Photo of Museum of Cape Fear in Fayetteville, NC, US
Photo of Museum of Cape Fear in Fayetteville, NC, US
Photo of Museum of Cape Fear in Fayetteville, NC, US
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Museum of Cape Fear

Tourist Attraction

arsenal park • poe house • civil war • next door

801 Arsenal Ave.
Fayetteville, NC 28305, US
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  • Photo of bonniewest2017
    6 months ago
    With a taste of the history and culture of Cumberland County and the Cape Fear region specifically, this museum offers a very nice exhibition for an afternoon tour. Children would enjoy as well!
  • Photo of Reginald N
    8 months ago
    The museum is a must for anyone wanting to understand the history of the region. Great activities for children 7 and up. Will return to tour Poe House and educational backpack activities.
  • Photo of Bill W
    10 months ago
    I went here more to check off my list of things to do in Fayetteville. I was very pleasantly surprised by the exhibits which were both eye catching and informative.
  • Photo of dfreg123
    a year ago
    We recently spent a few hours at the Museum of Cape Fear. It was two stories filled with many very-well-done exhibits on the history of the area. The displays were good, and very informational. A great way to spend a few hours in Fayetteville!
  • Photo of Fred M
    a year ago
    History buffs will certainly enjoy a visit to the Cape Fear Museum. While small, the displays are well done and include a large number of artifacts. The museum presents a good history of the Cape Fear regions and reflect well on the excellent work local volunteers can do.
  • Photo of Liviana286
    a year ago
    Every time I go to see the Poe House I also go to see the Museum of Cape fear, located next door. It is a small museum but has a lot of character and interecting displays suitable for school age children. The museum tells the story of North Carolina sttlers and how they deal with their hard yourney. from primitive boats to advanced, of the time, steam boats. It also tells about how they produce turpentine, open small stores and so on. I take myvisitors there for an experience when my guest come to town. The museum is free of charge but donations are welcome
  • Photo of norgeva
    2 years ago
    This is by no means a large museum. But I did enjoy the displays that they did have. I thought it was worth a stop.
  • Photo of Evelyn Kennedy D
    2 years ago
    This museum includes the museum building, The Poe House tour and the ruins of the civil war arsenal. Lots to do and see. Suggested donation box is $1. My favorite display item in this museum was the civil war sewing machine. Currently waiting on the Poe House tour to start.
  • Photo of Dez P
    2 years ago
    I decided to take my mom out for Mother's Day, and after lunch in one of the area restaurants, we visited the Museum of the Cape Fear. We lived in the Fayetteville area for 15 years before we realized this place existed, so it was a nice treat on a Sunday afternoon. So what is there to do? Naturally, there's the museum that goes through Fayetteville and Cape Fear area history in chronological order. The exihibits are average--plenty of artifacts, but not a huge collection of things you haven't seen before. There is also an hourly tour of the Poe House, a residential home that belonged to a prominent Fayetteville area family who made their fortune operating a brickyard. (Please note, that E. A. Poe, the family's patriarch, is not the same person as literary genius Edgar Allen Poe.) The home is a period home, and one of E. A. Poe's daughters lived in the residence as late as the 1990s, so much of the home is incredibly authentic. Our tour guide was just okay--she didn't tell the story of the Poes with much color or humor so much as she rapidly recited facts about the family, though I believe there is more than one tour guide. Perhaps yours will be more interesting? The complex also includes Arsenal Park, home of a bygone, historic arsenal that was destroyed by William Sherman in the Civil War. One of the guard towers, "the Ghost Tower," still stands. As a Fayetteville resident, I'd passed along HWY 87 many times and seen the Ghost Tower and assumed it was the remnant of some building or other, though I didn't know it's historic background. The foundations of many buildings are still in place, and while you're not permitted to climb on them, the park itself is a beautiful grassy area with trees that you might consider spending some time at on fair weather days. Overall, this museum was a great way to spend a leisurely afternoon. My favorite thing about it is that it's located in my hometown, so there was no need for a lengthy drive to see something historic--definitely saved hours of my day! We spent about an 90 minutes in total, so I'm not sure if it non-residents would want to make the trip solely to visit the museum, but the museum is located in the downtown area that has annual festivals, a weekly farmer's market, antique stores, wine shops, restaurants, and other specialty stores as well as other nearby museums to include the Airborne and Special Operations Museum and the Transportation Museum. I'd recommend making the trip worth your while by incorporating a few more stops in. So who should visit the area? Anyone interested in the local history and military or history or in visiting period homes. Shutterbugs are welcome to take photographs as long as you don't use flash photography. A few weather considerations--the Poe house is a historic house that doesn't appear to have central air conditioning, and Arsenal Park will best be enjoyed on a dry day. There are restrooms and water fountains available in the museum as well as a small gift shop. All in all, while it wasn't my favorite museum and period home ever, it was still a nice way to spend a free afternoon. Perhaps you'll enjoy it too?
  • Photo of Jerry H
    2 years ago
    The small museum did a good job of telling the local history. I was informative for adult and made into a small adventure for children to learn about the past. Consisted of the main building, the Poe house next door and a trail to where an old armory used to be located.
  • Photo of Mfclingan
    2 years ago
    What a neat museum. It nicely walks the patrons of the museum through the history of the area by starting with the native americans and going through the antebellum period. The displays are informative and the museum is wall laid out. The front desk receptionist was quite friendly.
  • Photo of TravelLoverJohnson
    This Museum was wonderful & quaint. Very quiet, small facility, with lots of interactive displays for children and activities for them to physically do to participate in learning the histories of America & Cape Fear & the South. There is even an option for children (of proper age) to be an "explorer" and rent a backpack to do different activities with during their time at the museum. 2 stories of displays, all with visual aids. Super meat museum. Wish our kids had besn with us to enjoy it all!
  • Photo of Rachel C
    2 years ago
    Great place to get an overview of history for all of North Carolina. The exhibit of photographs for the slave plantation was fascinating, and the arsenal park adjacent are quite interesting.
  • Photo of Madeline103119148
    Travel back to the early history of the Cape Fear River area. This museum allows visitors to start from the era of early Native Americans and their hollowed out canoes to the time after the American Revolution. Private tours are available to the public with minimum notice or you can wander about the museum on your own. The staff there is knowledgable about the history covered by the museum and are willing answer any questions visitors may have about the museum..
  • Photo of ohsnapanm
    3 years ago
    I have been to this fine museum many times. I enjoy and recommend you stop in while you are in Fayetteville. And if you live in Fayetteville and have yet to visit...shame on you. ;P
  • Photo of emil334
    3 years ago
    This museum has a the history of the area with some very unique exhibits. Two floors with one exhibit a actual makeup of a riverboat. The tour of the Eger Allen Poe house (same name, but not the author) was very informative about how people lived in the Victorian time period. Well worth the visit and admission is free.
  • Photo of StephanieSelene
    3 years ago
    The Special Ops museum is what people think of when they think of museums in Fayetteville, but I don't think a lot of people know about the other hidden gems! This is a great place to take the kids on a hot summer day and learn about some local history. It is a decent sized museum, and you will learn a lot.
  • Photo of MichiganCookies
    3 years ago
    Don't miss stopping here if you enjoy American history. The museum itself is a small two-story building with nicely done displays of the history of Fayetteville. Many exhibit items are unique and there are several fun hands-on displays (including a mock Civil War tent) for kids. We had a 6 yr. old with us who learned a lot about his new hometown of Fayetteville and our 3 yr. old enjoyed it too. There is an outdoor Civil War arsenal on the grounds and the beautiful Edgar Allen Poe (not the poet!) home next door delivers a truly world-class tour. Trust me, this is not just another 'old house'! There is no charge, but the little gift shop offers opportunity for giving back. Check house tour times before going so you are not disappointed. I rarely say this about small museums, but I look forward to going back!
  • Photo of Lawrence B
    3 years ago
    The museum is middle sized, but has some excellent displays of the Cape Fear River region history. It includes a full sized replica of a 19th century river boat. The museum is next to the historic Poe House and the old Confederate Armory remains. This is a nice park, frequently with Revolutionary and Civil War reenactments. Well worth a couple of hours!
  • Photo of Milwaukeetraveler-dj
    This is a two-story museum honoring the history of the area. It's evident that a great deal of time was put into the creation of the various exhibits - like the side of a boat to show the ship loading docks. The staff was cheerful and helpful. There's no charge to see the museum - but we put money into the barrel to help them keep it going. Not the most impressive museum we've seen, but definitely worth the time if you're in the area.

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