loud. Didn't enjoy eating with my guests because we could not hear each other talking.
  • Photo of SongbirdSpirtWalker
    I am not a beer drinker so I cannot speak to the quality of the beer. I can say that I wanted a root beer float and it would have cost me about $5.00 so I had to pass. Our party was large and included children and adults. The Brickyard was loud but we all enjoyed the music videos being shown. There are a lot of televisions and is a real sports bar atmosphere. If you are looking for a nice intimate quiet "date" I would not head to the Brickyard. Our group had a pizza that was not very good. The sauce was not flavorful and it was thin. The veggies on our pizza were just fair. I like Dominoes vegetarian pizza and Dion's better than their pizza. Our waitress was okay but she seemed annoyed to have to be at work and preoccupied with visiting with her own friends at or near the bar. I certainly did not feel welcomed nor special to be in this establishment. I suppose if the goal is to just "hang-out, drink beer and be loud" one might not even care how the wait staff behaves. I would return to have a beverage and watch the music videos but I was not drawn to the food menu. I will generally give a restaurant the benefit-of-the-doubt and allow for an off night for the cook but I was not impressed with the pizza. It was fun to see that the Albuquerque restaurant and bar still offers an open mic opportunity for local talent. I could see attending open mic there over a soda. The Brickyard has a website that allows visitors to look at the building and street which I wish I had seen prior to my visit. It was dark out and I had trouble seeing the sign and I rarely use GPS. One factor that three me off was the name of a cafe across the street which I believe was "Brick Light?" I definitely had to confirm which spot I needed to head to. Tell friends not to be confused by the two similar establishment names.
  • Photo of Edwin G
    2 years ago
    This place I truly love for their pizza and beer combo, located right in front of UNM. I could always go to relax and catch a good game.
  • Photo of LS M
    2 years ago
    This has to be one of the top three pizza places in Duke City. Very good pizza and prompt efficient nice delivery with good deals on their website. I had thought another place I reviewed here was Number One in town but this place is equally is good but just a different pizza. Try it - you will likely like it as much as I did and do! OK!
  • Photo of CharleyNottinghamUK
    We spent a couple of late afternoons in this bar, whilst on vacation in ABQ. We had a good day out at the zoo one day and caught the bus from downtown to here, as the bus stops right outside the bar/pizza. It was a real hot day, and walking into the bar, it was nice and cool, and we were ready for a cold drink. It was happy Hour, and we were happy to pay the reduced prices. The beer was cold and went down a treat. Chilling out is the way in this place, there were quite a few folk in, some eating pizza, others like us, having a few cold beers. Not a bad place, tidy,plenty room to sit, two lady servers to help you get what you want, everyone seemed to be friendly.
  • Photo of MrGnarkill
    3 years ago
    My girlfriend and I had just spent 10 hours in the burning heat at the Vans Warped Tour. We were tired, burnt, thirsty, and starving. We love to eat at local places when going out of town and had used the tripadvisor app to see what local places awaited us. We decided to go with pizza- brickyard pizza. We were greeted by a nice waitress who brought our drinks within seconds of asking us. We looked through the menu and decided to go with the good ol pepperoni pizza. It was fantastic and we were full after only 2 HUHE slices each. Our tab came out to about $12 so not bad for some great pizza and service!
  • Photo of S0NIAB
    3 years ago
    We asked the desk clerk at the Ramada for a recommendation on where to eat and he pointed us here. I know now why. He's young and this is a college hangout. We parked about a block away and were surprised to find a few homeless people around. My husband had a couple of beers and I had a couple glasses of wine. Neither one of us felt like having a pizza so we left and went over to Gecko's. I can see this being a fun place for the younger crowd.
  • Photo of Gage M
    3 years ago
    It was a very awesome pizza. You will never be disapointed at Brickyard. It was awesomesauce. I had a pepperoni pizza and it was one of the best pizzas that I have ever had.
  • Photo of John-Marie F
    3 years ago
    My wife and her family she hasn't seen in 10 years, all went here after we had dinner at Saggio's Pizza, which of course was amazing. We had a few beers, that were reasonably priced and then went back to the hotel.
  • Photo of Danielle E
    3 years ago
    Brickyard is located right across from UNM, making it a great hangout or place to get a bite to eat. Their pizza is pretty good and service is great. They have some good beer specials and a lively atmosphere.
  • Photo of Tolvanera
    3 years ago
    Several years ago, I went to Tucson with my husband and discovered pizza with green olives on it. I thought it was out of this world. Lo and behold, Tucson isn't the only city with this offering. Brickyard makes a fabulous personal pizza where you can substitute green olives for black--as far as I know, the only place in ABQ where you can do this. They also have a really good, smooth blue cheese dressing. To me, this is a marriage made in your pizza and dip your crust in high-quality dressing. Not only that, but their drinks are also scandalously good (not overly sweet), and their prices are amazing. Add to this that you can catch the Lobos on TV, and you've really reached the "as good as it gets" point, from where I'm sitting. Very nice wait staff, to boot. Brickyard, you rock!
  • Photo of Casey G
    3 years ago
    I love this place! I am a local and i refer people to here all the time! They are always fast, friendly, and get my order right! The new online ordering was a big help for me (i work in a hotel), they said delivery at 7 and i got the pizza 15 mins early! I will always order here for my pizza and "Lobo Bread" needs!!!!
  • Photo of Luv2beonvacation
    4 years ago
    My running had decided to begin there run at the Brickyard and before the run we had a couple of beers and a small pizza, and then after the run we went back to the restaurant to finish off the evening the pizza, Beer, and Wings were Excellent. I first tried a small pizza with my wife and it was simply amazing, and then a friend told me to try the Wings and i did and could not been more pleased. Not like your average wings and somehow fried a little differently, but all i can say is WOW!
  • Photo of HannaKathryn
    4 years ago
    My family took a detour on a day trip and accidentally extended our drive time back to Santa Fe after visiting sites in and around Socorro, NM. We ended up having our dinner after midnight at the Brickyard Pizza across from the UNM campus. We found this place because we were hungry and it was after midnight so we google searched best places to eat in ABQ after midnight and this place was in the top five listed. We ordered the twisty bread sticks with green chili and mozarella with marinara sauce as our dipping sauce. Since we also ordered a full order of wings we discovered the twisty bread sticks are also delicious with ranch and blue cheese dressing. We got the veggie lovers pizza and it was very good. The crust was the way a New York City thin crust pizza should be-crispy crust and chewy under the sauce and cheese. The wait staff was great and the students were polite-one even helped me with the wheel chair for Grandma. My only complaint since I am over 50 years old was that they play music very loud and for after midnight I might have preferred no music at all. I did not even ask if it could be lowered or turned off since my family was the only family--all the other diners were college kids.
  • Photo of Barbara F
    4 years ago
    We ordered side salads with a supreme pizza for delivery. First of all, we were pleasantly surprised by the speedy delivery - they were there within 30 minutes. the side salads were great - much more than just plain lettuce. They were very tasty and satisfying. The supreme pizza was delicious. Nice surprise during our visit to Albuquereue.
  • Photo of Aaron W
    4 years ago
    The service at Brickyard used to be pretty awful. But I guess they got the message and it's better now.

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