Photo of CAMEO Art House Theatre in Fayetteville, NC, US
Photo of CAMEO Art House Theatre in Fayetteville, NC, US
Photo of CAMEO Art House Theatre in Fayetteville, NC, US

CAMEO Art House Theatre

Tourist Attraction

glass of wine • downtown fayetteville • adult beverages • home theater

225 Hay Street
Fayetteville, NC 28301, US
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  • Photo of 997dorothym
    3 months ago
    Very unique place to see a movie.. they serve wine n beer.. it was just the cutest place.. we enjoyed it very much
  • Photo of bonniewest2017
    5 months ago
    This is the best place in Fayetteville to see a movie. Whether you are in the downstairs area or upstairs, all seats are great and very comfortable. They offer the best concessions, including your favorite beverages. The Cameo has the most wonderful movies. This venue is our go to for a movie or we do not go!
  • Photo of Susan P
    6 months ago
    A taste of the cosmopolitan in this small town. Serving beer and wine and tasty snacks, both screen rooms are an experience unto themselves, taking a step back from the rush of the everyday. Please try this place if you haven't been. The owners really put themselves into it. And if you haven't been here yet, then you probably haven't taken the time to go downtown at all, have you? Plan to make a day of it -there's enough to do, and eat!!
  • Photo of hukfinn
    8 months ago
    What a great place for a date or to broaden your movie experiences The upstairs theatre has very limited seating, about 50 and the audiences are much better than the typical multiplex cinemas. The movies that are shown are thought provoking. Highly recommend an evening out here.
  • Photo of Fay T
    8 months ago
    Cameo shows films that you literally cannot find at any other location close to Fayetteville. The theaters are wonderful, staff are friendly, and they are open to suggestions for future shows. They also rent their space for special events - a great bargain!
  • Photo of Lana M
    9 months ago
    We love going to the movies here especially when you can order alcholic drinks, soda, tea, coffee. Very friendly staff very accomodating. Love the upstairs theater seats with small stage and the lower seating is good too with a bigger stage they also rent out the theater for parties or weddings. Overall must go and watch a movie and have a drink!!!
  • Photo of kezcemot
    10 months ago
    We've seen several movies at this venue and would not hesitate going back to see more. Fun to catch the movies that arent running any longer or those that receive good reviews but were not the big box office hits. The concessions have everything you need with an impressive selection of wine and beer to enjoy during the show also. The seating isnt the kind you find these days in a modern day theater but comfortable none the less. Clean and well kept.
  • Photo of Researchalot
    a year ago
    There are 2 theaters, one on the first floor and one on the 2nd. The features are usually artistic films. The theater is relatively small, compared to the main 3 theaters in Fayetteville, AMC's Marketfair, Patriot and Millstone, and have fewer showings per day. The matinee is reasonably priced and my favorite, even though still more expensive than the other 3 theaters. Beverages/snackscan be purchased inside the entrance. Recent films include Jackie, 20th Century Women - which did not show at the 3 major theaters and LaLa Land and Lion. You have to find street parking or park in the deck as there is no designated parking lot.
  • Photo of Peter A
    a year ago
    Great place for a date night. Go and watch a great movie in historic towndown Fatetteville. Friendly staff, only the best of the movies and tadty pop vorn. What else do you need!
  • Photo of robjo_nc
    a year ago
    The Cameo Art House Theatre is a lovely little theater that shows films that are hard to find in the regular movie houses. It is small with an upstairs and downstairs theater, friendly staff, great atmosphere and a good selection of food and beverage. The films run for a short time so you need to watch the listings to make sure you catch the one you want to see.
  • Photo of 8BitTech
    a year ago
    What a fabulous venue to see International Films, Box Office currents and even some films that are not so ordinary. The atmosphere is top notch, feeling cozy and comfortable, yet modern. Not to mention great customer service. The owner's are always available, the venue offers adult beverages and fresh popcorn!
  • Photo of Carol Q
    a year ago
    The Cameo is a delightful and different place to see your favorite movie. Best popcorn in town came be accompanied by a cold drink or a beer. While all of the newer theaters are great, the Cameo takes you back in time to places we went in years past. When the movie is over, there are venues within steps where you can have dinner or just a drink.
  • Photo of Nestor T
    a year ago
    Great place to take a date to. Nice and comfy atmosphere. They serve wine also. Feels very private and the movies shown are normally not mainstream. Love the place.
  • Photo of Robert M
    a year ago
    The location is great, right in the heart of Fayetteville. When you step outside after the movie you are within a few steps of several great restaurants and an ice cream parlor. Parking is usually adequate. It's a cozy place to see a movie.
  • Photo of WholeWheatToast
    a year ago
    Wife and I discovered Cameo year's ago; now it is a top choice for date night. Being able to enjoy an adult beverage during the movie is great. It's not an IMAX experience, but it's an adult experience.
  • Photo of Driveon56
    a year ago
    Old fashion movie theatre with all the amenities of a new movie theatre great sound every seat in the house it perfect. The seats are comfy and they have drink holders very important you can get a glass of wine or as my hubby likes to do take advantage of their variety of beers. Love this place my daughters friend Becky liked it so much here she got married here.
  • Photo of Linda G
    a year ago
    My hubby found this theatre when looking for a movie that the big theatres weren't running and it was such a great find. We sat upstairs in the loge which was cozy and had an intimate feel to it. Enjoying an alcoholic beverage was the icing on the cake.
  • Photo of Timothy I
    a year ago
    What an experience you will have when you walk into this theater. It's not about making money, filling the seats or seeing the newest greatest Hollywood movie. This place is about experiencing fantastic pieces of video artistry from around the globe. Yes, they have a selection of adult drinks to make this place just a wonder. Please don't go, it belongs to me :)
  • Photo of Kauai-Biz-Traveler
    Arguably, this is one of the best theaters in America and I've probably been to several hundred. This is a complete throw back experience from parking on the street and walking the historic sidewalk steps to the vintage cinema building, full snacks and drinks (including adult beverages), and the intimate screening of carefully selected late run or classic films. Highly recommended just for the movie going experience, and you can trust they'll play something worthwhile.
  • Photo of Michael M
    2 years ago
    A very personable experience this theater offers. The attendants are very friendly and welcoming and the movies I've seen at this location are typically those off the beaten path and much more out of the mainstream. A welcome addition to the community. Facilities are very nice. Perhaps we went while another event was going on in the downtown area…but, parking close by seemed to be a problem. Had to circle the block several times. Just not comfortable visiting the downtown area during late evening hours, whether that reputation is justified or not.

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