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Italian Restaurant

prosciutto • pizza • byob • marscapone

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  • Photo of Denise H
    a year ago
    A great place to stop and eat. We had several appetizers such as the bruschetta and roasted Brussels sprouts. Both excellent. We order 4 pizzas and enjoyed all of them. Would definitely stop here again when in the area.
  • Photo of StellaHobo
    a year ago
    Wonderful, fresh, local ingredients and pride which Mark ensures all his dishes have. While primarily an artisanal pizza place, there are specials of bruschetta, salads and now meatballs, sausage and also roasted vegetables such as broccoli rabe and brussel sprouts. Remember, as an owner focused on local, fresh ingredients, the menu changes and it one needs to be flexible when dishes are no longer available or a surprise dish is now available. A bring your own place. it is like a visit to a local Italian restaurant, where the owners are on site and providing their latest new invention, delight with the ingredients available.
  • Photo of nycjda
    a year ago
    Excellent, fresh, made-to-order pizzas and other delicious bites in a casual, comfortable setting . BYOB and backyard space make it even better. One of my favorite spots in Hoboken.
  • Photo of longoverdue
    a year ago
    Held a private party here for about 30 guests. The staff were accommodating and the food was about average, But the layout worked for the area we needed. There is an outside patio in which guests also were able to mingle and eat. Was a good choice. Clean and did the trick.It is a bring your own bottle venue.
  • Photo of Ashley B
    2 years ago
    I had the pleasure of trying the Breakfast Pizza at Dozzino's, and it was a serious experience. The mixture of egg, bacon, cheese and syrup is the most unexpected yet perfect combination to satisfy any type of craving.
  • Photo of Dave K
    2 years ago
    I usually don't right bad review later but after tonight's food I thought they deserved one. This isn't my first time eating there but it will definitely be my last. When I went to pick it up around 730 the restaurant was empty, it used to be crowded, this should have been a sign to me. I picked up two pies to take home. Maybe they tried to pull a fast one over on us since we did takeout. So we got the Diavlo, it was eh, the dough was burnt and pretty chewy and there was hardly any cheese. The Bianco was even worse. They basically charged us $14 for crispy dough and some basil leaves...where were the three cheeses that were supposed to be on it?! I highly recommend you pick one of the better pizza places in Hoboken, there are so many!
  • Photo of Reeljc33
    2 years ago
    I am surprised to see all of the negative reviews on TA about Dozzino. I have been frequenting this restaurant for the last 3 years and I have yet to be disappointed. Great good, great service, great times all around. I would highly recommend the honey pizza on the black menu, and saving it for last. It is the perfect combination of salty from the fresh prosciutto and sweet from the marscapone/honey.
  • Photo of newYorkNashy
    2 years ago
    We walked into Dozzino's having found that our local pizza restaurant in the neighborhood only opens when Halley's Comet appears and were very pleasantly surprised. Great, warm service. Delicious wood fired pizzas and daily specials, nice outside seating area with easy access from the street. BYOB also, which is great. Loved the place, we'll be back
  • Photo of laffingnetizen
    2 years ago
    My wife and I ate at Dozzino for dinner on a Saturday. We sat in the back area (where they also have a bocce court). If you are looking for a traditional, staid pizza place, this is not it. Dozzino makes their own dough and bakes in a wood-fire stove. The pizzas they serve are not the traditional pepperoni or mushroom. They are personal-sized artisanal pizzas with fresh cheeses, proscuitto, honey, eggs, and artichokes. Surprisingly, they are all excellent. It's BYOB, and they also do not have a huge selection of non-pizza items. But the vibe is really laid back and relaxed, it's the kind of place you could hang out at all night. I also recommend the nutella and marscapone bruschetta for dessert!!
  • Photo of Arthur T
    3 years ago
    We've been going to Dozzino since it opened and used to like it more than we do now. It's only a few blocks away so we constantly fool ourselves into going again. A recent visit is typical. The pizzas are good with a great crust and quality (if somewhat scant) toppings. The big problem though is the service and atmosphere. The setup is good, with outside tables in the summer in a backyard that's rare for Hoboken. The rest of the place is good in terms of physical atmosphere. It should be great....but it's not. We almost feel like the owners encourage people to talk at insane decibel levels. The place is ALWAYS deafeningly loud with people yelling at each other from a couple of feet away. I get the party atmosphere sometimes but all the time? it's exhausting to go there. The service is also terrible. You usually feel like you're really putting the host and owners out by showing up. It takes forever to get food and the check. They're doing well so it's working but we're going to the new place in the Monroe Center from now on where the pizza, service and atmosphere are all good.
  • Photo of cyranotony
    3 years ago
    Authentic, homemade pizza with interesting and awesome toppings. My advice? Order as many pizzas as you have people and share. The pizzas aren't huge and you can try as many as you can. BYOB as well!
  • Photo of Triggs0903
    3 years ago
    We had a horrible experience at Dozzino trying to host a private party. Marc, the owner, doesn't know how to run a restaurant and was completely incompetent. They under ordered food for our party and ran out of everything we ordered - even salad and pizza! And what little food that was served was inedible - the pasta with roasted tomatoes was not made of fresh ingredients but instead tasted like store bought Prego sauce. In addition to there being no food for our party, they had no one there to manage our party or serve us. There was no one to refill water or drinks and no toilet paper in the bathrooms. Despite being told that someone was going to arrive early so we could have enough time to decorate, this never happened. It was such an embarrassment and we totally regret having a private party at Dozzino. As a Hoboken resident, there are so many better places in town to trust with your private party. After speaking to many other residents in town, apparently Dozzino has a bad reputation for poorly managed parties and constantly running out of food! Don't waste your money on this place.
  • Photo of Carm1964
    3 years ago
    Attended a party at Dozzino's. I felt so bad for the hosts...there wasn't enough food! Shame on the owner and/or manager for not having enough food for the guests!! People were online for the appetizers the 2/3 down the appetizers were finished......then the pasta came out and only 1/2 of the line got some pasta.........then the roasted chicken was placed out and surprise surprise NOT ENOUGH!!! I was embarrassed for the hosts......Shame on Dozzino's
  • Photo of lorraine313
    4 years ago
    We drive and hour and a half to get to this restaurant. We arrived at 12:58 pm. They don't open until 1 pm so we waited outside for the doors to open. It was 1:30 pm and the doors were still locked. How disappointing. We got tired of waiting, so we found another pizza restaurant in Hoboken.
  • Photo of centi
    4 years ago
    Was recommended by a friend to check Dozzinos out and was blown away! If your looking for REAL Italian style pizza with fresh organic meats, imported vegitables and cheeses from Italy and daily homemade dough that when it runs out the pizza stops being served this is the only place to go! With an amazing atmosphere, an owner that socializes with his guests, a friendly staff and an outdoor patio complete with baci ball this is as close to Italy as it gets! Must go!!!
  • Photo of Seabird115
    4 years ago
    Simple fantastic food, fair prices, nice atmosphere, friendly staff and probably the best espresso in Hoboken.
  • Photo of yumyumcake
    5 years ago
    Amazing pizza and cozy ambience. Our Italian friend took us here for authentic pizza and we were not disappointed. Creative flavor combinations and excellent crust. Relaxed service and BYOB. If we lived in Hoboken we would probably we probably be here weekly. We will be back for sure!
  • Photo of Randajeur
    6 years ago
    Pizza is very good. Place is nice and comfortable. Staff is fast. Nice place and valid alternative for a Pizza place in Hoboken. Bring You Own Bottle! Definitely to try!

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